Wedding anniversary speech

Wedding anniversary speech

“Hello / Good evening everyone,

It is with great joy and emotion in my heart that I say these few words today. You might think that this wedding anniversary is just a perfect occasion to eat well and celebrate. This is partly true of course, but not only.

For me, this has great value and means a lot. And this for many reasons. In front of you, I realize how lucky I am. And in front of you, my darling, my dear husband, I also realize how much love has been fulfilling me for several years now.

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Wedding anniversary speech: my thanks to all of you here

So first of all, I would like to thank you all for your presence on the occasion of our wedding anniversary. Our families, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors… All of you who are part of our life in your own way, who were there at our wedding, with whom we spend moments so dear to our hearts.

Aperitifs, dinners, parties, birthdays, Christmas and New Years, weekends, holidays. But also with whom we exchange services and advice, small everyday moments, thank you very much.

Most of you were all present already when we took our wedding vows several years ago now. And if time has passed, our links have endured.

You accompany our lives from near or far, each in your own way, and it is a great joy to be part of yours. Truly.

Our happiness is also due to you and that is why I am so happy today at the idea of ​​celebrating our wedding anniversary with all of you gathered around us. I hope you will have a great time of celebration and sharing with family or friends. Have fun, enjoy the party and the music, eat well, and let’s toast together! Thank you so much !

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Wedding anniversary speech: words of love for you, my husband

Finally, this little speech would obviously not be complete if I did not speak of you, of us, my dear husband. When we said yes, you made me your wife and at the same time a happy woman. I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that we were madly in love and that if since then we have surely lost a little madness to gain maturity and wisdom, the love that binds us is always also strong, it is an absolute love, an unconditional love .

Year after year, we build our happiness together. Whether it is for our couple, our family, our professional projects, our passions, I believe that we have found the recipe that suits us. Together, we move forward hand in hand. I have found in you much more than a husband, a lover and a lover, even if it is already a lot. I also found a best friend, a confidant, a life partner.

You are the one to whom I can tell everything, confide everything. The one who understands me perfectly without ever judging me, the one who knows how to read in me, who stimulates me, encourages me, supports me. You believe in me, you believe in us and it is your gaze always benevolent and full of love that you pose on me which gives me this strength, this courage and this desire to move forward and to surpass myself. But above all, it is this love that you give me that makes me feel unique in the world.

I am a lucky woman, in love, happy because I married the man of my life, the one made for me, my alter ego, my soul mate .

This wedding anniversary that we are celebrating together surrounded by all our loved ones, is an opportunity for me to tell you how much I love you. To say thank you also for everything you do for me, for us. But above all thank you for the man and the husband that you are. When I look at you, I am proud and full of love and I only want one thing, that our marriage will last for decades to come.

By saying yes, we did more than just get married, for me we really got together. And this union of our two bodies, our two hearts and our two souls is the adventure of my life. You are my greatest happiness, my only love and I hope from the bottom of my heart, to make you happy as you do. I love you my darling.

I raise my glass to you, to our anniversary, to our love and to all of you we love so much, gathered for us today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again and let’s celebrate! “

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