5 things I learned from loving the wrong people

5 things I learned from loving the wrong people

Say it with a letter

There are things we would like to say to those we love. But we do not always know where to start, how to find the right ones, to convey the right intention. Today, we help you get started and send the most beautiful letter:

It’s hard when we get together with someone to know if it’s going to be the right person or not, if our two characters will get along well. So we try the adventure and sometimes, we quickly realize that she was not the right person, worse, that she is toxic for us. But we learn from these mistakes. Here are things I learned from loving the wrong people.

5 things I learned from loving the wrong people

1 / We can’t force someone to love us

Yes, it may seem obvious and yet … You can’t imagine the number of emails I receive where people keep hope of one day seeing this flame (re) born in the eyes of the other. But no, you can’t force someone else to love. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. Sometimes what we feel is not always mutual, and it is a fact of life. It is often heartbreaking to realize this, and it can leave you feeling devastated knowing that nothing you say or do can change the way someone else thinks, feels, and acts.

2 / Meeting the right person at the wrong time is a lure

I’m sorry but no, meeting the right person at the wrong time doesn’t exist. Because the people we meet at the wrong time are actually the wrong people!  You never meet the good people in the bad for the simple reason that the good people are timeless!

A lot of people use this excuse to let each other down easily, and I fully understand because our lives are sometimes chaotic and stressful, but I truly believe that if you love someone enough you will try to make it work. . A lot of people meet at difficult times – maybe they are focusing on their careers or moving to another country. However, if I met someone I thought was the right one, I would do anything to not lose them. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get back together years later when you’re more settled, but you can’t expect someone to put their life on hold until the other is ready. If you’ve found someone you love, care about, and can’t live without.

3 / If the other does not make an effort, it is probably that he does not care!

How many times have I been the first to send a message, take the first step, or schedule the next date? Too often. If he’s not putting in the same effort as you, especially at the start of a new relationship, chances are he isn’t as invested as you are. If he does the bare minimum and doesn’t schedule you in his life, or if he’s not keen on talking to you or spending time with you early in the relationship, it’s unlikely that he will. ‘he changes his behavior afterwards. Are you sure you want to be with someone who can’t even put the effort to get to know you?

4 / If he (she) has broken your heart once, there is a good chance that he (she) will do it again

I’ve given undeserving people way too many chances over the years, and nine out of ten times it always ends the same as the first time. Whether they cheated on you, whether they broke up with you, whether they failed you, it doesn’t matter what they did or who you hurt, do you really want to take the risk that they will do it again by letting them come back into your life? I have often found that months, sometimes even years later, when I had finally let the person go and moved on, I naively let them come back into my life, only to finally let them go. let it go, disappoint her and break her heart all over again. I think most people deserve a second chance to redeem themselves,

5 / Some people are supposed to come into your life, but aren’t supposed to stay there.

I have dated a few people over the years and each of them has taught me something valuable, whether we parted on good terms or not. Losing people in your life can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, as it teaches us what we don’t want in a lover, in a relationship, or in life. Often times after the initial feelings of a breakup have subsided, you can look back with clarity and realize that maybe they weren’t meant to be the whole book, but rather just a chapter along the way. Sometimes people are just supposed to come into your life to teach you not only things about love, relationships, and life, but also about yourself.

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