How to rediscover the joy of living?

How to rediscover the joy of living?

What is the joy of living?

The joy of living is the happiness that a person feels in living . It is to approach existence in a positive way, to envision it in color and to approach life with confidence, enthusiasm and envy.

Conversely, the lack of joie de vivre amounts to seeing everything in gray to the point of grinding black. The same daily life then seems dull and uninteresting to us. And we end up approaching life with suspicion and putting up with our daily lives while passively waiting for better days to return. This can happen for many reasons: mourning, a painful breakup , a health problem, an illness, an accident … Or it can be an emotional state like a strong loneliness, a disappointment… Sometimes it’s just the last straw. water that breaks the camel’s back and you lose the taste for life. We sink into blues, depression, burn-out.

But it is quite possible to get out of this negative emotional state and regain your zest for life. The important thing is to identify what gives you the joy of living . 

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Reconnect to yourself, your “essence”, your “essential”

Questioning the origin of his loss of joie de vivre is essential in order to move forward. And for that, you have to reconnect with yourself and think about yourself , and not just others, nor do things only out of necessity or obligation.

Being efficient at work, taking care of the house and the children, managing obligations… That leaves little time to take care of what is happening IN oneself .

However, what is in you is your essential, that is to say your personality, your talents, your desires. Anything that brings you joy. And it is by taking care of yourself first that you create the energy, the desire to move forward and to take care of others.

And conversely if you ignore it, it’s like drawing from a well whose source has dried up. At the beginning you face it, because you have to. But after a while you are emptied , you don’t want anything anymore and you don’t know why you get up every morning.

It is therefore necessary to create a daily ritual to reactivate the sensations of joy . Taking this new habit is like getting back to sport. At first you will have to force yourself and be patient to see the first results.

For example: choose music that puts you in a good mood and let yourself be taken by its energy; do meditation  ; treat yourself to a massage …

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Joy of life, burn-out and depression: help from professionals

If you feel like you won’t be able to cope on your own, don’t hesitate to get help. There is no shame in that, on the contrary. Putting a word on your ailments , understanding what you are suffering from, thanks to a health professional, is the first step towards wellness. In the case of depression or burnout, your doctor, a psychologist or a therapist can guide you. And depending on your sensitivity, also think of natural, soft, holistic medicines, such as with a naturopath, a homeopath, a life coach, a magnetizer, an energy care practitioner, an acupuncturist …

The correct technique of lists

Listing things allows you to take stock, to know where you are with what is going and not going in your life. What do you like or would like to do? Conversely, what is it that no longer suits you, constrains you in your existence?

# 1 List simple joys and pleasures

It doesn’t seem like much, but taking the time to appreciate small things on a daily basis and stop at them to write them down, it helps awaken part of your joie de vivre. By realizing that simple things have the power to make you smile, you start the path to more positivity.

These are often things related to nature that allow you to refocus by taking advantage of the present moment through sensory experiences .

For example: Admire a sunset, a rainbow, listen to birdsong, smell the freshly cut grass, breathe deeply in the sea air or that of the mountain….

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# 2 List what we would like to do

Thinking about the conditional is giving yourself the possibility of disconnecting the rational brain that causes us so much harm and envisioning more precisely what our life could be if we gave ourselves the means to do so. We all have dreams that we think are unreachable, but most are more achievable than we think.

Do you want to take up painting, learn to play a musical instrument, travel? In one sentence: go on an adventure, do new things!

Also, ask yourself the following question: do you like your job? If your professional activity is against your values ​​or you don’t like it, it may be time to reconsider it. In general, spend more time doing what you love.

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# 3 List what we don’t like

Continuing from the previous point, as for the possible questioning of your professional life, think about what you do and that you hate.

Obviously, we are all forced to do things that are sometimes boring or restrictive , we all have obligations (getting up early, cleaning the house, sorting out your papers…). But go further than that by thinking about things that you do, reactions that you have but which are not like you and play on your personality and your morale .

For example, being late, getting easily upset, crying over nothing, letting stress overwhelm you …

Why do that ? Because being aware of what we don’t like to do and the state in which it puts us pushes us to find solutions . Better organization for pragmatic things will free you from unnecessary sources of stress. Being aware of what puts you in a negative state will allow you to better approach certain situations and better manage your emotions.

# 4 List your recent good memories

Listing the things we enjoyed going through helps develop a sense of gratitude . Our gaze gradually sees the good and the beautiful in our life. We feel more serene, more confident and therefore happier. 

For example, list what made you feel good like walking, reading, singing, gardening, writing, watching a movie … And for each thing, think about how you felt: you felt good, rested, relaxed, courageous…

Being aware of the things we are doing is important. First of all, to appreciate them because we tend to focus on what remains for us to do, completely forgetting everything that has been done.  We do not know how to profit from our actions. So stop for a moment, de-stress and savor your efforts.

 # 5 List your greatest successes 

Go deeper into your memories and especially into the degree of importance of the things you have experienced. We all have at least one thing we can be proud of in the past. For example: success at school, at work, a sporting achievement, personal pride …

For example: a mention in your diploma, a goal that made your team mark, a promotion, a successful surprise for a loved one, the birthday cake for your child …

Dive into your past successes will help you reconnect with the desire to be entrepreneurial , to understand that many things are worth living.

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To fix objectives

This “to do list” work will help you see more clearly in your life, to understand why you lost your joy of living and how to find it again. By analyzing what makes you happy and unhappy, what no longer suits you, what you want to do, to live, who you want to be and to become, you will give meaning to your existence.

And it is by defining your objectives that everything will get back into place. Having a goal will make you want to move forward and each step taken will make you proud of yourself but also more positive . By improving your quality of life, by matching it with your deepest aspirations, you will come out of your weakened, depressed, negative emotional and psychological state and see things with a new outlook. That of the joy of living rediscovered.

Surround yourself well to regain your joie de vivre

The relationship we have with others has a considerable impact on our perception of things and on our life. Surrounding yourself as much as possible with positive and caring people is essential to maintain your optimism, enthusiasm and confidence in the future.

Our social, friendly, family, love environment has a huge impact on our level of well-being or discomfort. So take a step back and ask yourself if the people around you are positive . If you hang out with malicious, selfish, or even toxic people , you may want to see them less often or not at all depending on how toxic that relationship and that person is. Depending on this degree, these people devalue you or drain your energy from you. And if there are two things you need to regain your zest for life, it’s the self-confidence and the vital energy to make your own change.

So limit or cut the toxic bonds maintained until then, because they can be one of the reasons of your discomfort.

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 Practice gratitude

# 1 Gratitude for life

It is important to thank life for what we have, what it has given us so far. For this, we must take an objective look at our experience.

 Certainly, you have surely gone through trials, but the important thing is to remember that you have overcome them and that life has allowed you to develop new abilities, skills and strengths to achieve them. And then you inevitably have reasons to rejoice. Think about what is going well in your life: health, love, family, work, friendship? Hold on to positive things.

For this, it is important to approach life as much as possible with a smile . A smile alone holds the palm to regain morale and the joy of living. Remember that the simple act of smiling releases  endorphin  (the hormone of happiness). It therefore allows us to naturally feel happier.

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# 2 Self-gratitude

We cannot stress enough the importance of loving ourselves. It’s not about being narcissistic, superficial, or egotistical. No, it’s about realizing your worth, your qualities, your skills and your talents and thanking life, thanking yourself for that.

Complimenting yourself, being proud of yourself, being aware of your worth, believing in yourself, congratulating yourself, does not mean believing yourself to be superior, it does not mean crushing others. No, it’s seeing things through the prism of positivity to regain your zest for life. We are too often an expert in negative criticism, in devaluing ourselves when we are doing badly. But to get better, you have to erase your limiting false beliefs and learn to see things and to perceive yourself differently, positively.

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Knowing yourself well is essential, the better we know and appreciate our strengths and the more we can do things that are relevant to us. And so love us for who we are. If we are always in self-criticism, in disenchantment, how can we want to be happy? Talking badly about oneself, discrediting oneself is a work of self-destruction that can have serious consequences on one’s joie de vivre and remove notions of pleasure and happiness from one’s life.

While working on yourself, on what you love and what you hate, on who you really are, on our environment and on what we can do to change what is wrong, here is the solution to find joy of living and a taste for happiness.

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