A moving 50 years wedding anniversary speech

A moving 50 years wedding anniversary speech


How to forget this date? June 10, 1966, where our moved eyes were already saying “yes” without having to utter a word, where our destinies were linked, where this alliance symbolized our love … this date which has become historic for my mind and magical for my heart .

50 years old, do you realize how quickly time flies? 50 years that our hearts beat harmoniously. Today, we are a little older, a few wrinkles on our faces and our hearts have come to be witnesses of our life, we are also a little wiser and still just as in love. Our hands have never parted, we have been through thunderstorms, we have overcome difficult trials, life has not always been rosy. No, we didn’t live a fairy tale, nothing was smooth or perfect. But always, there was love, laughter, long moments to discuss, long quiet moments to read each in our armchair. We have created a wonderful family of which I am most proud today.

After 50 years of marriage, I look back and tell myself that I wouldn’t change anything, absolutely nothing if I had the chance to go back to the past. Each difficulty proved to us that the strength of marital and family love surpassed everything. Each argument, has built us, taught us. All was not rosy but I lived by your side a multicolored life, you made me happy every day, you made of me a fulfilled wife.

Tin Wedding, Porcelain Wedding, Pearl Wedding, Emerald Wedding… Here we are at the Golden Wedding and I believe in us for the Diamond Wedding! I toast my wonderful husband and wish us both many more years of love!

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