Hypersensitive: the 25 characteristics of a hypersensitive person

Hypersensitive: the 25 characteristics of a hypersensitive person

# 1 Sensitive to the five senses

A hypersensitive person will not stand noise and loud sounds, odors such as pollution, too bright lights like in a store, the taste of unnatural products, contact by surprise like a pat on the back. She will feel like attacked in this kind of situation and will not live with it.

# 2 Empathetic

A hypersensitive person will constantly worry about others and feel preoccupied with their worries and sadness. She will not cease to help and surround them so that these people regain their joy of living.

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# 3 Emotional

All the emotions are increased tenfold , experienced with intensity. A hypersensitive person is whole but does not necessarily show it. Sometimes we have the impression of being in front of a calm person while inside they feel overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions.

# 4 Solitaire

He is a rather lonely person who appreciates his moments of solitude. It’s not that she doesn’t like people but she doesn’t always feel comfortable in certain situations, so she prefers to isolate herself .

# 5 Intuitive

A hypersensitive person is endowed with a lot of intuition , and this is often pointed out to him. However, despite everything she likes to analyze things before making a decision, she is intuitive but measured.

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# 6 Perfectionist

She likes detailed things and has an eye for detail . She is therefore a perfectionist and cares about the smallest things that can affect those around her.

# 7 Anxious and stressed

A hypersensitive person sometimes has trouble managing their emotions which tend to overwhelm them. Anxiety and stress will make life difficult for her for everyday things as she sometimes has a hard time getting past this.

# 8 Listening

In addition to her empathetic side, she is constantly listening to others. This is one of the great qualities that we recognize in her, she is always there for others, a true confidante .

# 9 Sensitive to beautiful things

A beautiful sunset, a photo of a beautiful baby, a song or even a message from one of his relatives, all of this quickly capsizes the heart of a hypersensitive person. She is “amazed” by beautiful things.

# 10 Difficulty recovering from certain events

Because of her sensitivity, she keeps many scars from the past that she has trouble recovering from. She is easily affected so quite vulnerable in front of people which sometimes prevents her from recovering from a difficult situation quickly.

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Hypersensitive: 15 other characteristics

# 11 Fragile

Faced with the reactions of others and their judgment, a hypersensitive person does not really dare to say things. She feels fragile in relation to them and their opinion. Sometimes she will even feel judged , for no reason.

# 12 forge a shell

A hypersensitive person will protect himself from his emotions and his sensitivity with a shell that allows him to feel more secure in front of others. She doesn’t really manage to be herself with other people.

# 13 Upset

A hypersensitive person will quickly be upset even by a small, minor problem. This will undermine her for a long time and negative emotions will quickly invade her.

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# 14 Reacts badly to criticism

She finds it very difficult to accept criticism even if it is constructive and well-intentioned.

# 15 Lack of self-confidence

A hypersensitive person will be sorely lacking in self-confidence, sometimes blaming themselves for not being happy with what they are doing. She will also compare herself a lot to others and will have a highly developed inferiority complex .

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# 16 can’t stand injustice

She quickly experiences anger in the face of situations that she finds unfair and in the face of unfounded reactions.

# 17 It’s hard to let go

The letting go is very difficult for her, again because of his lack of confidence and fear of being judged.

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# 18 Imaginative

A hypersensitive person has a very strong sense of the imagination, sometimes even too strong, which causes him to tend to exaggerate the facts.

# 19 Creative

Her sense of creativity is highly developed and she has a keen sense for everything artistic .

# 20 Analysis force

She has a great capacity to analyze what surrounds her and to grasp its nuances, to understand all the ins and outs.

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Hypersensitive: 5 other essential characteristics

# 21 Curious

A hypersensitive person is very curious and eager to learn. She loves to discover new things.

# 22 A strong sense of guilt

She will quickly feel guilty and will constantly question herself even when she is not responsible.

# 23 Need for calm

A hypersensitive person does not like agitation and will often need to withdraw and be calm .

# 24 Generous

This is one of its main qualities with empathy. A sensitive person will be generous with his entourage, without counting.

# 25 Susceptible

The lack of self-confidence will sometimes increase her susceptibility because she will feel judged by the slightest word that she easily takes for a criticism .

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