Sample speech for my son’s wedding

Sample speech for my son’s wedding

 My son,

It seems to me that I only closed my eyes for a moment and yet the little boy you were has already become a man . You have grown too tall for me to cradle you in my arms. ais you will forever and never against my heart.

You have given me countless reasons to be proud of you since you were born. 

And today, what makes me so proud is to see the man you have become. Generous, sincere, strong, respectful. But especially on this day, I am touched to see how much you are in love and how happy you are .

Henri-Frédéric Amiel, writer of the 19 th century, rightly said. “There is only maternal love which is capable of disinterestedness and which knows how to say: may my son be happy without me, and far from me, provided he is happy and enjoys life to the full. ” 

This is fully what I feel today. The pride of being your mother, of course, but above all the immeasurable joy of knowing you are happy.

When I pronounce these two words, my son, indeed an immense pride invades me and submerges my heart. Even if you have become a man, it is enough that I look at you so that all the emotions since your birth resurface. It is thanks to you that I became a mother and that will remain the greatest happiness of all my life.

So on this day I celebrate the man you have become and the husband you are going to be . And, somewhere in my heart , you are and always will be this little boy who filled me with joy and love.

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Speech for my son’s wedding: a moving example

So it’s been years since you changed my life, made me a mom . A ppris what love unconditional, pure, eternal.

Audrey Hepburn said “The hardest thing about motherhood is this inner worry that you can’t show”. 

 It’s so true… When you become a mother, you experience emotions and feelings that were previously unknown. In spite of ourselves, we sometimes turn into a mother hen, a kangaroo, an overprotector. It takes time to regulate this maternal love and not to be constantly worried.

But you, you have always been my little superhero, like those you adored so much as a child. You knew how to stand on your own feet, be strong, make me proud, while reassuring me.

You left the nest to live your life, to live your own adventures, to have your own experiences . And the man you have become is like the wonderful little boy I raised. And I thank you for it.

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Combative and sensitive at the same time since always, you are one of those men who have understood the essence of life, I am convinced of it.

I don’t know many men who have your intelligence and your courage, your benevolence and your humanity . Yes, I know few men like you.

Never change this strength and this sensitivity that define you in turn.

Continue to be curious about life and to love those who matter to you as much. I do not doubt for a single moment of the love you have for your wife and of all the happiness that you are going to bring her.

I am also serene at the idea that your love will carry you together for a long time, and that you have found the one made for you. You only have to look at you to find out.

My son, I wish you all the happiness in the world, and much more. I will always be there, but not too close or too close. Just a good distance away to see you and know you are happy.

I send you both my most sincere wishes of love, serenity and happiness.

I love you mom. “

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