Sister of heart: all the signs

Sister of heart: all the signs

Many commonalities can be found between friendship and brotherhood or sorority . When you share a real bond with your sister, it is a form of friendship that is created, in the same way that a friend can fulfill the role of a sister. So what are the pillars of this bond which can be both fraternal or sororal and friendly?

Disputes and reconciliations

Who says having a sister, says arguments more or less often … With a close friend, there will also be disagreements , problems and therefore moments of tension. Such a strong bond is not immune to disappointment or injury . But the important thing is the questioning that follows with apologies and forgiveness . Because when friendship is so strong, one thing is important: humility . When we love a friend like a sister, we are ready to listen and accept her apologies , such as acknowledging our own faults.

A common history

Over the years, the creation of strong feelings comes with the creation of memories that create a common history. What we experience with our friends creates bonds and forges a shared past . These slices of life in common bring people together, like two sisters who are there for each other. In the end, we share the same references and the same benchmarks , like members of the same family.

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Moral values ​​shared among sisters of the heart

A best friend is someone with whom we share principles and values . These come very close to the bond between two sisters over the course of time. This sharing of moral values, this principle of solidarity , this strong complicity are at the origin of a bond of the heart which more and more resembles the bonds of blood .

A notion of familiarity between sisters at heart

Over time, a certain intimacy is created with our best friend, the one considered to be a sister of the heart. Indeed, just as with sisters, we share secrets , confidences and above all we remain ourselves, without any fear of showing ourselves vulnerable. In addition, it is with her that we make the worst mistakes but also the best experiences, that we share our favorites and our hard knocks, in short everything that forges a real bond of familiarity . Alongside his family of blood, we thus create a family of heart.

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A bond based on love and trust

Finally, the difference between simple friendship and friendship between sisters of heart lies in the intensity of the feelings experienced. For a friend whom we consider to be a sister, we can speak of love, without there being any ambiguity. In addition, the trust is total, while sometimes the same cannot be said with our real sisters. And this, for the simple reason that our sister of heart, unlike our blood sister, unlike our family, we choose her , as the saying goes.

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Sister of heart: all the signs

As we can see, the bond is very strong between two friends who can be described as sisters of the heart. No one knows you as well as she does as she understands you better than anyone else. This bond between you is so natural and obvious that there is no need for explanation to describe it. But concretely, on a daily basis, how does your special, strong bond manifest itself? What are you doing for each other? What do you share? What are the signs that you are sisters at heart? We have listed 40, do not hesitate to count together those that define you!

The 40 signs that she is your dearest sister and vice versa:

  1. You share the same tastes (movies, music, etc.)
  2. Her wardrobe has no secrets for you
  3. You lend yourself anything and everything
  4. You share tips, playlists and potential series
  5. Your giggles are memorable
  6. Your evenings are memories for life
  7. Each is the first “fan” of the other on social networks
  8. You no longer count the photos and selfies taken together
  9. She reads your texts and even knows your passwords
  10. You are tactile to each other
  11.  Each can finish the sentences of the other
  12.  You have no secrets from each other
  13.  You understand each other without saying anything
  14. His enemies are yours too
  15.  Besides, you always defend her
  16. Take turns comforting or consoling the one who is ill
  17.  Besides, you know straight away when she’s going wrong
  18. You go on weekend or vacation together
  19. You give each other news 24 hours a day
  20. With her you could spend hours talking
  21.  You have your own language
  22. You trust him blindly
  23. There is no embarrassment or modesty between you
  24. She knows how to shake you when you let go
  25. She knows all your faults
  26. You always tell yourself the truth
  27.  She cries with you when you go wrong
  28.  You almost know more about her exes than herself
  29. When things are wrong, she gets to make you smile
  30. Your parents know her and ask for her news
  31.  She is invited to some family reunions
  32. You don’t fear his judgment
  33. She saves you from all your plans and fucked up dates
  34. You took an oath never to argue over a man
  35. You live in a shared apartment
  36. She was or will be a witness at your wedding and vice versa
  37. It is or will be the godmother of your children
  38. You worship her even when you hate her
  39. Besides in case of dispute, you always reconcile
  40. You are afraid of losing her.

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