What to do when you are depressed 10 things to do absolutely

What to do when you are depressed 10 things to do absolutely

What to do when you are depressed

How to recognize the depression?

Depression is a temporary psychological state characterized by a decline in morale , tone and by temporary sadness.

Often called ”  the blues  ,” ”  spleen  ” or ”  cockroach suddenly  “, depression is accompanied by irritability, anxiety, insomnia or conversely a need for sleep and loss self-confidence. It usually lasts a few days, if it exceeds a few weeks then it turns into a more severe disorder, depression.

What are the causes of depression?

The depression has several origins:

  • An imbalance in brain chemistry when the production of serotonin or dopamine decreases, affecting the regulation of mood.
  • Sentimental, financial, family or professional factors may be involved.
  • A return from vacation can also promote depression because it is synonymous with returning to its responsibilities and its problems.
  • During the transition to autumn, a blast can be felt due to the lack of light.
  • In pessimistic people, depression can set in easily and repeat itself.  

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What to do when you are depressed

# 1 Be kind to yourself

With the depression often comes boredom, to get out of it you can change your routine, you allow the right not to do what upsets you. There’s no point in forcing things when you feel like you can’t do it. In case of depression, remember to respect your desires. Above all, accept yourself as you are. To stop being depressed, stop envying or comparing yourself to others.

To become aware of this, you can do this exercise:

  1. Write down your 5 greatest qualities
  2. 3 things you did that make you proud
  3. Why you deserve to be happy

With this positive attitude and by accepting yourself for who you are, you will find that everything will become easier.

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# 2 Practice positive thinking

Ruminating over bad things over and over and harboring negative thoughts over and over again lowers your morale and causes depression. To get out of this vicious cycle, you have to practice positive thinking and think of the best that is yet to come. For that, we must cultivate optimism . At the start, it’s a real intellectual exercise (you have to “force” yourself a little to find positive arguments and repeat them like mantras) then, little by little, it becomes natural.

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# 3 What to do when you’re depressed? Don’t neglect yourself

When you are depressed, you get up late, you forget to wash yourself, you don’t eat or you snack on anything all day long, you don’t want to go out … It is important, even when the heart is not there, to continue to take care of oneself to maintain a good self-esteem. Indeed, the body and the brain work together, so neither should be neglected . So for example, take the time to stretch, relax or meditate, put softness and kindness in your daily life.

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# 4 What to do when you’re depressed? Do personal development exercises

Here are several examples of personal development exercises that will help you gradually get out of this state of depression.

1. Write down what is a burden and weighs you psychologically on a sheet of paper. Then burn the leaf and watch it burn away. Imagine that your worries are gone and that weight is gone from your shoulders.

2. Prepare a montage like a vision board from photos and pictures that make you feel good. Complete it and watch it often.

3. Declutter, tidy up and redecorate your home to create a more peaceful space and a more zen atmosphere.

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# 5 find sources of laughter

We are not going to lie to each other, when we are depressed, it is easy to let go. It’s tempting to feed your blues by playing sad music or watching movies that make you cry. But that’s not the way to get morale up and out of it. Instead, prefer soft music to relax or, on the contrary, rhythmic music to get you going . Likewise for movies, think of comedies or action movies . And if you can, do something that relaxes you, an activity that you enjoy, or go out for some fresh air : anything is good to get out of the blues and loneliness.

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# 6 What to do when you’re depressed? Living in the moment

It is one of the foundations of positive psychology and “mindfulness” meditation methods, which have been proven to prevent relapse into depression. Indeed, the human mind is often distracted by memories or anticipations instead of focusing on the present moment, with the consequence of not fully enjoying the moments of pleasure. Focusing on the sensations of the moment, letting go, is essential. It is best in nature, but you can also do it in front of a beautiful picture or while listening to beautiful music.

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# 7 Release your emotions when you’re depressed

Fear, anger, frustration, boredom, sadness, guilt … This flood of so-called negative emotions, because they are painful or painful, is natural in this period of depression. These reactions are meant to alert you and teach you how to protect yourself, so they are inevitable and useful. Problems can appear when we try to resist or stifle them: we fight against ourselves. The key word is acceptance, vis-à-vis your emotions and the situation you are going through.Letting these moods come, welcoming them as a part of oneself makes them less painful and less lasting. The idea is to receive these messages as signals, and then decide on the responses to give them. This avoids the vicious circle of distress which leads to ruminations which in turn reinforce the distress.

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# 8 Surround yourself with positive people

When you’re depressed, you tend to withdraw into yourself. We no longer want to talk to people, we even sometimes feel ashamed of feeling bad, and we tell ourselves that if we talk to someone, we will disturb. So you end up moping alone and when you have to be in front of others, you pretend everything is fine . It just makes things worse.

Hanging out with happy and caring people to attract joy and empathy is important in general and even more so in times of depression. Above all, sort out your relationships to end toxic ones. Indeed, life is too short to spend your time giving without ever receiving anything in return. Keep in touch, don’t stay alone, locked between four walls. Try to socialize, interact and fill your days with constructive activities that appeal to you.

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# 9 What to do when you’re depressed? Confide in your problems

We all need a caring person who listens to us when we are down. Talking is putting your emotions into words, it allows you to analyze what is causing your problem, and it gives you the opportunity to receive advice from people you trust. In any case, talking can only help to get better. It is the fact of shutting yourself in your silence and keeping everything to yourself that is sometimes heavy to bear. Confide in a loved one, it can only help you get better. If you don’t have anyone to talk to or are afraid to open up, you can keep a journal or go see a professional.

Either way, don’t lie about your state of mind, say it’s difficult right now and you need help . Talk about your problem, yes, but to find solutions. The point is not to indulge yourself in this way or to find someone who will confirm that you are right to be depressed, but to seek solutions. Otherwise talk about positive things.

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# 10 practice light therapy

To feel better in the event of depression, there is also daylight . The days that get shorter in the fall can be responsible for lower morale, which can even turn into a true  seasonal depression . This is physiological: the drop in light disrupts the secretion of melatonin. You can buy specific lamps to take your daily dose of light. But even if you do your light therapy sessions, remember to take advantage of every ray of the sun when the weather is nice: go out in the garden, on the balcony or go for a walk whenever the weather permits. Thus, your morale will be in good shape and you will come out of this depressing episode.

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