Example of speech for a wedding when you are a witness

Example of speech for a wedding when you are a witness

A few months ago, Maud asked me to be a witness at her wedding. No need to tell you about my reaction and the joy I felt. I am very touched and very proud to be here today and to add a new stone to the building of our friendship. I am happy today to be a privileged witness of the union of Maud and Julien. I have already seen them madly in love with each other for eight years and their communicative happiness is beautiful to admire.

A long life together awaits you and I know that it will be beautiful and respectful.

I was present the day you met, I am here the day of your wedding and I fully intend to stay by your side. Your couple is a model of harmony and joie de vivre and I sincerely wish you that this lasts forever.

Today, Maud, Julien, you promise each other. I promise you my unwavering support and my deepest friendship.

Stay as you are, do not change, continue to combine your strengths and weaknesses as you do so well, know how to make faults in the other, formidable qualities, maintain the balance that unites you.

I am going to read you an excerpt from the first letter of Saint Paul, the Apostle, to the Corinthians:

“Love takes patience,
love is of service,
love does not jealous,
it does not boast,
does not swell with pride,
it does not do anything dishonest,
it does not seek its interest,
it does not
he does not get carried away, he does not hold grudges,
he does not rejoice in what is wrong
but he finds joy in what is true,
he endures everything,
he trusts everything,
he hopes for everything, he endures all
love will never pass away. “

This verse takes on its full meaning when we see you side by side.

Love is great, love is strong, but you have to know how to maintain it and take care of it. And for that, I trust you! I wish you all the happiness in the world !

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