Example of speech for the renewal of marriage vows

Example of speech for the renewal of marriage vows

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There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

After several decades of marriage, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years or even the golden wedding anniversary , some couples decide to renew their marriage vows. Some choose the official version with a civil ceremony in front of the mayor, others prefer a secular ceremony , in front of relatives. In both cases, the moment is solemn. The renewal of marriage vows is a beautiful proof of love and the promise of a day full of emotions. Who says renewal of marriage vows, says speeches of the bride and groom who repeat yes years after the first yes exchanged. And to help you in this sometimes tricky exercise of writing a speech, here is an example of a marriage vow renewal speech. That of the groom for his wife in front of the assembly of relatives invited for this occasion.

Example of speech for the renewal of marriage vows

“My darling / my love …

Time has passed, but nothing has dented my love for you and my commitment. Or rather should I say, our love and our commitment, right?

Today we are renewing our wedding vows and it is as if we had said “yes” to each other yesterday. When I look at you today, I believe even more in the adage that goes “When love rhymes with always.” “

So let’s take a little trip down memory lane … Twenty years ago, on such a beautiful, romantic and solemn day, full of emotions, we said yes. You were resplendent with beauty, and I also believe, just like me, with happiness and enthusiasm at the idea of ​​our now closely linked future!

For better or for worse, as they say. To life, to death I dare add ! C ar between us, it has always been unfailing solidarity and unfailing support.

That day, like today, we were surrounded by people so dear to our hearts to celebrate the happiest day of our lives.

Our parents, our families, our friends, our relatives …

I have a huge thought for the absent, who have left us but who remain in our hearts, and thanks to whom our love has been able, in a certain way, to be built over the years.

And after so many years, the faithful are obviously still there, the real ones, the unbeatable ones. You have witnessed our love from day one. And what a joy to have you with us all this time. I am both very touched and very moved.

New faces have been added over the years. And seeing you all gathered for us today fills me with joy.

Example of speech for the renewal of marriage vows

Who could have imagined that we would meet again so many years later for the renewal of our vows?

Without wanting to be pretentious, I knew it, or at least I hoped it. And I think it was precisely because I wanted it so badly that it happened.

If the time can sometimes seem long, with you by your side it seemed to me on the contrary incredibly short. Our routine has never fallen into boredom and our couple, if they have known a few storms, have never been shipwrecked.

And we had the chance to create our family and to build together, year after year, new memories, new projects. To make our desires and dreams come true. Together, always.

Renewing our wedding vows today means leaving for a new honeymoon by your side for decades to come!

With these wishes, I wanted to pay homage to you, my wife. You took me on this incredible journey years ago, in the adventure of the couple, the marriage, the love. This journey through life, I could not have imagined it more beautiful. We braved a few storms, but mostly we celebrated the rainbows together. This is what makes the strength of our love. To love each other against all odds . To never let go of the hand, to believe in the other and to see only him through the prism of love.

This is how I still see you after all these years and will always see you. Like my sweetheart, my great love, my love forever. The one and only love of my life.

I am very happy to solemnly express before all our loved ones today my deep wish to renew my marriage vows. I say yes again without a doubt, no detour . But on the contrary with all the strength of my love and confidence in our future.

With these wishes, I promise to stay by your side to love you and accompany you every day of our life.

With all my love, I love you from the bottom of my heart, like the first day. “

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