Love in Empaths

Love in Empaths 

If you approach: I empathize ==> Love among empaths

Ahhhh humor, self-mockery !! If we didn’t have one to survive, we empaths would all be in Heaven. Is not it?

There is a proverb lying around somewhere that says “  a day without laughter is a day wasted  !” I give you my leitmotif. It was beneficial for me to take life with detachment through laughter, humor to (over-) live with my hyper-empathy and my hyper-sensitivity .

So today, I want to share my mischievous mood, and through simple words, explain to you what “being an empath” really is and especially how to love them.

Yes because even we ourselves, the empaths, sometimes have trouble understanding each other … oops …

First of all, what is “being an empath”?

I’m going to use a cute metaphor to make it easier for you to understand. See a sponge ?! the one we use to wash the dishes, the one that absorbs everything in its path, the good and the bad so that everything is nickel clean?! Tadaaam! well it’s us, the empaths !! We are like a (big) emotional sponge: we face all the emotions in the world, our own and those of others …

No, not just on the surface and superficially, that would be too simple !! No, it is in the sometimes darkest, most mysterious and complex depths that we absorb everything… (you already have a headache, so imagine our daily life!).

So beware, this is where I warn you because if you decide to love an empath, expect to have a pretty, rare and precious bomb in your hands to handle with care. With empaths, everything is extremely intense and fragile at the same time. Yes, you read “extremely” correctly…. You will understand better later …

We recognize them as empaths.

They are luminous, solar, even in their introversion, their silence.You will quickly be dazzled by this excess aura that they diffuse.

Seduction and empaths

Here we are! Let’s talk about seduction with an empath. My God!! We empaths are so useless we have fears, doubts and a certain lack of confidence in us. We can look like an iceberg in front of someone we like, while samba is in our hearts. A real mess this story! [I warned you that an empath, it is the extremes! ] So it is clear that it is up to you to woo us to approach us. Because we will not do much, except to mope in front of our inertia. Not out of snobbery, but out of total in-ca-pa-té…

Well, faced with our inertia which you take for shyness, you take the lead (necessarily). Here you are in front of us trying to break the ice (take out the oars) and us in front of you, always a real rock of ice… (while it’s the Rio festival in our hearts!) Oh yes, we still have to agree to open up to you !? If there is a connection, we will do it, piano piano . And if we do, count yourself lucky! It is because you have succeeded in breaking down all the walls of China that we have erected all around our hearts.

Yes, Because we do not easily give what is most fragile, most vulnerable but most beautiful in us: our heart.

Pa-pam, pa-pam, pa-pam… Because we empaths, when we love, we love differently! We feel every beat of our heart so intensely that it almost hurts ! This is a very serious business my dear … we love completely, frankly, honestly, with all our soul. Love with an empath is like a thrill ride, unmatched in power. Expect to be blown away!

We do not know how to love differently and even less, to manage this intensity.

And it will be even more complicated for you to manage my dear ones. But know that our love is deep, authentic, messy, messy but REAL! To know a love with an empath is to have a right of entry on Love Island! You will never forget it …

Faced with so much love, dreams, generosity, honesty but also vulnerability, fears, doubts, faced with so many extremes, few are the courageous and amateurs … Well at least, a selective sorting is done naturally.

Not everyone has the ability to love an empath.

The day we meet someone who understands us and who has validated the “high diploma” of decoding the empath, we will feel it. It will be wonderfully beautiful, good, powerful and SOLID!

But in the meantime, this pretty end, [yes Because we empaths, we can suffer 100 times, we will certainly get up a little more dented 101 times, always with the same conviction and faith in true Love], you have to know 2.3 little things about the empath to pass your exam (Well, that’s a lot more than 2.3).

How many times have I heard others say to me ”  diane, you’re too sensitive, you’re too skinny, you’re too sensitive.” You should question yourself ” .

The most important thing to know is that an empath is born like this. He doesn’t choose to feel this wave of emotions. It is his thought system that is so made. He is sensitive, sensitive, intuitive. He cries in front of the beauty of the world but also in front of its cruelty and its injustice. He puffs up his powerful love as he can puff out his anger, his sorrow. He will always be the same, all his life. At most, with the sufferings he will have endured and the experience of life, he will learn to “protect himself”, to “tame” these untimely invasions of emotions.

But please don’t ask us to change.

This is the worst way to steer us and push us to lock ourselves in our bubble.
When an empath is in a phase of doubts and suffering, he just needs to be listened to and reassured. You will see, it is magic. He will come back to you stronger and safer.
So if you want to push us to break up, I’ll give you a tip. You know what you have to do, you can be sure that we will flee!

No I’m kidding of course.

We empaths prefer a painful truth rather than a soft lie; we prefer a blunt breakup rather than being manipulated.

We, the empaths, we wish you, [no, no, I am right], we WANT you “honest” !! It is essential for us.

HONESTY is part of “our 11 commandments”.

We will always be honest with you, however hard the truth is, and we will expect the same from you. We experience dishonesty as high treason. This is real, unbearable torture for us, so please be honest with us if you want to love us …

Obviously, not everything can be and should not be said as long as what is contained has no impact on the couple. We just want to be reassured about the sincerity and depth of the relationship.

We are not control freaks even though we are often tagged with this label.

We have no intention of locking the other into our world by controlling them. Ohhh no, for we ourselves know the sweetness of freedom, it’s a very need. We are constantly oscillating between our emotions. We want to be able to come and go in solitude to recharge our batteries and in the expression of our emotions to “feel alive”.

The empath absorbs the energy of everyone around it.

It’s exhausting for him. This freedom is vital for charging or discharging energies. Respect our need for isolation and above all do not take it against you. It is not at all a sign of disenchantment or disinterest. Very often an empath cannot put words, to express what he feels, it is so complex and he quickly becomes overwhelmed. Be understanding and let us recharge our batteries in our space and we will always come back stronger!

If we were to take away this freedom, we would be like birds in a cage. We would lose our radiance, our joie de vivre, our emotions and we would slowly fade away, like a slow death … So believe me, we respect freedom as much in others as in ourselves. Simply that we need to be reassured more than normal.

So once reassured and recharged, we come back even more intense, more connected to our mind, our instinct, all fire all flame!

We will externalize our positive energy with faith.

We will have lots of good ideas born from our intuition. Because yes, we are intuitive beings bordering on the paranormal. When we feel something, we are rarely wrong. So a piece of advice, even if you are skeptical, trust us, listen to us, support us, and above all help yourself! Because we, the empaths, with our passion, our depth and our enthusiasm, when we open our hearts , we really have the power to change the world, starting with yours.

With all this intensity in the empath, do you now understand why he lives in two extreme worlds, on two opposite shores?

Do you understand better why they are so often misunderstood and judged?

Loving an empath is not for everyone. To love an empath is to love its beautiful light but also its part of darkness…
We empaths are this dazzling light that will illuminate your world. But who will need to switch off from time to time to shine even better afterwards? ⭐️

So if you want to love an empath, come closer, hang in there, because you will be “empathized” !!!!

Very nice day to you my dear

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