Free wedding speech examples

Free wedding speech examples

” Dad mom,

First of all, before dinner, the opening of the ball, the party with all our loved ones here, there is one thing that was important to us to do. We did not have to ask ourselves the question for long or separately . For both of us, it was obvious to start this evening with this speech, for you. You without whom we would obviously not be here . You without whom, therefore, we would not have been able to meet and love each other!

But also you without whom this marriage would not have been possible . Because it is in large part thanks to you that we are all gathered today to celebrate our marriage and to celebrate in the most beautiful way possible, our love . In the company of the people we love the most in the world.

So for all that, we want to say a sincere thank you.

And yet, it is very little in the face of all the gratitude that we feel . Faced with all the strength of the love we have for you. Indeed, all the thanks of the world will not know how to express to you the extent of our gratitude and our affection for you.

Mom, dad, step-mom, step- dad , we love you.

And we want, in a few words, to say in front of all our guests, our relatives, family and friends, how much you have invested in our wedding. If we are all gathered today, it is of course thanks to your blessing . But also and above all your support and help at all levels . Your support in this project, which is, as for all newlyweds, one of the happiest days of our life in the making.

We remember the day we announced our wish to get married . It’s been almost a year now. Your emotion, your unfeigned joy, your desire to be part of this adventure were a great source of happiness.

We enjoyed sharing with you over the months all the preparations.

Somehow our wedding was a real family adventure . It was a great joint project, the result of which we are seeing today. And so far, everything has lived up to our expectations . We could not have dreamed of better for the ceremonies, our dress and costume, the flowers, the decoration… And we are sure that the rest will be just as successful: the meal, the music and the surprises. Is not it ?!

We do not know if all parents invest so much in the marriage project of their children .

But one thing is certain, without you this wedding wouldn’t be so beautiful and wouldn’t have the same flavor.

Mom, mother-in-law, thank you for being there, with me, for the choice of my dress, my accessories. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, for sharing the fittings, hair and makeup tests. Thanks to you, and the other women in my life (sisters / cousins ​​/ friends), I really felt like a princess getting ready for the prom of her life. And even though I haven’t believed in fairy tales for a long time, I was happy to be able to immerse myself in them for the time of my own fairy tale, which has been coming to fruition since this morning.

Dad, step-dad, thank you for helping me choose the most fitting costume . But also the shoes, the color of my tie and my socks! Thanks to you, no lack of taste! And thank you for having discreetly guided me in the right choice of colors, and also for the bouquet, to be in harmony with the woman of my life, your daughter and daughter-in-law.

So one last time, thank you for making it all possible . For helping us achieve our dream while respecting our tastes and choices. In front of all the gathered guests, we want to give a special toast in your honor . And ask everyone to join us in giving you a big round of applause. We love you ! “

Wedding thank you speech from the bride and groom

Good evening everyone. Our families, our witnesses, our friends, our colleagues …

It is  moving  to have gathered  you before  us this evening for this occasion so dear to our hearts that is our marriage.

It was with  unfeigned pleasure  that we saw you all arrive, all so beautiful and elegant, all so classy and seductive . All so smiling, from the ceremony this afternoon.

We are so  lucky  to be living this special day with you. You all made the trip for us and we are  honored, touched, moved.  So already, first of all,  thank you  very much for your presence.

Yes to all thank you for  your friendship, your love, your congratulations ; Your tears and your smiles, your winks, your participation in our wedding. It goes straight to our hearts.

We were able to exchange hello and kiss, and even kisses, sometimes a few words before the ceremony . But it was too quick. Also, we are delighted to be able to take advantage of this evening, the aperitif, the dinner and the party that will follow to  spend time with each of you. Read more: Wedding thank you speech from the bride and groom

Examples of free wedding speeches from bride and groom to guests:

 Goodnight all,

We are very  happy  to be in front of you this evening to celebrate our wedding. Nothing is more important to us than being able to bring you all together for this special occasion.

Today we celebrated and formalized our love and you have all  witnessed our commitment.

Thank you very much for your  presence , it means a lot to us. Indeed, you must know that each and every one in your own way has  contributed  to making this marriage possible.

Accomplices of our  meeting , friends since always, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, close family, work colleagues, you have all served one day as  confidant ,  advisor , sometimes even  a go-between  ! You have followed our love story alongside the good and bad times, surprises, plans over time. Read more: Example of speech of the bride and groom to the guests

Free wedding speech examples from a mother / father / sister / brother of the groom

Free wedding speech examples from mother to daughter, bride

My darling / My big / My daughter…,

I adhere to the tradition of speech on the occasion of your wedding with great pleasure. Tonight, I am a proud and fulfilled mother at the idea of ​​seeing you on the serene path of your future which is taking shape in the most beautiful way.

If you only knew how happy I am for you ! You are beaming with happiness and there is nothing more beautiful for a mother than to see how her child is fulfilled.

You have found great love with {first name of the groom] . And you only have to see the way you lay eyes on him to know that you have met your soul mate . Your alter ego, the man who will make you happy, the man of your life. In any case, I wish you with all my heart . And I am moved to participate in your happiness and to be a privileged witness of your love.

For several years, I have seen you grow, mature, build yourself by his side. You introduced him to us first as your boyfriend, then your mate, then your fiancé. And tonight, here you are husband and wife. I had the chance to see your relationship build, solidify . Your projects will take shape little by little with the unwavering bond of your love always running through them.

When I look at you, I see this love for sure . But also a lot of benevolence, respect, complicity, support, sharing. A beautiful balance of souls and hearts.

I find you beautiful, together, and both separately of course . Not just because you’re my daughter, not just because you’re my son-in-law, and not just because I love you . But because you really are beautiful people, thanks to your inner beauty.

Yes when I observe you, I am proud to have participated, a little, on my scale, somewhere, in all of this. And I am grateful to life for having had a little girl like you, who became such a generous young woman, full of life and love for others.

I see you again little girl. And like all mothers I guess, I have a hard time tonight to realize that you are no longer just my little girl. Time flew by at lightning speed . The years have seen you go through all the stages of life with for each one, their initiation rites, their obstacles and their trials, which you have been able to overcome with flying colors.

Little girl, teenager, young girl and today young woman …

Daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, girlfriend, fiancee and now wife and stepdaughter!

You wonderfully fulfill all the roles that life gives you . And I know this is just the beginning, in all areas of your life . I have no doubts about your success, your successes, your future joys, your dreams that you will be able to make accessible.

Like many mothers, I could tell you that you still have a role to play, that of mother in your turn . And that of course it will fill me with joy, you can imagine. But all in good time . Go hand in hand at your own pace, without feeling invested with a mission that is not yours.

Your main concern must be your happiness as a couple, your love, your desires, your projects, your dreams to be realized.

And I make you the promise, my adored daughter, that I will always be there to accompany you, to encourage you, to support you in all that you will undertake.

And to finish, I want to renew to you again all my wishes of happiness and to assure you once again of my love, unwavering and unconditional. I wish you all the happiness in the world and I will always be there for you. I love you mom “.

Free mother’s wedding speech for her son

 My son,

It seems to me that I only closed my eyes for a moment and yet the little boy you were has already become a  man . You have grown too tall for me to cradle you in my arms. ais  you will forever and never against my heart.

You have given me countless reasons to be  proud of you  since you were born. 

And today, what makes me so proud is to see the man you have become. Generous, sincere, strong, respectful. But especially on this day, I am touched to see how much you are in love and how happy you are  .

Henri-Frédéric Amiel, writer of the 19 th  century, rightly said. “There is only maternal love which is capable of disinterestedness and which knows how to say: may my son be happy without me, and far from me, provided he is happy and enjoys life to the full. “

This is fully what I feel today. The pride of being your mother, of course, but above all the immeasurable joy of knowing you are happy. Read more here: Sample speech for my son’s wedding

Sample Free Wedding Speech for Her Sister’s Wedding:

Julie, my sister, my Juju,

We are all gathered here today, not without emotions, in honor of your marriage. I will never forget that day when you introduced us to Christian, this great athletic guy who came straight from the South of France! You kept praising me for his athletic abilities… And for his adventurous spirit, literally capable of climbing the highest mountains… You knew that would speak to me immediately and that he would have everything to please me!  But what above all more and marked me the first time that you presented it to us, it is this look. That look you were exchanging. This mixture of true love, tenderness, and respect, this pure chemistry that there was between you two. You two clearly weren’t faking it, and it showed! From then on, I no longer had any concerns about your common future! Read more: Sample speech for my sister’s wedding

Sample Free Wedding Speech for Brother’s Wedding:

My brother, my bro ‘,

It is with great emotion that we are all gathered in honor of your wedding. I will always remember the day you introduced us to Elise, and those who succeeded, when you only spoke to me about her. I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were meant to be together. A true love, pure, without pretense. I knew that your two hands would shake and that the path that remained for you to travel would be done with her, for my greatest happiness.

Math, you and I, we went through many trials, not always easy being two brothers: we had jealousy crises, we often fought when we were children and I laugh a lot today . But above all, what floats in my memory is the image of a loving brother, always present, in good times as in bad times. Read more: Speech for my brother’s wedding

Free wedding speech examples for groom’s witnesses and / or friends

Wedding speech from a friend of the groom:

”  My buddy / My friend / {His first name},

When I accepted to be your witness for what was to become one of the happiest days of your life, I knew very well that I could not escape the exercise of speaking in front of all the guests. What wouldn’t I do for you, my friend, my best friend for so many years!

Jokes aside, I’m more than honored to take on this role today . And I wanted to thank you, thank you and {first name of the bride}. Sincerely, with all my heart, I am very touched to take on this role today . I also hope that I will live up to the end of the festivities, this weekend full of emotions and joy which is dedicated to you!

It is therefore a great joy for me to continue my role as a witness this evening.

After making sure your costume fits you like a glove . That your future wife would have a beautiful bouquet . And that the alliances were well wedged in my pocket, here I am for a few minutes in a new role . That of speaker in your honor, in your honor!

Thank you for trusting me enough to let me say these few words to you in front of the people you love . Your families, your friends, your colleagues. All these people that I’m a part of that’s gathered together tonight for one reason . Celebrate your love and wish you all the best in the world for years to come.

I’m proud to be a kind of spokesperson for all your friends . To represent our bond more than friendly, I would say rather fraternal.

You know, for years, you’ve been more than a buddy, a friend, a friend . You have become like a brother to me. The years have seen our friendship pass and grow stronger . And I say it loud and clear in front of all the people you love and who love you tonight, you are my heart brother.

In my opinion, blood ties aren’t the only ones that decide how much you care for people . Those of the heart are in my opinion just as strong, if not moreover sometimes. And in our case, I have no doubt about the strength of our friendship . And I know it will last for the rest of our lives.

I’m a witness to the groom tonight, I’m a witness to your wedding . But I am also a witness of your love and your happiness since its beginnings.

Indeed, I wanted to tell you, I wanted to tell you both that it has been several years now that I can, in my soul and conscience, and with the strength of our shared friendship, testify to the sincerity of the bond that unites you. Your love for each other, your unfailing complicity, your complementarity, your sincerity . So many things that I see settling and strengthening since the first day of your meeting and which has only grown over time.

That we are all there tonight around you to celebrate your wedding is only the logical continuation of all this love that you share from the beginning.

What more beautiful proof of love than to unite you?

I saw you, in contact with {first name of the bride}, evolve, grow, mature, blossom. You were already one of those men who have real, family and friendly values. And you already knew what you wanted to do with your life, to be happy but bringing happiness to others. By falling in love, you proved that you also applied these values ​​in love. You have not lost anything of your authenticity, of your fidelity, on the contrary. Your commitment to love has only reinforced your already well-anchored values . And our friendship has never suffered from your new life as a couple.

Tonight I am your friend, but also your witness, the witness of your love .

And I would like to thank you both once again for the trust you have placed in me by giving me this role for the happiest day of your life. I hope to have been worthy of it, in any case I am very touched and very proud of it.

I believe I am not mistaken this evening in expressing, on behalf of all, the emotion which invades us in front of your love and your happiness. I am happy to be one of the spokespersons chosen to say thank you . Congratulations and send you our best wishes . So my friend, I tell you once again how proud I am of you . And to both of you, newlyweds, I wish you, as one famous singer said, “endless dreams and the furious desire to make a few come true”. Be happy ! “

Example of speech for a wedding when you are a witness:

A few months ago, Maud asked me to be a witness at her wedding. No need to tell you about my reaction and the joy I felt. I am very touched and very proud to be here today and to add a new stone to the building of our friendship. I am happy today to be a privileged witness of the union of Maud and Julien. I have already seen them madly in love with each other for eight years and their communicative happiness is beautiful to admire.

A long life together awaits you and I know that it will be beautiful and respectful.

I was present the day you met, I am here the day of your wedding and I fully intend to stay by your side. Your couple is a model of harmony and joie de vivre and I sincerely wish you that this lasts forever. Read more : Example of free speech for a wedding when you are a witness

Free speech for a friend’s wedding:

It is with great  emotion  that I am preparing to read this text for you, my darling, and for the one you have chosen as your husband. We always say that time flies at breakneck speed. This is so true when I look at you so beautiful in t a  wedding dress  today.

I have the impression that our  meeting  dates from yesterday. I see you again with your shy little teenage face! I immediately had this desire to “take you under my wing” and protect you. Our  friendship  was born from a common passion, a passion that I wanted to pass on to you and that I enriched with you and also thanks to you.

Our friendship has known, for all these years,  wonderful moments  but also crises from which we had to recover! And I am  happy  to see that we have succeeded in meeting this  challenge . We may have more complicated times, but I know that the friendship we have is  sincere  and will always triumph over the rest. Read more: Free speech for a friend’s wedding

Sample Free Wedding Speech from Groom’s Best Friend:

There it is, we are there. This situation imagined many times, dreamed of many times… Your wedding! And not just any that no; your union with Clémence, a magnificent woman and courageous enough to hope to be able to support you for years! Did I not predict it to you?

In vain I told you that despite your desires to live as a lone wolf, you would end up finding the woman who will know how to soften your heart as a hardened bachelor, you refused to believe me! Besides, I hope you remember our bet at the time… Because I won it. But I should rather say that we both came out on top! Read more: Sample Free Wedding Speech from Groom’s Best Friend:

Inspirational speech from the wedding witness:

I am  proud ,  happy  and  honored  to play this role on this special day for both of you. Being a witness of your union, of your marriage makes me a  privileged one . I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this  responsibility , this place, this honor.

Yes, it’s all that at the same time, being a witness at your wedding. Obviously I’m not going to hide from you the stress that this may have created. Which dress to choose, which hairstyle? Would I know when to sit down, when to get up, where to sign? Be smiling in the photos, not blush?

And for this speech, to have the  right words  and not to stammer?

But above all, will I be up to this mission that you entrusted to me for the most beautiful day of your life? Could I be the  exemplary witness, present, reassuring  ? Read more: Inspirational speech from the wedding witness:

Examples of free wedding vows from the bride and groom:

Touching bride and groom wedding greeting template

My love,

This Wednesday, February 2, 2011, I knew you would be the man of my life. When our eyes met on this winter morning, my heart started to beat a little too hard, and I understood. Since that day, my happiness is perfect, I wake up every morning, satisfied to have found my other half. Meeting you it’s like I’ve fixed everything that was wonky about me, it’s like your heart has merged with mine to beat in unison, like you are the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. my soul. This is why I speak of “soul mate”, if some do not believe it, I would answer them that I am a rational woman and that I believe only what I see, and I saw it. Read more: Moving wedding vows template

Free example of marriage vows from a woman to her husband:

The love of my life,

I could have been satisfied with  the official  “yes I want it”  to prove to you the love  I have for you and the commitment  that I make by your side today. But you know me and you know it’s not my type to stay in a frozen box. It’s not that I like to think outside the box, it’s just that  the feelings I’ve had for you for years  are worth so much more than just a formal yes, spoken quickly.

Do I want to become your wife? The answer is yes, you just heard it a short while ago.

Do I want to spend the rest of my life by your side? Also yes .

Because being with you, for me is synonymous with the following beautiful list:  dream , smile, cry, laugh,  vibrate , have fun, create,  travel , talk to you, listen to you, kiss you, look at yourself, you to caress,  to cuddle us,  to support you,  to console me,  to comfort you, to stimulate us ,  to love us. Read more: Marriage vows from a woman to her husband

Original wedding vows that everyone will remember

6 years. 2190 days. 52560 hours. This is the time we have spent together until today. And yet I have the impression that it was yesterday. I close my eyes and I see you again, hesitating, come and talk to me with your charming smile. I see myself, trembling with joy at the thought of pleasing you. Because if many think that  love at first sight  only exists in  love movies  or romance novels, I can assure you, having lived it, that if love at first sight does exist. well. Suspended time, this moment out of time, this invisible magic, this electric thrill that runs through us from the toes to the back of our necks… I have lived it thanks to you my love.

And since then, my love for you has never stopped growing.

I would like to thank you for being the man that you are. Thank you for loving me so much and making me laugh so much. Every day, it’s like I fall in love with you again. I love you all the time and for everything . Read more: Original wedding vows that everyone will remember

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