How do you stop feeling like an ugly girl?

How do you stop feeling like an ugly girl?

Everyone has a potential for seduction . The key is to be aware of your strengths and to turn your imaginary or real complexes into a force .

Stop devaluing yourself

It is important in all areas of your life, and not just when it comes to being attractive , to feel good about yourself. Not to depreciate . And especially not to make its complexes a “way of life”.

We all have strengths, unquestionable value. We all have the possibility to seduce, to love and to be loved. For this, we must be aware of this potential, sublimate it and have this self-confidence . This essential boost to move forward.

To think of yourself as an ugly girl because you find yourself too fat or too thin, too short or too tall is to hurt yourself.

To use these pejorative qualifiers in his regard shows that one does not manage to have a good image of oneself.

This bad self-image, this lack of confidence and esteem does not allow you to love yourself. It is well known that you have to be kind to yourself in order to be able to love yourself and be loved by others.

Why do we feel like an ugly girl?

The most obvious answer is one word: complex (s). Indeed, many women have physical complexes (extra pounds, too long a nose, not enough chest or on the contrary too much, ugly legs, a too thin mouth, etc.). Everything is material to consider that one has an ungrateful physique.

Make your complexes, assets

The problem is, it works on the mind . By dint of having this idea in mind, that we are not good enough, then we demean ourselves and we do not see each other in the right way.

This defect becomes a complex which then becomes an obsession . It takes on disproportionate proportions and calls all self-confidence into question. Having a little something that bothers us leads us to shut ourselves up , to doubt ourselves, to isolate ourselves. And therefore no longer to go to others and even less to men.

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 It is therefore a real brake on love to let its complexes govern one’s life and one’s relationships with others.

The problem of comparison

Almost all women compare themselves to the canons of beauty, to standards that are in fact diktats. There are women considered beautiful and if we do not look like them, then we believe that our physique does not allow us to define ourselves as such. Not even as a pretty or attractive woman.

Too many women identify with those women who match the male fantasy . Many take actresses, singers, models and girls from reality TV as examples.

Social media conveys a supposedly perfect image of the ideal woman, but they are distorted and superficial images.

Today, you have to have such and such a body, such a hairstyle, such a tattoo, such an outfit to be considered attractive. But fantasy shouldn’t be confused with reality and most of these au naturel women absolutely don’t look like that.

I think I’m an ugly girl cause I’m single

A lot of girls come to this shortcut , this conclusion to tell themselves that if they are still single, it is necessarily because they are not attractive, not pretty. This link is often made between celibacy and the way we see ourselves physically. Why can’t we please a man who attracts us? We are convinced that it is because we are too ugly for that.

We constantly question ourselves, we consider that we are not up to the task. Yes, the physique is obviously important in seduction , we are not going to lie to each other. But we must not neglect everything else. The way of communicating, the charisma and everything around.

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To think of yourself as an ugly girl is to close doors and miss out on opportunities with men.

Whatever your complexes, the techniques of seduction remain the same . All women can find love. The important thing is to feel good about yourself in order to have self-confidence by ceasing to devalue yourself.

Not believing in yourself poses serious problems in matters of seduction. Because it is obvious that you will never take initiatives , never go towards others. As a result, you will be transparent not because you don’t like you, but because you won’t even be seen.

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Conclusion: how do you stop feeling like an ugly girl?

Become aware of its value

You have to stop belittling yourself and having such strong words towards yourself by considering yourself so badly. It’s problematic to think of that for yourself. The fact of not resembling the standards of beauty, of having a flaw or a complex does not mean that we are ugly and that nothing is attractive about us.

A woman often considers herself ugly because of society. Female complexes exist because of society!

But if beauty attracts, the exterior as they say, that’s not what holds back. And we must not forget that from the moment you take care of yourself, that you assume yourself, you are simply beautiful.

So make your complexes, assets and even a strength. If you have a very marked complex to you to make sure to erase it , it is up to you to highlight yourself and especially to find yourself beautiful in the mirror.

Focus on your qualities, highlight your strengths . This will erase your complex because others will focus on your strengths and not on your flaws, imaginary or real. And people who are too superficial or malicious to think so are to be avoided. You have to avoid toxic relationships to protect yourself and take care of yourself.

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