Wedding: sample text for congratulations to the bride and groom

Wedding: sample text for congratulations to the bride and groom

10 sample text for congratulations to the bride and groom

    • Sophie, Julien, we wish you happiness and love forever! Congratulations
    • Sophie, Julie, what an emotion to see you united in this way! You are beautiful and overflowing with love, we wish you that this lasts forever! Congratulations again on this wonderful wedding.
  • Sophie, Julien, again all my congratulations to both of you! Congratulations again to both of you. Thank you for this wonderful wedding which was beautiful and touching! Your love is staring and it feels good 🙂I wish you both eternal happiness!
  • Sophie, Julien, you made our tears flow, your love is as beautiful as it is moving. You really make you want to be in love! All my congratulations my friends!
  • Sophie, Julien, your wedding was simply sublime: love, joy, tears, dance steps, laughter! This day that has linked you is only the first in a long series of love days! Congratulations again!
  • Sophie, Julien, what happiness to see you so happy together! You are both so beautiful! Congratulations on your beautiful union!
  • Dear newlyweds, what a wonderful day you have given us! What an emotion to see you together and full of love! This is just the start of a life filled with happiness and joy! Congratulations to both of you again!
  • Dear newlyweds, we send you all our best wishes for this new and beautiful stage in your life together.
  • May this great day be only the beginning of a loving and joyful life. I have no doubt, you two, it was set in the rock 🙂I love you, congratulations again!
  • You two, it was obvious from the start. I am happy to have attended your union. I cried, I confess, you are both so touching… I wish you happiness, love and more love!

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