Speech for a friend’s wedding: a moving example

Speech for a friend’s wedding: a moving example

” Good evening everyone,

It is with great emotion that I am preparing to read this text for you, my darling, and for the one you have chosen as your husband. We always say that time flies at breakneck speed. This is so true when I look at you so beautiful in t wedding dress today.

I have the impression that our meeting dates from yesterday. I see you again with your shy little teenage face! I immediately had this desire to “take you under my wing” and protect you. Our friendship was born from a common passion, a passion that I wanted to transmit to you and that I enriched with you and also thanks to you.

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Our friendship has known, for all these years, wonderful moments but also crises from which we had to recover! And I am happy to see that we have succeeded in meeting this challenge . We may have more complicated times, but I know that the friendship we have is sincere and will always triumph over the rest.

This speech to wish him all the happiness in the world

When I see you today so happy and so fulfilled, serene and impatient to live this new life that you have chosen, I feel fulfilled for you. You are at the dawn of a new life, which I hope will bring you everything you have always dreamed of, but I do not doubt it for a moment.

You found the right man for you. The one with whom you will feel ready to meet all the challenges and difficulties of life, and also the one with whom you will live wonderful moments of intense happiness ! You have already started to experience these moments!

I can only wish you to continue the momentum. To grow together hand in hand, in love , kindness and respect .

Know that every moment of your new life, every moment when you want to share good news with me but also every moment of doubt or sadness, I will be there for you as I have been for years.

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Speech for the wedding of a friend and her husband: be happy! 

It is now that I turn to your husband . I want to thank you for taking good care of my friend. Love her as much as she loves you , in good times and in bad times. You are a wonderful couple , continue on your path to happiness.

So I wish you both, on this beautiful day, a path strewn with rose petals and despite the inevitable few thorns, absolute happiness and mutual respect for your whole life. May you live happily, hand in hand, with beautiful little mini-selves that will increase the intensity of your happiness!

With all my tenderness and my friendship.

Your friend. “

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