Speech for 50 years of marriage

Speech for 50 years of marriage

” My darling,

It’s been 50 years since you and I decided to unite for life. Apparently this choice was the right one, since 50 years later, we are still here to be both the actors and the witnesses of this marriage from another time.

We were very young at the time, but with our heads on our shoulders, wanting both to enjoy life to the fullest and to build ourselves a beautiful family life.

I believe we can say without false pretense that we have succeeded. So many moments shared over the years! All these moments spent by your side have marked my life with memories as wonderful as they are imperishable …

Do you remember our first date , when I came to introduce myself to your parents? From our first vacation? From our first car , our first apartment? And our first kiss too …

In fact, I could make an endless list of all our first times so many there have been, and I cherish them all in my heart.

I know I am lucky to have been able to live and to continue to experience so much with you. Yes we are incredibly lucky to have known love 50 years ago and to still share it today. But not only lucky, because we have worked to have this happiness.

The years have passed, some more difficult than others, but year after year, we have never given up our love to arguments, problems, trials.

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Speech for his wife for the 50 years of marriage

We are husband and wife, parents and grandparents, but we are also a team, a pair, life partners who said yes for better or for worse 50 years ago. We made this promise eye to eye and it was not just empty words.

I believe it is because we have been able to link the strength of our romantic feelings for each other to common values ​​that we have been happy for so long.

Thanks to you, I am a fulfilled and happy man, husband, father and grandfather. I want to say thank you for all the happiness you have brought me and that you continue to give me with so much kindness and generosity.

You are an incredible woman, full of qualities and I am lucky today to be still and always by your side to celebrate our 50 years of marriage.

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Do you realize 50 years, half a century, our golden wedding anniversary, almost our entire life spent together …

To those who think that we necessarily get bored, that it is complicated, impossible, out of date, I want to tell them one thing. The day you meet a woman who looks at you like my wife has looked at me for 50 years, then this will all be swept away. There will be no more false beliefs, fears, doubts. There will only remain one evidence, that of having found love, the great, the true. The one of a lifetime.

I wish you the most wonderful wedding anniversaries my wife, my darling, my lifelong love.

On our 50th birthday, our marriage, our love, our happiness. And to our family, our children, our grandchildren. To you, to us.

I love you like the first day. “

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