The 8 main profiles of toxic people to flee

The 8 main profiles of toxic people to flee

1 / Those which absorb all our time

You can find these types of people everywhere. For example, it’s the girlfriend who stays on the phone with us for hours every night to talk about her problems but who doesn’t care if she’s bothering us or if we’re fine.

A toxic friendship takes time and energy. Such people ask for advice that most of the time they do not follow. Keep in mind that any relationship is based on a common principle, that of reciprocity.

Giving and receiving makes sense, you have to find a balance between the two. If the relationship costs more than it brings, then you have to ask yourself the right questions, make sure your limits are respected, not always be available and distance yourself.

2 / people who constantly criticize are toxic

There are always people, no matter what we say and what we do, who are never satisfied. They have easy, non-constructive criticism. For them, nothing is ever good enough or they have the spirit of contradiction.

They say white when it is black and vice versa. And if they don’t criticize us directly, then they’ll pick on other people, anything and everything. Nothing and no one finds favor in their eyes. They are exhausting.

Where criticism is constructive when it makes it possible to evolve to advance, there it is just out of gratuitous malice, out of boredom, in order to devalue. This kind of behavior can devastate self-esteem. By belittling others too much to put themselves forward and boost their ego, these people find themselves alone. Indeed, it is better to move away from these people so as not to lose your self-confidence.

3 / Those who play the eternal victims are to be avoided

These toxic personalities are exhausting because nothing is ever their fault. They are defeatists by nature, they suffer their existence, complain all the time. Their life is, to hear them, only a series of problems and misfortunes. So they look for compassionate and attentive ears to lament over and over again.

So if you are empathetic, you have to watch out for these people who constantly ask for attention and are intrusive. They can drain you of your energy.

Even though some are just people who are sorely lacking in self-confidence and aren’t mean. But it is not for others to solve all their problems.

4 / People with a negative state of mind

Emotions are contagious. Negative people spread their pessimism and negativity around them. Even if we are positive and we want to remain optimistic, if the people around us are negative, it risks infecting us.

Pessimists, people who complain a lot , even if they have reasons, should get help. But that’s not our main role. We must protect ourselves from them, take a physical and emotional distance so that their negativity does not influence our state of mind.

There is a difference between people who have real hardships to overcome and those who pretend or do not know how to rejoice in the beautiful things in life.

5 / People who have neither compassion nor empathy

No one has the same level of empathy, compassion, caring, and selflessness. We cannot all put ourselves in each other’s shoes in the same way, understand what others are feeling. And want to help them.

These people are selfish, narcissistic, even self-centered. They think they are the center of the world and do not listen to others. We cannot exchange with them, create real reciprocal relations. They work one way. It is a form of manipulation , they take and give nothing.

6 / people who easily lose their temper are toxic people

It is not easy to always control and manage our emotions, we are human and we all have difficult times in life. You can explode, get angry, scream, even scream.

But the mood swings of lunatic, temperamental, bloody or angry people are exhausting and anxiety-provoking. It takes a lot of energy and their reactions are often unpredictable. Outbursts of anger, aggression, mood swings… It is a source of stress, fear, a real emotional roller coaster which is very unsettling.

You have to learn to manage your emotions, but you can’t do it for them. Above all, we must not get into their game or try to reason with them because we risk going into conflict.

7 / The envious and the jealous are toxic people

The people jealous or envious demean other casually. They are not necessarily subtle but are strong not to accept their words in their interactions with others. But in the end, these are toxic relationships that you have to get out of because these people sabotage the lives of others.

The jealous or envious person is always minimizing the efforts, work, involvement and plans of others. He loves to throw murderous little phrases in the face, practices biting irony and cynicism with skill. It is his preferred mode of communication.

This person is often badly in his skin, not satisfied with his life. But out of lack of confidence, laziness and bitterness, she does nothing to achieve anything.

Frustration rules his life. And so envying others is the easy way out of having to face failure in your own life. Whatever the field, she is jealous and doesn’t like to see people happy. They revel in the misfortune of others. They are the toxic people par excellence that you have to get out of your life.

8 / Toxic people par excellence: mythomaniacs and manipulators

If honesty is a strong value that makes sense to you, then you should avoid liars and mythomaniacs. You cannot be happy with this kind of person neither in love nor even in friendship. Because trust is impossible in this kind of relationship.

We trust them and the slightest confidence is repeated. They do not know the meaning of the words discretion, truth and secrecy. If all the truths are not always good to say and we have all used a little lie so as not to hurt someone we love, their profile is very different. They are pathological liars who invent their lives and manipulators who seek to deceive and take advantage of others.

 They join the manipulators or narcissistic perverts who see others only as means of satisfying their needs and desires. They create relationships out of self-interest, to harness generosity and get something. Any relationship with them is toxic because it is based on a balance of power.

The manipulator seeks to exercise power over the other . He wants to dominate and he values ​​himself without hesitating to make people feel guilty, humiliate and devalue others. He perceives vulnerability and takes advantage of it to establish his perverse game. Manipulators and narcissistic perverts are dangerous people who must be avoided.

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