Farewell speech example: homage and eulogy

Farewell speech example: homage and eulogy

The ideal speech

There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

A loved one has just passed away and you are going to speak during a farewell speech to pay tribute to him. When a loved one dies, delivering a eulogy is a very touching way of saying goodbye. While this is obviously an entirely personal exercise, it can sometimes be difficult to translate your feelings into words and put them down on paper. How to write your farewell speech? What to say during a tribute and a eulogy? Here is an example of a farewell speech to help you formally find turns of phrase, ideas, inspiration.

Farewell speech example: homage and eulogy

“Dear {first name of deceased person} or My / My {sister, brother, friend},

Maurice Maeterlinck, a Belgian author wrote: “Let us get used to seeing death as a form of life that we do not yet understand. Let’s learn to see it through the same eye as birth. “.

This quote wants to help us see your departure as the start of something else and although I hope so with all my heart, it is difficult for me today to tell myself that you are no longer here with us and for we…

It’s hard to make this speech, so grieved me.

But not being there for you to speak in front of all these people who love you was inconceivable for me. So here I am, we are all here.

Your family, your friends, your colleagues, all those who love you… Everyone is there. We are all here to say thank you, to tell you that we love you, to tell you that we miss you. And I know to say goodbye to you, to say goodbye too. But that is much more difficult to do.

You are leaving before us, far too early, far too fast …

Your disappearance reminds us as evidence that we are ultimately very few things and that we must take advantage of every minute, of all the little moments of happiness that life offers us, of all these little things that make a whole. But above all, enjoy the people you love because the void left behind once they are gone is immense. Yes you leave a huge void that is impossible to fill. But also so many shared memories, unique moments, moments of happiness.

I was very happy that you granted me some of these moments of happiness by your side … You, who knew how to do a lot with so little, you who knew how to cultivate love and friendship …

You made these moments rare and precious.

How to forget them? How can you forget the friend who is always present, the helpful colleague, the tender and caring father, the loving husband that you have always been? Impossible. Your memory will always be engraved in our hearts. We only have to remember your laughter, your good humor, your kindness and your eternal optimism to take a beautiful lesson in life.

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Example of a farewell speech in quotes

Ronsard wrote in one of his most famous poems “Live, if you believe me, don’t wait until tomorrow; pick the roses of life today. ” 

This is what you taught us all, in your own way, to enjoy life. And this is the promise that I want to make to you solemnly today. We will live celebrating this life you fought for and in your honor, each passing day will be a gift that we will fully appreciate.

You were a wonderful person, your many qualities hid your few flaws, always concerned about the interest and well-being of each member of your family.

Today, all of your family miss you. They are all orphans of you and your love for them.

In friendship, you were the faithful friend, always available and listening to others. You knew how to cultivate friendship wonderfully. Being your friend was being your family.

With you, we felt at home, like at home.

You and me, you and us, you and them… You and all the people you love and who love you. Together, we shared so many joys, so many sorrows, we supported each other in so many trials, we said almost everything …

They just forgot to tell me how difficult it would be to find me here to accompany you on your last trip.

It will certainly take me a very long time to realize that you are gone, that we will never make the world together again.

You left this world to rest in a more peaceful place. Where you now reside, a magical place I hope from which you watch over all the loved ones you left here.

By leaving us on the platform of life, you left us like a guardian angel.

Your departure plunged us into the emotion and sadness of not seeing you anymore. But we are relieved at the idea of ​​knowing you at peace, serene, at peace.

By your love of others and of life, your wisdom and your compassion, your benevolence and your sincerity, you have truly succeeded in your existence. You leave in our hearts a taste of the unfinished but also an immense pride at the idea of ​​having been of your family, of your friends. For having been part of your life.

Today we have to accept your death and let you go. To say goodbye to you, in your name, I would like to quote the verses attributed to Saint-Augustin. By discovering them, I had the impression to hear you.

Example of a farewell speech: a beautiful tribute as a poem

I still live , poem attributed to Saint-Augustin

“Death is nothing, I just walked past, in the next room.

I am me. You are you.

What I was for you, I still am.

Give me the name you always gave me, talk to me like you always have.

Don’t use a different tone, don’t look solemn or sad.

Keep laughing at what made us laugh together.

Pray, smile, think of me, pray for me.

May my name be spoken at home, as it always has been, without emphasis of any kind, without a trace of shadow.

Life means all that it ever was.

The string is not cut.

Why would I be out of your mind just because I’m out of your sight?

I’m not far, just across the road.

You see, all is well. “

We must mourn and let you go in peace. We have to accept that death is part of the path of life. However, we will think of you, every day, with gentleness and love.

Our loving thoughts are with you on your new path.

I will never forget you. Goodbye, and thank you for everything. Rest in peace. “

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