What to do when you are sad? Here’s how to get better

What to do when you are sad? Here’s how to get better

The reasons for your sadness

Before knowing what to do to get better, you must already understand and analyze the source (s) of your sadness. Finding out what affects you in order to understand the reasons that make you sad is the basis of an essential process for knowing how to stop being sad.

To do this, asking the right questions helps to see more clearly:

  • Why am I sad? Why am I feeling sad?
  • What hurts me, disappoints me, anguishes me?
  • Is it a feeling of frustration, disappointment, betrayal, shame, guilt or a confused feeling?

Why am i sad

Grieving, facing a breakup, getting sick, worrying about a loved one, facing a failure, a fear or a phobia are normal sources of sadness.

But sometimes  you will have a harder time understanding the reasons for your soul wave.  This is because when there is an accumulation of reasons that make you sad, things get mixed up in your mind and get confused. You then come to no longer know how to untie the thread of your thoughts and your emotions, to confuse the causes and the consequences of your sadness. This is when you have to know how to put things in perspective and take a step back. This will help you find the source of your sadness , and you can put things in place to make yourself feel better.

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What to do when you are sad? Here’s how to get better

# 1 Express your emotions to release them

When we are sad, we often mistakenly think that crying is an unnecessary weakness that only makes our condition worse. It is not the reality, on the contrary. It is important to give yourself time to cry. Like any negative emotion, like anger or fear, sadness needs to be felt, experienced and then released. Let it live as long as necessary to free you from it. If you stop yourself from crying, you are going to block all of that sadness within you and you will never be relieved. By dint of keeping our emotions to ourselves, we let them take up all the space, nibble on the positive things and make us sick, and this sometimes in the literal as well as figurative sense.

Also, while it may sound contradictory, crying can actually make you feel a lot better . Instead of suppressing your feelings, take the time to let it all slip away. By allowing yourself to feel the pain, you will feel soothed and serene much more quickly. It will improve your mood, also remove stress hormones, and you will feel better.

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# 2 be kind to yourself

Sadness prevents you from doing anything that involves too much concentration or effort, this is completely normal. It is an emotion that takes a lot of energy and is exhausting, both physically and emotionally . So as not to add guilt to your sadness by hurting everyday things, or unnecessary suffering by forcing yourself, allow yourself some time to rest. Kindness to yourself is essential.

So don’t beat yourself up , let go and accept being for a few hours or a few days, unfit to do what is expected of you. You need to create a moment of calm for yourself to let your emotions run free and put a little softness on your sadness. For this you can watch your favorite series or a funny movie, read a good book, or go for a walk in nature. Remember, there are plenty of things to do when you’re depressed !

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# 3 Connect with nature

We do not realize enough that the nature around us is a remedy for many things, and in particular negative emotions, episodes of depression, questioning …

Moreover, sadness is often a side effect of too much time spent indoors, felt like being locked up. Getting fresh air is a necessity as much for the body as for the mind, you have to ventilate your soul to drive out negative emotions.

And for that, nature is an adequate response. It can help you forget about sad thoughts by shifting your focus to the beauty of the present moment. Most importantly, the effects of nature on your well-being and health are real. Because it has the unique ability to help you get in touch more with your true self. By calming you down, it helps ease your sadness.

When we are sad, we have a strong feeling of loneliness. It is as if we were alone in the world. That is why, at such times, it is good to remember that we are connected to something much bigger than ourselves . Go for a walk in the fresh air, take the time to breathe well, to hear the sounds of nature, to look at the landscape, to look up to the sky, the sun, the moon or the stars. All this will give you the feeling of belonging to the world and to take a second breath. It’s like a soothing balm that lands directly on your sadness.

# 4 practice gratitude

Whenever you feel sad, you focus on the negative aspects of your life. Sadness sends you back to all that is wrong , all of the issues that you are facing. It is therefore important to get out of this vicious circle so as not to fall into a downward spiral.

Cultivating gratitude can bring about real change in you. This will not only help you redirect your attention to the more positive aspects of your life, but also remind you that things are not that bad. Gratitude indeed helps to relativize one’s negative emotions and to refocus on oneself, its essentials and its sources of joy.

When you are sad, a grateful attitude is essential because it brings hope and that, whenever you are faced with it. Gratitude can therefore help you experience more positive emotions, which will help you feel much happier. For example, you can keep a gratitude journal in which you write down everything you are grateful for. It’s a good way to start. You can also practice positive affirmations so that each episode of sadness becomes easier to accept and shorter to live with.  

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What to do when you are sad? 3 other tips

# 5 meditate mindfully

The benefits of meditation are really real and with all the scientific studies being done, its benefits are well established . Yes, it takes time until you learn to concentrate properly. But the initial effort is worth it, because the results are quickly observable.

One thing is for sure: meditation increases your happiness . The researchers found that meditation had a positive influence on the functioning of the brain, which could lead to an increase in positive emotions. And therefore help to roll back negative emotions. Not by preventing them from being, but by learning to deal with them and letting them go faster.

Meditating regularly will therefore help you overcome an episode of sadness or depression . In doing so, it will help you, over time, to become a much more peaceful and peaceful person.

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# 6 Write down how you feel

Writing has therapeutic virtues that are no longer to be proven, such as meditation. If gratitude prompts you to write down the things for which you are grateful; here it is a question of approaching the written word from another angle.

Writing your feelings down on paper can indeed be a rewarding and liberating experience. Expressing your feelings this way can really help you let go. Moreover, it can even help to better understand the reasons for your sadness. That said, writing down your emotions and feelings is a thinking exercise, but it doesn’t have to be an effort. The point is to let your emotions run free, without thinking about what you are going to write.

It is a form of intuitive writing, which frees you . At the moment, you might even cry while you’re writing. You will feel released afterwards, relieved of a burden, that of your sadness. Don’t hesitate to keep a journal. It will help you record your feelings, which helps you understand them better and live them better.

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 # 7 focus on the positive

The real source of happiness is within oneself in the sense that no one should make us happy for us. Easier said than done, yet it is a reality. You are responsible for your happiness and for that you have to love yourself, take care of yourself, but also when sadness falls on you, tell yourself that you are the solution. Of course, relatives are there for that too. You can call your best friend, tell your spouse, your parents. It even has to. But above all, never forget that the real source of your well-being is within you.

When we are sad we see everything in black as if we have a cloud over our head. So, focus on the positive that is around you, in your life. Even if it seems difficult at the time, there are things that can help you smile again. Sources of distraction, joy, pride that will make you forget your sadness.

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