Sample speech for a wedding

Sample speech for a wedding

Speech for my best friend’s wedding

Mathieu, Mat, my best friend,

There it is, we are there. This situation imagined many times, dreamed of many times… Your wedding! And not just any that no; your union with Clémence, a magnificent woman and courageous enough to hope to be able to support you for years! Did I not predict it to you?

In vain I told you that despite your desires to live as a lone wolf, you would end up finding the woman who will know how to soften your heart as a hardened bachelor, you refused to believe me! Besides, I hope you remember our bet back then… Because I won it. But I should rather say that we both came out on top!

Because when I see you here, alongside the one who is now your wife, I can’t help but smile. You are a wonderful couple. Two soul mates finally reunited! The least of your words exchanged, the smallest seemingly innocuous gesture, the least of your glances… Everything radiates love! And no doubt you will be able to make each other happy. Because, even if you have radically different characters, you complement each other, without suffocating yourself.

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Mathieu, I know that you have found the woman who will know how to be there to accompany you in the trials of life, who will have the strength and the temperament to make this couple last with you over the years. Clémence, I know that you have found the man who will know how to satisfy you and build with you the projects that you are very keen to achieve.

Mathieu, you and I have had some adventures! But today, if I nevertheless always remain there for you, for you, you know it, the greatest adventure of your life begins with Clémence! So live it to the fullest, and never forget to love and respect your partner like the first day!

Mathieu, Clémence, I wish you both all the happiness and all the love in the world. I drink this evening in your honor and congratulate you again, not without emotion, on your marvelous marriage!

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