List of life projects: Method and examples

List of life projects: Method and examples

List of life projects: how to define your life project?

What is a  life project  ?

A life plan is arguably the most important thing   that you need to put in place if you are a follower of personal development and if you want to be  successful in your life .

# 1 A vision

It is above all an  abstract vision  that can be expressed in  a simple and understandable sentence .

For example:  “I wish to be a top athlete” ,  “I wish to be able to travel when I feel like it” ,  “I wish to be a recognized writer”

To give yourself an image, tell yourself that there are as many possible visions as there are human beings . Each human being bringing his  specificities , the identity of the person and his personality will forge,  from an abstract vision that is a priori generic (“I wish to be a recognized writer” for example) , a vision “adapted”  to the person who issued it.

# 2 unwavering faith in yourself

You must have faith in yourself and believe in your potential to accomplish certain projects. A life project is above all something  personal . No one will be able to define it for you and you will not be able to define anyone’s life project even if you have already succeeded in defining yours. To do this, you have to lose your bad habits that damage your self-confidence . It is a work of introspection  that it is important to carry out  for oneself and only for oneself .

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An outside person can provide you with a methodology to enable you to correctly define your life project, but no one will be able to define it for you.

# 3 a guide

A life project is also  a guide , it is above all defined by  a vision . This allows you to visualize how your future life will be and to create it day after day by taking small steps every day. A life project is the realization of a life dream  (or a set of life dreams) . The term  “dream”  qualifies something beautiful, distant, almost perfect, something that seems impossible to attain and change.

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Conversely,  a life project is something concrete, tangible, modifiable and permanently adaptable. Something you can act on!  Define your life plan in relation to your life dreams and it will be your day-to-day guide. It will allow you to  create  the future you desire.

# 4 a reason to live

It is also the best way to experience  the present moment . When you have defined a life plan and you have taken action by deciding to put your fears aside to change your life, morning awakenings no longer have any relation to the ones you lived before you started to realize your project.

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The life plan is the best answer you can give to the question  “Why am I getting up this morning?” “ . You get up this morning because you  know  that you are going to do an action that will allow you to move forward in your life project.

List of life projects in 4 steps

Step 1: find your aspirations

Who do you want to be? In which areas would you like to evolve? What skills or qualities would you like to acquire?

Step 2: find your life plan

What project would be in line with your aspirations?  Define it in  one sentence .

Step 3: make your life plan measurable

You need to be able to know when you have completed your project. A simple and telling example: let’s take the  “I wish to be rich” project . This project is not measurable stated like that. Ask yourself the following question:  “Concretely,  for me , what does it mean to be rich? “ . If you answer this question,  “it’s earning € 100,000 per year, owning a villa by the sea, 2 cars and 1 boat” , now your project is  measurable .

Step 4: Validate your life plan

Now  imagine  that you have completed your project… Project yourself into the future and visualize your days… How are they going?

Check that the life you lead in this projection matches the answers you gave in step one. You now have your  life project , do everything to achieve it by moving forward little by little daily.

Concrete list of life projects

Indeed, to lead a happy life, you have to identify all the experiences that you would like to have. For that :

  • list his priority life projects and describe them in the present tense, as if they had already been accomplished.
  • divide your list into 3 broad categories: what you want to do, have and be.
  •  identify their priorities, in the following areas: private life, professional life, finances, health / well-being, personal development.

List of life projects: To do, to have and to be

In many cases, we know what we want (eg to retrain for another professional experience), but we do not take action . We hesitate, we postpone, we ask ourselves questions, etc. We doubt: am I capable of it, do I have the skills, are there not too many risks?

Does that mean anything to you? Do you recognize yourself in this description?

If so, it is quite simply, because, deep inside you, you have unconscious brakes  which prevent you from taking action. Barriers that you consciously cannot break down, even though you know that this project is made for you. This is called one or more limiting beliefs.

As a result, you do not go and you feel the frustration of not really leading the life you dream of.

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What to put in his list of life projects?

Examples of “doing”

  • perfect your english
  • do 20 minutes of meditation per day
  • write 3 pages every morning in your journal
  • volunteering in an association
  • climb to the top of Machu Picchu
  • run the New York Marathon
  • act to protect the environment
  • write a bestselling novel
  • do a one-man-show in a Parisian theater
  • climb to the top of the biggest round the world

Examples of “having”

  • have a house by the sea
  • sportscar
  • a ski apartment
  • a racehorse
  • a motorcycle
  • a craft shop
  • a sailboat
  • an organic farm
  • dog breeding
  • hundreds of pairs of shoes

Examples of “being”

  • my own boss
  • a great athlete
  • a dancer
  • a recognized writer
  • groom / bride
  • dad mom
  • a globetrotter
  • a great surgeon
  • a politician
  • an international player

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