Example of witness wishes for a wedding

Example of witness wishes for a wedding

The ideal speech

There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

I attended a wonderful secular wedding this year. The witnesses chose to read the wishes of January 1, 1968 from Jacques Brel. I found the choice sublime!

I wish you endless dreams and the furious desire to make a few come true. I wish you to love what to love and forget what to forget. I wish you passions, I wish you silences. I wish you bird songs when you wake up and children’s laughter. I wish you to respect the differences of others, because the merit and the worth of each one are often to be discovered. I wish you to resist the stagnation, indifference and negative virtues of our time. Finally, I wish you never to give up research, adventure, life, love, because life is a magnificent adventure and no reasonable person should give it up without waging a hard battle. Above all, I wish you to be yourself, proud of it and happy, because happiness is our true destiny.

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