We don’t meet anyone by chance: the 7 types of encounters in our life

We don’t meet anyone by chance: the 7 types of encounters in our life

We don’t meet anyone by chance: the 7 types of encounters in our life

During our existence, multiple people cross our course of life. And some of them become important encounters. They bring us something: a message, a lesson, an aid in our reflection or our construction . It is through this that we advance on our personal journey. If nothing, or rather nobody happens by chance in our life, certain encounters can be harmful or generate a real questioning. Why ? Know that there is always a specific reason for each meeting, whatever its nature and that the Universe sends us people who have something to teach us about ourselves , in order to allow us to move forward.

Paulo Coelho wrote: “There is no coincidence in meetings. The most important encounters have been prepared by souls long before bodies see each other. “

Can we thus speak of soul mates  ? Evoke the notion of twin flames  ? Does this mean that everything is written or that we remain masters of our destiny, of our life? We have our free will, but it is obvious that we attract people to us according to the energies we send. This is the principle of the law of attraction . At a given moment, we live an experience, a phase of our life which will define the relationships which we will maintain. Among them, certain meetings are essential, sometimes even decisive because they allow us to find answers, to deliver us a message, to teach us a lesson, to jostle us, to guide us, to accompany us.To each person, each meeting, their mission, their role with us.

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We don’t meet anyone by chance: what is an important meeting?

Depending on the phase of life in which we find ourselves, the needs and expectations are necessarily different. An interesting meeting can therefore take various forms depending on our state of mind at the time. Nevertheless, we can consider that a meeting becomes important when one invests an intimate part of oneself in it . For this, different conditions must be met: a shared desire to go out to meet the other, sufficient availability to live this meeting and also the will to trust the other.

Going to meet someone else is accepting to dive into the unknown.

Most often, we ignore the reasons that lead us to want to know a person more in depth. It starts from a common interest, from a familiarity. It is over time and by creating a certain intimacy that we realize the connection that is made. A meeting can become full of meaning when the echo it elicits refers to realities that are partially invisible but essential for oneself.

The connections that arise from our encounters are never the result of chance, they are always meant to teach us something, even when they are painful.

These are people whose goal is to show us certain things to help us in our personal development. We all learn from each other whether we are aware of it or not.

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We don’t meet anyone by chance: the 7 types of encounters in our life

1. Positive and hopeful encounters

These are the people who make a brief appearance in our lives when we need them most. They give us hope , joy in life , confidence in ourselves and in life thanks to their enthusiasm and positivity . By their smile, their presence or just a few comforting words, we feel less alone. They give us hope when we need it deeply, they breathe new life into our lives.

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2. Meetings that are life lessons

These meetings are intended to teach us life lessons, often in the field of love. This is the person or people we have loved and who leave breaking our hearts. But it can also be family or friendship betrayal. As painful as these encounters are, the lessons that accompany them are essential to our evolution, because they are intended to wake us up, to raise our consciousness. The lessons to be learned can only be given through these people who are sometimes harmful or toxic to our balance. It is a tough test to overcome, but for a specific purpose. That of activating our spiritual growth and our resilience. The Universe thus evaluates our strength and our resistance, it reveals its game to us in order to allow us to become aware of it.

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3. Meetings that bring us a message

These people come to remind us of something important that we have not wanted or been able to see until then. These are click meetings, which make us realize that we are on the wrong path. Generally, they are only passing through because their mission is to make us aware of certain things and to help us understand them. They usually happen during a period of disorientation . Unconsciously, they help us find our way back and put our ideas back in place. They remind us who we are and help us remember our goals and (re) find our way and our life mission.

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4. The encounters that jostle us

These meetings are made to push us to our limits. If they have the same goal as the previous ones, namely to make us aware of our error, on the other hand they happen in a more brutal way . These are the people who will push us around, make us know the discomfort, the doubt. We must not forget that we will not always have pleasant encounters. Sometimes some people come to show us things as they are, even though that can be violent. At the time, we would prefer never to have met them. However, such an experience is essential for our evolution, because it is in difficult times that we discover our greatest strength.

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We don’t meet anyone by chance: the 3 other types of encounters in our life

5. Meetings-guides

Certain meetings are there to make us grow and guide us . This can be the case when we meet someone who has sufficient perspective on their own life and existence in general. It could be an older person, a person who went through a heavy ordeal but came out stronger, or a person who is used to listening to themselves, analyzing themselves and themselves. try to understand how it works and those of others.

are profiles of people, although rare, have the advantage of providing a distanced vision and thoughtful human functioning in general and ours in particular …  These people are like wise , the faculty of the soul , equipped with ‘strong empathy and sensitivity . They come to help us become better versions of ourselves. They are there when we need a guide to better understand who we are.

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6. Reciprocal and benevolent encounters

This connection is well known to all, it concerns the people we meet and with whom we create a reciprocal bond. They welcome us and reserve a place for us in their lives. Friends, colleagues, family members. However, the bond of intimacy will not be total, even if they are people with whom we can relax, recharge our batteries. These moments in their company are essential to our well-being, they help us to have a good time, to let go, and to regain self-confidence. It is in a way our second social circle , with which we create a real bond, but without sharing everything and without fully opening the door to our emotional intimacy.

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7. The pillar meetings because we do not meet anyone by chance …

These people are rare and precious, this is our first and most important circle. They are like our soul mates and can appear in any form – friend, partner, family member, colleague, when we need them most. Once in our life, they stay forever. They share our dreams, our ideas, our values ​​and our outlook on life. They help us grow, with them we learn better and faster. These people come directly into our privacy, because they are a reflection of ourselves. These are the pillars of our life, which will always remain by our side. Our bond with them will be indescribable, but if we have to try to qualify it, we can say that it is a sincere, benevolent, reciprocal, powerful and timeless bond.

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