Mature woman: 20 signs that a woman is mature

Mature woman: 20 signs that a woman is mature

# 1 Self-confidence: one of the essential signs

Self-confidence is one of the main signs of a woman’s maturity. She is endowed with a real confidence which makes the eyes of others count less in her eyes. She is no longer afraid of judgment because she knows what she is worth . It is not pretension, it is just the affirmation of its worth.

# 2 determination

The mature woman not only knows what she is worth, she also knows what she wants . And by deduction, what she does not want or more . Whether for her professional or personal life, she is aware of the distance traveled, of her value, of skills, but also of her desires. She can be ambitious for work but just as determined for her personal life.

# 3 a form of wisdom

Maturity has taught him to accept what presents itself and not to be destabilized by the annoyances of life. The disappointments like the joys, the failures like the successes, all of this taught him to put things into perspective and to take a step back from events . She has developed a form of wisdom that allows her to see things on the bright side.

# 4 A mature woman is not sickly jealous

If a touch of jealousy arrives, in any case she is not jealous for nothing. With her, no paranoia, unhealthy fits of jealousy , excessive possessiveness . She remains in control of herself and her emotions, and if she has any doubts about your loyalty or your commitment, she will speak to you directly.

 # 5 she trusts

This goes hand in hand with her lack of jealousy and her self-confidence. She chooses to trust the person with whom she has a relationship. If she is with you, it is because she wanted it and believes it. It therefore plays the game of transparency and expects the same from you. She is no longer old enough to play secretive things, exit the untimely search of your phone or your social networks. Moreover, she is not addicted to text messages and dozens of calls if you spend an evening with your friends. It is still a question of confidence in oneself and in the other, a confidence in the couple . On the other hand, if you lie once, there will surely be no second chance. the recoupling? Not sure that’s his thing!

# 6 she’s not a player

Indeed, the mature woman is not there to play or waste her time. She has decided to trust you, if you disappoint her, lie to her, cheat on her in any way, she will not have a fit of hysteria, emotional blackmail . No, she will make a final decision and not go back on it. The unhealthy relationships, the complicated stories, the fucked up plans, very little for her.

# 7 Mature woman is self-deprecating

Just because she’s serious most of the time doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of humor or doesn’t know how to have fun. Besides, she knows how to laugh at everything, and above all at herself. She has no problem with self-derision; Knowing how to laugh at yourself is proof of maturity.

# 8 She’s a good advisor

Her maturity makes her a good friend, confidante and advisor . She is able to give her advice in all objectivity, to have a perspective on things which is conducive to reflection and then to decision-making. Her maturity is as emotional as it is intellectual, so she also knows how to console, support, comfort a friend for example and be present for others .

# 9 The art of compromise

The mature woman is flexible in her relationships with others and in her marriage. Indeed, she knows that the couple is also a story of compromise . With her, no communication problems in the couple , she is in positive communication , not in conflict. She is listening, she does not always try to be right.

# 10 A woman who cannot be influenced

On the other hand, if she knows how to compromise and recognize her faults, she is nonetheless sure of herself, of her values, of what she wants and of who she is. Also, on certain things, impossible to influence it! Quite simply because she is totally herself, whole. So no need to want to change it, and it feels if we want to manipulate it.

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# 11 A great independent: one of the main signs of a mature woman

Confident of herself and at ease with her life, a mature woman is very often attached to the life she has built for herself and has developed a strong independence . It’s a strong woman , responsible , independent, therefore, it is assumed at all levels of life. She may also need solitude at times, and it is not uncommon for her to be very invested in her work or in another passionate activity that makes her let go.

# 12 She’s not afraid of engagement

Whether it’s a professional or sentimental commitment, she has no problem getting involved. She is not afraid, does not block, does not hide behind a false phobia . She lives in the present while having an eye on the future, so she can project herself carefree into a relationship she believes in. She does not do things by halves, her investment is total and sincere.

# 13 unequivocal honesty

Sincere therefore and deeply honest. She has nothing to hide and does not see the point of lying, of smirking or of inventing a life for herself. She says things clearly and simply about what she expects from her relationship, for example. When something is wrong, she says so, so with her there are rarely misunderstandings, misunderstandings or unnecessary arguments.

# 14 Intellectual and emotional intelligence

A mature woman is an interesting , intelligent , stable woman who is supportive and conversational. But not only. She has also developed a strong emotional intelligence which allows her to talk about deep things, to take an interest in others and to develop kindness, compassion and empathy .  

# 15 A mature woman is not a child-woman

These two concepts are, moreover, totally opposed . In the mature woman, no whims, futile crises, superficiality, false problems . She shuns them, moreover, she doesn’t like stories. She’s not going to smirk, complain, demand, sulk . She doesn’t need that, she hates anything superficial in a relationship.

# 16 Comfortable with your emotions

Her emotional intelligence allows her to fully assume what she feels. She knows how to live and manage her emotions and feelings. She is not ashamed of them, she accepts them and does not allow herself to be overwhelmed by her emotivity. Thanks to her emotional maturity, she has a special awareness of her thoughts as well as of what is in her heart.

# 17 Respect as the basis of its functioning

If there is one thing that matters to a mature woman, it is the notion of respect . Of herself and of others. She believes in the adage “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like to be done”, so she is respectful in her dealings with others, without forgetting herself. This joins the self-confidence that defines her, for her respect is a matter of reciprocity.

# 18 She doesn’t live in the past

She doesn’t dwell on past things and relationships, she knows that looking back prevents yourself from turning the page and healing emotional wounds. Emotionally mature people know that it is important to live in the present moment, to overcome and accept the past. What’s done is done, and one way or another, we have to learn from it to move forward.

# 19 She’s not materialistic

If she is not a superficial child-woman, she is not a materialist either . Of course, she can like beautiful things, have fun, appreciate the gifts given to her. But she is not looking for a relationship based on services rendered or to be maintained. If she has money, she takes advantage of it, but not ostentatiously. With a man, she does not look for a bank account, her independence is also financial .

# 20 A mature woman is with a man out of want, not out of need

It will be understood that if she invests in a relationship with a man, it will be out of desire, out of feeling and not out of need. She doesn’t need to be nurtured or to fill her emotional loneliness . To live a love story is to add something to her existence in which she already feels very good. It is an added value, not the means to fill a gap.

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