Sample speech for my daughter’s wedding

Sample speech for my daughter’s wedding

Time flies at breakneck speed. The years have seen your baby grow into a child, then a teenager and then a young girl. Today, she is a young woman with a future and she is about to get married. What a moving moment for a mother! If you have been accompanying her through all the paperwork and various preparations for her wedding for months, there is one thing only you can do. This is your speech for your daughter’s wedding.

“My daughter, my darling,

What a moving moment for a mother to be there in front of you and your husband . In front of our two families and all your friends. I am very moved, yes, and above all very happy to be in front of you to say these few words to you.

Tonight, I am a happy mother, proud and confident in the future. I don’t want to bore you with too long a speech. Nor bother you, my daughter, by too many anecdotes about your young years at home.

So I will get to the point.

First of all, I want to tell you how happy I have been for a year now, to participate in the preparations for your marriage, your marriage. Thank you for associating me with your happiness . For giving me the joy of sharing with you so many moments of complicity over the months.

And what mom wouldn’t be moved to have been the first person to see her daughter in her wedding dress.

It is a bit cliché surely, and I am not the first to say it. And I will obviously not be the last. But I do not care, because in my eyes, in the eyes of your husband and all our relatives gathered this evening for you my dear, you are the most beautiful of brides.

Yes you are a sublime, radiant, radiant bride.

Like the young woman that you are, you are sparkling with joy, you breathe happiness. And it’s a real gift for a mother to see her daughter be so happy.

Sample speech for my daughter’s wedding: I’m proud of you

I have always been proud of you. On many occasions, you have made us proud, your father and me by your qualities and your values, your successes and your projects.

When we are a mother, our role is to accompany our children until they fly away from the nest, even if it always makes a little pang in the heart. But as they say, you don’t make children to keep them with you for life .

We just help them to grow, to grow straight, with their feet firmly rooted in the ground but their heads full of dreams.

And so after, to leave to build their life, realize their dreams and let their hearts beat. And in times of grief, trouble, ordeal, a mom’s arms are always open to comfort, hugs, and love.

You are a wonderful girl, my daughter, an incredible young woman, and a loving bride.

I wish you, I wish you both a bright future . Live up to your love and your dreams.

For my part, you know it, I will never be far from you . And I intend to accompany you for a long time to come, even from afar, even otherwise, in your life as a woman. For each joy and each pain, for each of your dreams come true and each obstacle in your path, my hand will always be in yours.

You are a wonderful couple .

I am very happy to officially welcome to our family this evening your husband, my son-in-law. The one you chose to love and be loved.

I would end here by borrowing a quote to close my wedding speech by repeating Nietzsche’s words to you: “Marriage is the will of two to create one.” 

And as Henri Salvador sang so beautifully, “It is not so much marriage that is marvelous. It is after !”  And believe me, darling, it’s true! Today is just the first in a long list of wonderful moments to write down among your fondest memories.

I kiss you like I love you, strong.

Mom “

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