Famous texts for a funeral: 12 beautiful texts

Famous texts for a funeral: 12 beautiful texts

It is customary for a funeral to say a few words in homage to the deceased during a eulogy. This speech from a family member, friend, loved one, is a way of saying goodbye to him. It is, as one can imagine, a particularly delicate exercise so much the emotion is present and it can be very difficult to find the words, to know what to say. For this, it is not uncommon to see famous texts used for a funeral, not to depersonalize the homage paid, but because for some people, the words of a recognized author seem stronger and more appropriate for this. last tribute. Poems, author’s texts, extracts from books, song lyrics, here are 12 beautiful famous texts for a funeral.

Famous texts for a funeral: 12 beautiful texts

# 1 I’m just on the other side of Henry Scott Holland

Death is nothing, I just walked into the next room. I am me. You are you. What I was for you, I still am. Give me the name you always gave me, talk to me like you always have. Don’t use a different tone, don’t look solemn or sad. Keep laughing at what made us laugh together. Pray, smile, think of me, pray for me. May my name be pronounced at home as it always has been, without emphasis of any kind, without a trace of shadow. Life means all that it ever was. The string is not cut. Why would I be out of your mind just because I’m out of your sight? I’m not far, just across the road. You see, all is well.

# 2 At the edge of the void by Paul Eluard

Today we are on the brink of emptiness as we look everywhere for the face that we have lost. He was our future and we lost our future. He was with us and we lost that part of ourselves, he questioned us and we lost his question. Here we are alone, our lips tight on our whys. We have come here to seek, to seek something or someone. To seek this love stronger than death.

# 3 To those I love, and who love me – Native American poem

When I’m no longer there, let go!
Let me go because I have so much to do and see!
Don’t cry when you think of me!
Be grateful for the beautiful years during which I gave you my love!
You can only guess the happiness you have brought me!
Thank you for the love everyone has shown me!
Now, it is time for me to travel alone.

You may feel sorry for a short while.
Confidence will bring you comfort and consolation.
We will only be separated for a while!
Let the memories soothe your pain !
I’m not far away and life goes on!
If you need it, call me and I’ll come!
Even if you cannot see or touch me, I will be there, and if you listen to your heart, you will clearly feel the sweetness of the love that I will bring!

When it is time for you to leave, I will be there to welcome you absent from my body, present with God!
Don’t go to my grave to cry! I’m not here, I’m not sleeping!
I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the sparkle of snow crystals, I am the light that crosses the wheat fields, I am the soft autumn rain, I am the awakening of the birds in the stillness of the morning, I am the star that shines in the night!
Don’t go to my grave to cry. I am not here, I am not dead.

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# 4 The Tree and the Seed by Benoît Marchon: one of the pretty famous texts for a funeral

Someone dies, and it’s like footsteps that stop… But what if it was a departure for a new journey? Someone dies, and it’s like a slamming door… But what if it was a passage opening onto other landscapes? Someone dies, and it’s like a falling tree… But what if it was a seed germinating in a new land? Someone dies, and it’s like a screaming silence… But what if he helps us hear the fragile music of life?

# 5 It will remain of you by Simone Veil

What you gave will remain of you.
Instead of keeping it in rusty chests.
From your secret garden there will remain a
forgotten flower that has not faded.
What you have given to others will flourish.
Whoever loses his life, one day will find it.
It will remain of you what you offered
Between open arms one morning in the sun.
It will remain of you what you have lost
That you waited for beyond the awakenings,
What you suffered, in others will live again.

Whoever loses his life, one day will find it. A
fallen tear will remain of you,
A germinated smile on the eyes of your heart.
It will remain of you what you sowed
That you shared with the beggars of happiness.
What you have sown in others will germinate.
Whoever loses his life, one day will find it.

# 6 The night is never complete by Paul Eluard

The night is never complete. There is always, since I say it, since I affirm it, at the end of my grief, an open window, a lighted window. There is always a dream that keeps awake, desire to be fulfilled, hunger to be satisfied. A generous heart, an outstretched hand, an open hand, attentive eyes, a life, a life to be shared. The night is never complete.

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Famous texts for a funeral: 6 other beautiful texts

# 7 Don’t just stand there crying… by Robert Louis Stevenson

Don’t just cry around my coffin, I’m not there – I’m not sleeping. I am a thousand winds blowing, I am the sparkle of the diamond on the snow, I am the sunlight on the ripe grain, I am the gentle autumn rain, I am the hasty flight. Birds that will begin their circular flight when you wake up in the calm of the morning, I am the rapid flight that launches towards the sky where they whirl the silent birds. I am the sweet star that shines at night. Do not stay and mourn in front of my grave, I am not there: I am not dead.

# 8 The tomb said to the rose by Victor Hugo

The tomb said to the rose:
– Tears with which the dawn waters you
What are you doing, flower of love?
The rose said to the grave:
– What do you do with what falls
Into your always open abyss?
The rose said: – Dark tomb,
From these tears I make in the shade
A perfume of amber and honey.
The grave says: – Plaintive flower,
Of every soul that comes to me
I make an angel from heaven!

# 9 When I Leave – Hawaiian Poem

Now that I’m gone, let me go
Even though I still had things to see and do.
My road does not stop here.
Do not hold on to me through your tears.
Be happy for all the years spent together.
I gave you my love,
And you can only guess how much happiness you
brought me .

Thank you for the love you have shown me.
But now is the time for me to continue on my way.
Cry me for a while, if you need to cry.
And then let your pain turn into joy
For it is only for a moment that we are parting
ways So bless the memories that are in your heart.
I won’t be very far, because life goes on
If you need me, call me, I will come
Even if you can’t see or touch me.

I will be near you.
And if you listen with your heart,
You will perceive all my love around you in its sweetness and
And then, when you come in your turn here,
I will welcome you with a smile
And I will say to you: “Welcome to our home”.

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# 10 A sailboat passes… – Attributed to William Blake: one of the famous texts for a funeral

I am standing by the beach. A sailboat passes in the morning breeze, and heads for the ocean. He is beauty, he is life. I watch him until he disappears over the horizon. Someone next to me says, “He’s gone! »Go to where? Gone from my gaze, that’s all! Its mast is still as high, its hull still has the strength to carry its human load. His total disappearance from my sight is in me, not in him. And just when someone near me says, “He’s gone! “, There are others who, seeing it appear on the horizon and approaching them, exclaim with joy:
” There it is! This is death! There are no deaths. There are living people on both shores.

# 11 Stars who can laugh at Antoine de Saint- Expert

“People have stars that are not the same. For some who travel, the stars are guides, for others, they are nothing but little lights. For others who are learned, they are problems. for my manager, they were gold. But all these stars are silent. You, you will have stars like no one has… When you look at the sky, at night, since I will live in one of them, since I will laugh in one of them, then it will be for you as if all the stars were laughing. You will have stars who can laugh! “

# 12 Our absentees from Grand Corps Malade: one of the famous song lyrics for a funeral

It’s not really ghosts, but their absence is so strong
That it creates in us a presence that makes us weak or supports us
It is those we loved who created an almost tangible emptiness
Because the love that we were giving them is orphan, he is looking for a target.

For some we knew, we had prepared for the worst
But others disappeared suddenly, without warning
We did not say goodbye to them, they left without our agreement
Because death has its reasons than our reason ignore

So we came together for utopian comfort. Together
we are stronger but we are no less sad
It is alone that we mourn, because we are alone when we feel
We tame the pain and the presence of our absent

Our absentees are always there, in mind and in our memories
On this holiday film, on these photos full of smiles
Our absentees surround us and will stay by our side
They come back to life in our dreams, as if nothing had happened

We reassure ourselves in the face of the suffering that grips our necks
By telling ourselves that where they are, they probably have less pain than us
So we walk, we laugh, we sing but their shadow remains
In a corner of our brains, in a corner of our happiness

We have projects, we draw our tomorrows
We decide the path, we look at the future in our hands
And in the heart of the action, in our victories or our hells
We imagine from time to time that our absent ones see us doing

Every life is a miracle but the end is annoying
I made sure to find out, we will not come out alive We
must learn to accept it in order to try to grow old happy
But each year our absentees are a little more numerous

Each new disappearance turns our hearts into lace
But time passes and sharp pains become pastel
This time which for once is a real ally
Each hour spent is an ointment, it will take thousands

Me, the dead, the missing, I don’t talk much
about them So I write about them, I titillate my taboo subjects
This great mystery that awaits us, our ultimate common point to all
That makes us run after life, knowing that death is on our heels

It’s not really ghosts but their absence is so strong
That it creates in us a presence that makes us weak or supports us
It is those we loved who created an almost infinite void
Inspired by first degree texts

Must say that death lacks irony


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