Wedding speech of the groom’s parents

Wedding speech of the groom’s parents

“Our son, {his first name}, {his nickname},

It is with immense, undisguised joy that we have been accompanying you for months now in the preparations for the celebration of your marriage.

What a magnificent day, what a moving ceremony, what a magical place! Everything is gathered to celebrate your union, your love and your happiness to both and we are very happy.

For parents, it is always an emotional moment to marry one of your children.

It brings back many memories, from your birth until today. It’s a bit as if you were going through an additional initiatory rite by becoming a husband in your turn, by making your marriage official in order to build a common future with the woman you love.

We will spare you the touching but embarrassing memories of you as a baby in diaper or your little boyish stupidities. Ditto for your teenage period and its hazards, I promise! Mai don’t worry, you don’t have to be ashamed of the child you were, or the teenager, and even less the young man you later became.

We have always been proud of you. Of your career as of your values.

And the man that you are today fills us with joy and pride. We are happy if we have succeeded in our mission as parents, that of making you grow up as well as possible, at the same time upright but with dreams full of the head and well anchored principles.

You are what is called a man of values, a righteous and just man, and nothing can make parents more proud.

Knowing that your concerns are to make others happy, to do good around you, to learn from others and to cultivate this open-mindedness, all of this makes us smile.

Wedding speech of parents of groom proud to marry their son

And for a few years now, you have found to accompany you on this journey of life the one you need, which makes you happy, whom you love and who loves you. The one you got together with today to formalize your love.

You are both so beautiful, so sparkling with joy, so accomplices that it is a real happiness for the eyes and for the heart to share your love.

We obviously wish you all the happiness you deserve, all that we can hope for for his children. Love, respect, trust, joy, laughter, surprises, projects, success, a family, and a bright future full of promise.

So much more, but we leave you the joy of discovering the magical moments of marriage together.

First of all, make the most of this day, your day, and this magnificent evening. Then of course celebrate your wedding night as it should. Then make some great memories for yourself on your next honeymoon.

And finally, go on an adventure together day after day.

For better or for worse it seems, but don’t worry, there is good in every moment as long as the love and respect is there. So live this incredible adventure of marriage together, hand in hand. And never forget that if you need to be accompanied, guided, advised sometimes, we will always be there to help you build your happiness.

We kiss you both. Our son, we kiss you like we love you, strong.

All our best wishes, be happy, long live the newlyweds! “

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