How to recognize a negative person?

How to recognize a negative person?

In the presence of a negative person, we often feel bad. In contact with it, we develop stress , a form of tension sets in and we are not at ease, watching for the wrong word, the wrong reaction on its part. Sometimes, we even prevent ourselves from saying what we think, from doing what we want, because we anticipate the fact that this person will hasten to criticize, bring everything back to him, judge. It is exhausting, this type of relationship empty of any energy.

On the other hand, what must be kept in mind is that on the psychological and emotional level, nothing is fixed, everything is fluctuating. Indeed, we can all go through difficult phases, which plunge us into a form of negativity. But what characterizes really negative people is that in them, this behavior predominates, they decide to emphasize the negative and thus make the choice to refuse to see things with positivity.

The 15 different signs to recognize a negative person

# 1 She gives up at the slightest obstacle or the unexpected

A negative person is not persistent . She hides behind limiting beliefs to justify her immobility and her refusal to make any changes that would not be exactly as she wanted. Thus, at the slightest obstacle, she gives up and gives up, in any area of ​​her life. Just as it’s unreasonable to set impossible goals for ourselves, neither is it to let go at the first hurdle when we’re trying to accomplish something. Each goal requires effort and persistence.

So, if there is one thing that characterizes negative people well, it is that they rarely achieve their goals, because they always leave as soon as the going gets tough. This happens through lack of self-confidence, which persuades them that they are unable to overcome an unfamiliar situation.

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# 2 immobility in their comfort zone

This concrete sign joins the first, namely that negative people rarely change during their life. Moving, changing jobs, training, retraining, and even a simple surprise, are things that negative people cannot imagine. They prefer not to take any risks, are afraid of everything and feel safe in their comfort zone. By seeing only his weaknesses, by letting himself be guided by his fears, the negative person is therefore unable to undertake anything new in his life. And it thus misses out on any form of enrichment or personal development.

# 3 She sees everything in black: one of the main signs to recognize a negative person

A negative person is incapable of seeing in an obstacle or a failure a lesson in life or an intermediate step, a chance to try again, to bounce back. No, for her, if it doesn’t work out the way she imagined it the first time, then it’s over, there’s no point in insisting. Again, she doesn’t know persistence. She sees everything in darkness, is incapable of questioning herself, of taking a step back or taking a step back from a situation in order to consider solutions. And worse yet, she dwells on it for a very long time.

# 4 she takes everything too seriously

Many of us sometimes take things too seriously, to be touched by a word about us, a situation. Depending on our sensitivity and susceptibility, we can all be made to take things too seriously, without any hindsight or second degree from time to time. But for the negative person, this scenario is permanent. Lack of self-confidence, self -esteem too developed by a disproportionate ego, susceptibility, lack of maturity … All these underlying causes make dialogue, questioning, the slightest acceptance of an opinion other than one’s own impossible. Everything affects them and prevents them from reacting with humility and logic.

# 5 A negative person likes to complain, all the time

We all complain from time to time, it’s human. The problem occurs when the complaint is adopted as a way of life, and this is the case with a negative person. In this case, his attention is directed to what is negative, and everything becomes a source of sadness, unhappiness, suffering. And therefore the limit to live differently, since his life is seen through the prism of his own lamentations. Nothing ever works, she always has a reason to be bad and to blame the whole world.

This permanent complaint also serves as a pretext to justify its inaction. It is not her fault, but that of others with “we prevent her from, she cannot, we do not give her the opportunity to …” which are repeated in loops. Negative people are pessimistic people who therefore see the glass as half empty instead of the glass as half full.

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How to recognize a negative person?

# 6 She compares herself to others

Living by comparing yourself to others all the time is a very negative attitude. It implies a lack of autonomy, the almost visceral need to judge others and to act according to what they do. Because it is not to compare oneself by finding oneself less well, it is more perverse than that. No, despite an obvious lack of self-confidence, negative people cultivate a kind of “hatred of others” that is anything but positive. They have easy criticism, like being able to crush others to shine. Thus, they almost revel in the misfortune of others, with the famous “I knew it” while they do nothing with their lives …

# 7 she does tons of it

We must recognize a talent in negative people, it is their dramatic game . They have an innate gift for creating “  dramas  ”, for amplifying everything, exaggerating, extrapolating. They have seen everything, done everything, suffered everything. It always happens to them worse than to others, they are always more to be pitied, they deserve compassion and help. In fact, they arrange the truth to arouse momentum in others, even going as far as mythomania. But people who see their game clearly feel nothing but pity at best.

# 8 She is manipulative: one of the possible signs to recognize a negative person

His relationships with others are rarely sincere. She acts out of need, out of interest, out of fear too, going so far as to manipulate others. All she wants is to be concerned about her, and it doesn’t matter if she has to add more, overplay, lie to that end. She will play on the sensitive chord, using her dramatic talent, multiplying complaints and complaints. It’s never her fault, she needs help, we want to hurt her, etc. Manipulating others is part of her way of operating to achieve her ends when she needs others.

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# 9 she’s always right

As if all the rest were not enough, a negative person is also a stubborn, even stubborn person . Since she is incapable of questioning herself, that she is convinced that the spell is bitter on her and that the others must help her, she cannot be contradicted. Its reality is THE reality, period, and others must escape it. She therefore refuses to listen to the advice of those close to her, she is convinced that her point of view is the right one . Most importantly, she thinks that what she experiences is more important than what others experience.

# 10 she doesn’t trust anyone

In addition to not trusting themselves, the negative person does not trust others. Yet she seeks empathy, outside help, but she always sees the evil behind any situation or person. His negativity make him see everything and everyone from a truncated angle. Instead of being grateful for something good that is happening to her or that has been done for her, she questions the reason behind the good deed or luck. She always sees in it an ulterior motive, a nastiness, even a plot.

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The last 5 signs to recognize a negative person

# 11 She can’t stand criticism

Tell her she’s wrong? Impossible ! To criticize is a right that she reserves for herself. A negative person has the right to tease, to criticize, to judge but he does not support being done in the same way with him. As we have said, she is sensitive, does not have confidence in herself and does not question herself. She feels attacked if someone has the misfortune to contradict her and either sulks or pulls her claws out in return.

# 12 she lives in the past

She doesn’t face the reality of her life and who she is, so it’s always easier to come out of “it was better before” pseudo-truths . Negative people always invent an incredible past for themselves, justifying the fact that they have seen everything, done everything but now life is hard with them. Inventing a life and a past is a way to nurture a fantasy, to live with unrealistic expectations and to refuse to face the future.

# 13 It’s always others’ fault: one of the signs to recognize a negative person

Obviously, anything that happens badly is necessarily the fault of others. She never assumes anything, no fault or responsibility in any situation whatsoever. At work, it is her colleague who hates her, in family, she is the ugly duckling. It is by turns misunderstood or rejected by others. Blaming others is his way of rejecting any self-criticism or questioning of his situation, his personality, his life.

# 14 She’s envious

For a negative person, no good news is really good news unless it concerns them. Whenever something good happens to someone around her, she downplays it or doesn’t care. Or else she always has better things to say, she drowns others under “don’t you know what happened to me?” “Or” ah your son skipped a class? Mine, three! “. She is jealous, envious and prefers to lie or criticize rather than set about changing her life.

# 15 She is undrinkable in society

In short, you will understand, a truly negative person is unbearable , undrinkable in society. With family, with friends, at a dinner party, at work, even at the supermarket checkout, there are only complaints and complaints, whining, lies and criticism . She rots the lives of others, she wears them out with her negativity and bad character. So if we can empathize with the problems of a person who is going through a difficult phase, it has nothing to do with endlessly putting up with a fundamentally negative person.

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