Dreaming about losing your hair: meaning

Dreaming about losing your hair: meaning

Hair is a sign of vitality , inspiration and strength. Hair is indeed a strong symbol of humanity and creative intelligence . It is also an adornment that reflects the femininity of a person.

Your hair symbolizes your youth, your vitality. Losing your hair marks the start of the aging process . This represents the irreversible flight of time. To dream that you are losing your hair simply means that you are afraid of getting old. And therefore to die. Here is the most common fear related to the dream of losing your hair.

In short, here are the different interpretations of hair loss in a dream.

  • Fear of aging
  • Fear of death
  • A feeling of helplessness
  • Loss of creativity or inspiration
  • The fear of losing your reputation
  • A feeling of loss of power or control
  • A loss of energy
  • Loss of libido
  • The fear of losing someone or something

Dreams about hair loss can obviously have different meanings depending on whether you are male or female.

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Dreaming about losing your hair for a woman

If you are a woman, your hair is considered one of your major assets of seduction . Losing them is losing your charm . Losing your hair in handfuls sometimes means that you have a complete loss of self-confidence .

For a man

If you are a man, your hair symbolizes your power . To dream of losing your hair is like saying that you feel like you are losing your strength and it makes you doubt your power over women. This comes from the myth of Samson who found himself weakened when his mistress Delilah cut off his hair while he was sleeping.

Also, when a man dreams that he is going bald, it is a sign of extravagance, which can lead to financial problems.

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Dreaming about losing your hair: a dream related to your current condition

Dreams reflect our deepest concerns. Losing your hair is therefore a dream associated with your current state of mind.

A warning message

If you are worried that you might not be successful in one of your goals and it is worrying, then don’t view this dream as a failure. The unconscious mind sends messages through these dreams and it offers you the possibility of correcting the situation in order to be successful.

A lack of self-confidence

For many people, hair represents beauty and is an undeniable asset of attraction. If the hair represents desire and seduction, the loss of the latter can therefore reveal a narcissistic wound .

Losing your hair could therefore mean that you do not have confidence in yourself and that you feel weak or vulnerable.

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A period of stress

If you dreamed that you are losing your hair, maybe it is because you have some problem that is stressing you right now.

When we pull our hair out, it is because we are worried and preoccupied by a difficult situation to solve.

If you have this dream often, it might be because you feel like you are at a dead end and do not know how to get out of it.

Depending on your love situation

Sentimentally, the hair falling out in your dream is an omen that a love is running out and that your relationship is no longer satisfying you as it is.

Dreaming about losing your hair: different meanings depending on your dream

Run her hand through her falling hair

Your unconscious is warning you of a loss of vitality. It may be fatigue to be taken seriously, an illness that needs to be treated or a moment of psychological weariness.

It can also mean a loss of material goods.

If they all fall

It is the fear of losing your reputation. And this is likened to a castrating fear.

Hair that falls on the pillow

This implies great anxiety in the face of an unexpected event, the fear of the unknown.

Dreaming about baldness

It can mean that you are afraid of the gaze of others and that you may be afraid of rejection and abandonment.

According to Sigmund Freud

For Freud, hair is very important in dreams.

To dream of losing hair for a man is the representation of the anguish of loss of virility and associated with fear of being helpless .

A woman who dreams of hair loss is a sign of her fear of losing her physical attractiveness and her power of seduction .

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