Dreaming about losing your teeth: meaning

Dreaming about losing your teeth: meaning

Teeth are linked to vitality , to the energy we have to live. As a result, teeth are central elements of our life. They represent our vital drive.

Dreaming that you lose your teeth is associated with the notion of loss , and death . So it is not a pleasant and positive dream.

The anguish of death

To dream of losing your teeth has always been considered an omen of death . The legend would even like that this dream is heralding the death of a loved one . And finally, this interpretation is quite consistent because the loss of teeth often accompanies old age . Even if it is also associated with childhood, a period when you lose your baby teeth.

In the collective imagination, the loss of teeth would portend the death of a loved one. However, there are nuances, degrees, symbols of it that may differ from dream to dream.

It can be a material loss and not necessarily human, the symbol of other fears or simply evoke the fear of death and not death itself .

Overview of the possible meanings and symbols of this dream.

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How to interpret the dream of losing your teeth?

The evocation of several intrinsic fears

This type of dream usually evokes deep anxiety and can be associated with several fears:

  • The fear of death itself
  • A distorted form of a fear of castration
  • The fear of losing something important in your life: a love, a friendship, your personal or professional situation, or even an object

A fear related to your state of the moment

If you dreamed that you were losing your teeth, it is often interpreted as a sign of low energy, related to a decline in physical shape or to problems in your personal or professional life.

Indeed, if the loss of teeth is generally associated with deep anxiety and a fear of death, it is often a sign of a loss of vitality. Sometimes, this fatigue is not yet visible and it is then a small alert from our subconscious which asks us to slow down and think about ourselves a little.

The loss of teeth in a dream symbolizes stress, anxiety or insecurity . It can also mean that you are faced with important decisions to make but that you do not arrive: you are in a dead end.

Another possible interpretation of tooth loss in a dream is that you lost something that was important to you in your life.

It can also translate a strong anger against a loved one that the dreamer does not dare to express, hence the expression “to  have a grudge against someone  ”.  

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Dreaming about losing your teeth: psychological significance

Freudian interpretation 

For Sigmund Freud, dreaming of losing his teeth is linked to the feeling of frustration at the level of his private life which would be too repressed . This feeling leads to both shame (of one’s fantasies and desires) and self-loathing. Behind this shame there may be a self-repression of masturbatory desires (especially in teenagers) which resurfaces by the image of a tooth pulling linked to the fear of losing his penis or his clitoris.

Freud also sees in it a fear of change . These dreams can therefore arise in periods of transition such as moving house, romantic break-ups or bereavement.

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Jungian interpretation 

Overall, tooth loss reflects a feeling of insecurity and anxiety. According to Carl Gustav Jung, founder of analytical psychology, it represents a big upheaval in the dreamer’s life and indicates a deep anxiety related to this change . But that does not mean that it is necessarily negative.

Indeed, according to him, losing his teeth in a dream is the unmistakable sign of a profound change linked to a renewal . Frequent during times of transition, the dreamer accepts losing their teeth and leaving their persona (controlled representation of oneself in the social world) to access a deeper, more authentic self.

It would thus be a message from your unconscious urging you to take care of yourself in order to face this new beginning with serenity.

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Losing your teeth: the religious interpretation

In the Judeo-Christian tradition

The teeth represent the last rampart to access the palace of man. They are the gate keepers of the Word. Losing your teeth is the sign of a word that can be delivered. We thus speak of wisdom teeth.

In the Bible, dreaming of losing your teeth therefore has an initiatory meaning: it is the sign of a liberation from the wise word .

In the Muslim religion

Teeth can have different symbols.

In a positive way, they represent longevity, wealth or connection with one’s ancestors .

More negatively, teeth can also symbolize greed, bad humor or certain immoral acts .

Dreaming about losing teeth: different meanings depending on your dream

Losing all your teeth

A significant change in your life is taking shape. Your way of life is going to be upset, you are going to experience a profound transformation.

After a fall or a blow

If in your dream your teeth are falling out after a fall or a blow received, the most plausible interpretation is that of a failure in the face of goals that you set for yourself.

The dreamer can also lose his teeth suddenly, often in the middle of a discussion with relatives. It is the sign of a word that must not be delivered or of a secret that must be kept silent.


If bleeding accompanies tooth loss, it indicates the abrupt end of something: a friendly break-up or the loss of a loved one. 

Damaged teeth

Do you dream that falling teeth are damaged, rotten? This means that you are not currently in good health. If in your dream your smile is toothless, it indicates that you are unable to achieve your goals. 

If it (s) fall (s) in your hand

It is the symbol of a (re) birth.

For a man

It can predict a health problem.

For a woman

To dream of losing teeth and swallowing teeth in a dream is a desire for pregnancy for a woman.

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