Father of the bride wedding speech filled with emotions

Father of the bride wedding speech filled with emotions

”  My daughter, my darling,

First of all, my congratulations to both of you , the newlyweds on this day which is yours!

I don’t teach you anything by telling you that I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, so you won’t be surprised to know that this exercise is not the one where I feel the best. It is not for nothing, and you know it, that I admire so much your talent to always find the words necessary to describe the good feeling or express the good emotion.

However, if, for my part, I express myself better with my hands in grease or paint, it was fundamentally important to me to say these few words to you on this very important day which is your wedding day.

From the day you were born, you have made me a fulfilled father, a proud and happy dad.

You so small in my arms, I who felt so awkward and then in the end, this obviousness, this unwavering bond and this joy with your mother to build our family.

Among the important moments in a man’s life and the essential and happiest memories, the arrival of a child is at the top.

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech: Words from a Happy Dad

Year after year, I have watched you grow in all stages of your life. Baby, little girl, teenager, young girl and today young woman.

I tried to accompany you as best I could with your mother in your learning and your experiences, in your choices and your projects. And I hope with all my heart that I have succeeded in bringing you my help, my support and my strength so that you build your way.

Regarding your qualities and values, I have no doubts and I am proud to see the young woman that you have become. Open-minded, caring, intelligent, compassionate. But also determined and resilient, you never gave up. Always happy, you have always been the ray of sunshine in our house. House in which there is a void on certain days now that you are no longer there … The daddy that I am looks like you are close to perfection!

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Father of the bride wedding speech to pay tribute to the newlyweds

Now you are indeed a woman. Since  (first name of the groom)  entered your life, you have taken off and you are beaming with happiness. I am very happy for you and I trust you, in him, in you. I know you will take care of each other. 

So yes, here we are, it’s official today, you left our home for good to found your own with the chosen one of your heart, your husband. It is a natural step although it often leaves a twinge in the hearts of parents. But we do not make children to keep them for ourselves and at home indefinitely. No, we raise them and we help them to build themselves so that they then have the tools and the strength to build their own life outside the parental home.

May they become who they really are and follow their own path in life.

It is a great pleasure to see you blossom for several years alongside (first name of the groom ), to know that you have found the one made to watch over you, with whom to share your joys and your sorrows. The two of you have indeed found each other. Two lovers, who ask only to transform their dreams into a sweet reality.

I wish you a long life together, happy and full of love. Know that you will always find me by your side to help and support you.

Do not doubt it my beloved daughter, I will always be there for you.

 And to you, (first name of the groom ), I entrust to you my wonderful daughter, one of my reasons for living, what I have most precious, take great care of her.

My daughter, I love you very much!

To all of you gathered here, I suggest that we raise our glasses to toast the bride and groom.

All my best wishes of love and happiness to the newlyweds! “

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