Sample speech for my sister’s wedding

Sample speech for my sister’s wedding

Julie, my sister, my Juju,

We are all gathered here today, not without emotions, in honor of your marriage. I will never forget that day when you introduced us to Christian, this great athletic guy who came straight from the South of France! You kept praising me for his athletic abilities… And for his adventurous spirit, literally capable of climbing the highest mountains… You knew that would speak to me immediately and that he would have everything to please me! But what above all more and marked me the first time that you presented it to us, it is this look. That look you were exchanging. This mixture of true love, tenderness, and respect, this pure chemistry that there was between you two. You two clearly weren’t faking it, and it showed! From then on, I no longer had any concerns about your common future!

Julie, you and I have been through a lot of hardships in recent years. We who were so close children, our paths have strayed somewhat over the years. It’s not always easy to be brother and sister when you both have radically different behaviors! And if our arguments were rare, they were no less intense – on the contrary! But above all, we messed around and laughed a lot together. And it is these moments, and this image of a loving and understanding sister, present in the good times as well as the more difficult times, that remain in my memory today. Julie, my little big sister, I wanted to tell you again that you have been, you are, and you will always be a model, an example to follow, for me.

Today I am no longer the only one to share your life, and that delights me! Because you seem to have found the person who will know how to love and cherish you like no other. You pull each other up, I’ve seen this since you’ve been dating, you make each other happy, and it shows on your faces . All the more so on this exceptional day!

And today, if I still remain your adored brother, it is no longer to me that you will turn when you want to share your sorrows and your burdens. It is now Christian who will have the joy of sharing with you your moments of happiness and your trials on a daily basis. And I know he will, oh yes!

Julie, Christian, I wish you all the happiness and all the love in the world. I drink this evening in your honor and congratulate you again, not without emotion, on your marvelous marriage.

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