Speech for my brother’s wedding

Speech for my brother’s wedding

Math, my brother, my bro ‘,

It is with great emotion that we are all gathered in honor of your wedding. I will always remember the day you introduced us to Elise, and those who succeeded, when you only spoke to me about her. I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were meant to be together. A true love, pure, without pretense. I knew that your two hands would shake and that the path that remained for you to travel would be done with her, for my greatest happiness.

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Math, you and I, we went through many trials, not always easy being two brothers: we had jealousy crises, we often fought when we were children and I laugh a lot today . But above all, what floats in my memory is the image of a loving brother, always present, in good times as in bad times. A strong and protective brother, a golden brother! I am no longer the only one to share your life if I may say so, and I am delighted. You have found by your side a person who loves you more than anything in the world, caring and attentive. You make each other happy and it shows on your faces every day and even more on this special day.

Now, it’s Elise who will collect your tears, who will benefit from your explosive laughter, who will listen to your confidences and I trust her completely for this mission of happiness.

Do you remember the day we ran away (an hour) and got scolded like never before? I think it was that day, when we must have been seven, that I told myself that I could always count on you. You had taken all the responsibilities of this mini runaway so that I didn’t get punished unfairly, me, the little brother. You were a role model for me and still remain so today.

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Elise, Math, I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. I drink this evening in your honor and congratulate you again, not without emotion, on your marvelous marriage.

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