Top 10 limiting beliefs

Top 10 limiting beliefs

What is a limiting belief?

Belief is believing that something is possible. It is limiting when it convinces us that the slightest change is impossible. It’s a Manichean view of things: it’s good or bad, true or false, too early or too late, too dangerous, etc. It comes to us from what we have learned, from our past, from our education, from our experiences.

Believing in them is something innate, we cultivate this vision of things in an almost unconscious way, because these limiting beliefs are anchored in us, like a heritage . We believe in them because they represent a form of security , of a comfort zone , of protection . To get out of it is to take the risk of suffering, of losing what we have.  

How is she born?

From a young age, our belief system is put in place by family heritage, by education, the inculcated values, then by the environment, the entourage, the professional world and finally our personality is built according to all this. . We have heard these typical sentences, these negative thoughts so much that they resonate like real mantras and prevent us from thinking otherwise.

A quote from Buddha rightly says on this subject “We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our ideas, we build our world. “

It is our beliefs that define our thought pattern, our actions and therefore our life. Cultivating limiting beliefs means creating blockages for yourself and preventing yourself from experiencing your own development. Behind belief hides a fear for oneself and the more time passes, the more we nurture it by locking it in as the only possible option. These thoughts condition existence and are then brakes to success, love, luck, change.

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How do we become aware of our limiting beliefs?

In a very concrete way, we maintain these beliefs through tics of language, negations, negative thoughts, the development of fears, sometimes even phobias . So for every situation that brings about a change, a person subject to their limiting beliefs will see it as a risk or danger first, and not an opportunity or a chance.

She will be stuck , reluctant , unable to make a change. The stranger scares his people who cannot get out of their comfort zone. The reason is simple, they feed their limiting beliefs rather than destroy them.  

Top 10 limiting beliefs: d are concrete examples

  •  ”  Yes, but  “: inhibiting often hides a limiting believer who locks the person in a straitjacket that she creates for herself, because this reassures her.
  • ”  I am not capable of  “: whereas in fact we must distinguish between “to be capable of”, which engages the value of the person, and “to have the capacities of”.
  • ”  I am like the others see me  “: is it not possible to love and accept yourself without the approval of others?

And we note negative sentences on all subjects, as if we do not deserve to be happy, saying too much or not enough, depending on whether we are talking about professional or personal life.

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Top 10 Very Common Limiting Beliefs

  1. “Happiness is not for me. “
  2. “I am too much or not enough … for …”
  3. “In my family we (are not) …”
  4. “I don’t deserve to …”
  5. ” I will never make it. “
  6. “All women are … all men are …”
  7. “I suck, without talent …”
  8. “It’s my fate to miss / fail / stay there / be alone…”
  9. “You can’t trust anyone. “
  10. “Luck only happens to others. “

Transform your limiting beliefs

The first step is to become aware of your limiting belief (s). To do this, you have to ask yourself:

  • This situation prevents me from HAVING, DOING and BEING what?
  • If I dared to do what I want, what would be the biggest risk taken?
  •  If that happened, would it be that bad? Can I not find a solution to my problem?
  • Would I necessarily be judged by others?

Once the belief is found, make other decisions and stop nurturing it. List your limiting beliefs, rate out of 10 how much you believe in them.

Then find a contrary belief. This new positive belief will give you energy, motivation and keep you going.

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Top 10 limiting beliefs

# 1 It’s too late to chase my dreams

Age is not a real limiting factor in most cases. It is your belief that is a limiting factor . Forget the criteria of the company that imposes its definition of success. You don’t need to have been on a straightforward course in your life to make a change. Create your own path and make it happen.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “It’s never too late to start something. What is important is that I have to act now. ”
  • “Age is just a number. My current age does not determine what I can still do with my life.

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# 2 I must act according to the eyes of others

People will always judge others, no matter what. You can never make everyone happy , because everyone is different. And if everyone is different, then why try to please everyone? Your life should not be determined by others. You will be much more fulfilled and in phase with yourself by remaining yourself  !

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “It is not my responsibility to please others in life.”
  • “I am me, I am unique, we are all.”

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# 3 To love is necessarily to suffer

If I give my love, I’ll be heartbroken. To find true love, you have  to allow yourself to be vulnerable, that’s right . You can be hurt, it is part of the quest for love, it is a risk inherent in love but not obligatory, and above all it does not define what love is. Avoiding loving so as not to be hurt will only lead to a life without love.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “It is by opening my heart that I will attract the right person to love in my life.”
  • “Breakups help me learn more about myself and about love.”

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# 4 There are too many risks in living my dream

The fear of failure is overestimated, because failure is part of any learning, it’s normal. We fall, we get up. What is most important are  the actions taken when things don’t go your way . How can you learn from your mistakes? How can you turn your failures into success? These are the questions you should be asking yourself to create the future of your dreams.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “My dreams are always within my reach.”
  • “Anything I design, I can do. It’s up to me to act to achieve what I want. ”

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# 5 The unknown is dangerous

Novelty, change, the unknown: a classic of limiting beliefs. Ignorance creates fear. The fear of change is a must of beliefs slowing down the evolution of an individual, it masks the opportunities for success to lead to a strategy of self-sabotage. Its best allies are prudence , immobility , mistrust . Shaking up your habits would mean getting off the beaten track, out of your comfort zone. Isn’t it possible to try a new experience while respecting your need for security?

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “It’s my openness that will help me discover the world.”
  • “I condemn myself to boredom if I don’t step out of my comfort zone.”

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Top 10 Limiting Beliefs: The Last 5

# 6 I’m too old to start from scratch

This belief is the consequence of another, more general, belief that learning is only possible when you are young . And that subsequently, change is a sign of instability. It is false, if the desire is there, age should not condition your projects, it is a false pretext to forget.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “My experience is a strength for this project.”
  • “Despite my age, I’m not afraid to take on new challenges because I know I can.”

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# 7 I can’t afford to make mistakes

Again, being wrong is part of the experience of life. Fear of failure is normal but should not condition the desire to undertake. You put this pressure on yourself, because you want to prove something to others or find recognition. You alone are moving forward on your life path, and obstacles and falls are a logical part of it. The important thing is to get up and start again, not to give up.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “There are positive lessons to be learned from every experience and failure in life.”
  • “No one is going to judge me if I’m wrong. I learn in everything I do. ”

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# 8 To deserve what I want, I have to suffer

Here is a very belief rooted , especially in sports and weight loss. It has even become a famous slogan with the “ no pain, no gain ”, which puts enormous pressure on the person who starts it. If success, whatever it is, requires perseverance and effort, it is not for all that an obstacle course made only of pain, deprivation and suffering.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “This is my personal challenge, no one puts any barriers or goals for me except myself.”
  • “I know my limits and not exceeding them is not an admission of weakness.”

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# 9 I’ll never meet anyone because of my shyness

Shyness or reserve is not a blemish and in any case, it will condition your love life forever. Singles are for a lot of reasons. If your shyness is a daily handicap for you, there are ways to live with it better. But that doesn’t define who you are or your upcoming love life.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “My other qualities allow me to interest someone.”
  • “My shyness is a strength if I decide to value it as a quality and not as a flaw.”

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# 10 I am as I am. It’s too late to change

This limiting belief is very widespread, it represents well what can be a state of rigidity towards oneself. Ease, selfishness, procrastination, fear, so many bad reasons not to evolve. If you feel like it, if it is necessary for your well-being and that of the people you love, it is never too late.

Instead, say to yourself:

  • “I am proud to make this necessary change for my well-being.”
  • “I decide who I want to be and I am quite capable of becoming who I always wanted to be.”

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