Here are 7 characteristics of an introverted empath

Here are 7 characteristics of an introverted empath

To put it simply, being empathetic is being able to sense other’s emotions and put yourself in their shoes.

On the other hand, since you are also introverted, you tend to be withdrawn and withdrawn.

So when you combine the two, you get a cocktail of hypersensitivity that sometimes makes your life difficult.

You are certainly able to understand others better and help them solve their problems, but it has a great impact on your own emotional state.

When you find yourself in an emotional turmoil that is negatively impacting your life, you need to be able to say “I need help”.

The 7 characteristics of an introverted empath

1. You are too sensitive or too emotional: it is in any case the label that we stick to you!

Since people have a hard time understanding empaths, they describe you this way: too emotional, too sensitive, unable to deal with your emotions …

Besides, can we really be too sensitive or too emotional? I do not know. However, I know that you sometimes suffer from these stereotypes. And, that the emotions of others often weigh on you. You must therefore learn to detach yourself from what other people are feeling in order to focus on your own needs and personal emotions.

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2. You feel all power 10

Sometimes you feel like your emotions are much more pronounced than those of others. And, it can be a blessing as well as a curse. When you are happy, you are 10 times more happy than others and your happiness is therefore incredibly powerful! Conversely, when you feel negative emotions, it is terribly painful or even unbearable!

So when you are stressed or when you have problems, you suffer from insomnia and your mood changes from bad to worse. So you start listening to sad music and you shut down. And in these cases, you can easily become depressed.

3 / You are passionate

Your ability to feel passion is what characterizes you best. If you really care about a person, cause, or job, you’re 200% invested.

As an introvert, you are not looking for light or recognition. In fact, the thought of drawing attention to yourself makes you uncomfortable.

But, when you are convinced that what you do is going to make a difference, you can step out of your comfort zone.

You know love passion better than anyone! And this whirlwind of emotions can make you both extremely strong but also weaken you.

4 / You like to help others

You cannot ignore someone’s suffering. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger on the street. By absorbing the emotions of others, you also absorb their suffering. And that is why you are very often useful to others.

Sometimes a little too much… Even if you had planned to do something else or if you had an important date, if someone is in pain, you run to their aid. Especially if you see that you are able to ease his pain.

Be careful because suddenly, you tend to attract toxic , dependent or sociopathic people who abuse this quality of empath the most.

5 / You sometimes understand other people’s emotions better than your own

For example, you will be able to see when your friend has a crush on your friend but you don’t see the guy who has been hitting on you for months.

As an empath, reading other people’s feelings is a snap.

But, as an introvert, it’s nearly impossible to comprehend the inner and complex whirlpool of your emotions.

You might think that self-awareness is a trait that all empaths possess. But this is not the case. And, you still have some work to do in this area.

6 / your relationships are strong and last a long time

When you bond with a person, it’s almost ‘Until death do us part’. Even if you are far from this person, you think about them, check in …

In fact, people mean a lot to you. Even though, as an introvert, you’re not always very good at showing it.

And even if you don’t see that person for a long time, as soon as you find yourself, it’s like you’ve never left each other.

7 / You sometimes cry “for nothing”

Crying while reading a book, watching a movie, or even going for a walk in the park is a common thing for you. Besides, it is almost impossible for you to watch the TV news because it puts all your emotions on alert.

So sometimes people feel like you are crying for all or nothing.

But it is not that simple. When this kind of situation occurs, we ask ourselves questions: Does this emotion belong to me or does it belong to someone else? And, as a sensitive and introverted empath, it can be difficult to sort it out.

Indeed, you are sometimes not sure where the line lies between your emotions and those of others.

What about you, are you an introverted empath?

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