Humorous wedding speech template

Humorous wedding speech template

Ladies and gentlemen,

I find myself facing you, me, witness, a character apart, the storyteller of this wonderful love story that we honor today. I am called “the witness”.

You are in front of me, you, spectators more or less close to our two incredible protagonists.

This romantic piece was composed by me and, as you can imagine, taken from a true story. Any resemblance to people existing or having existed would be purely true.

I’m going to introduce you to our two main characters:

In the role of the almost perfect groom, I have the honor to welcome Mr. Ludovic Barière, handsome kid, bright smile, bow tie and ocean eyes.

In the role of the almost perfect bride, we welcome Sabine Malache, now Sabine Barière, wonderful, breathtaking and endowed with an unspeakable sense of humor!

Their meeting was, so to speak, hazardous. While Sabine was late for a professional meeting, Ludovic fell on her in the street, love at first sight in Notting Hill. Yes, our Ludo does nothing halfway. Sabine soiled by the rain from the sidewalk and late for late, accepted a coffee from our loveur. From a failed meeting, a love was born. For better or for worse (because Ludo’s awkwardness did not go away with the love he has for Sabine), our two lovers said yes today.

On this day, you, them, me, have had tears in their eyes as their love is great and intense. I would ask you to dry them so as not to add more salt to the dishes tonight.😉

They are wonderful, fabulous, in love and lots of other adjectives in “them”. They found each other never to leave each other again. My friends, I wish you all the best, happiness, health and love! Long live the newlyweds!

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