10 solutions to let go and live fully

10 solutions to let go and live fully

1 / A question of emotions

Refusing to let go is often out of fear of letting go of your emotions. They say you have to learn to manage your emotions when in fact you just have to accept them and welcome them. But today, more and more people prefer to ignore them so as not to put themselves in some kind of emotional danger.

Accepting your emotions means accepting your weaknesses and also being able to question yourself. Quite an introspective job that not everyone has the desire or the strength to do. So to be able to let go, you have to take certain steps, make an introspective assessment.

This emotional inventory is necessary to move towards greater awareness, better well-being. We must first take stock to identify the horizon towards which we will be able to walk.

2 / Make an inventory as a solution to let go

To do this, you just have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I anxious?
  • Do I tend to want to control everything
  • Am I demanding with others? Too hard on my loved ones?
  • Am I demanding of myself?
  • Does my life really suit me?
  • What change (s) would I like to make?
  • Am I ready to make them?
  • Do I need to be accompanied?
  • How much time do I give myself to be successful?

3 / Let yourself be surprised by life

You have to accept life’s surprises, chances and small joys to let go. Accept to be pushed around, to be disturbed or even overwhelmed at times. Get out of your comfort zone by accepting that everything is not settled like music paper.

To let go is also to accept not to know everything, to impose everything on oneself and on others. We cannot have an answer for everything, find solutions for everything, anticipate all the time. You have to accept to let yourself be surprised by life and others.

Refusing to let go leaves the door open to authoritarian, stubborn, stressed and therefore stressful characters. This generates behaviors that can be in conflict with those around you. The perfectionist should not turn into a control freak.

4 / Another solution to let go: Get help from others

You can do a lot for yourself, but you can’t do everything. We often need help, especially in such an emotional and psychological process.

Whether it is through a loved one, a friend or a professional, we must find the person best able to help us. The most open-minded, the most benevolent and the best advisor.

5 / Accept that life is not just constraints and efforts

It is obviously necessary to keep its values ​​of life, it is in no case to forget them to think only of oneself, on the contrary. What you have to do is not let yourself be suffocated by values ​​to the point that they then become constraints that prevent us from living.

By not wanting to do too much, we hurt things and we exhaust ourselves. We must therefore ask ourselves the question of pleasure and constraint to get rid of this excess and live real good times by moving from effort to pleasure. Not being in the effort all the time, having the notion of pleasure is very important.

6 / Find your inner nature to let go

Some are on their own all the time because they have developed enough self-confidence to handle most situations. Others have built an image, a social , professional, sometimes even family mask because of a role that is too heavy to carry.

It is because of this weight that we put ourselves on our shoulders that we cannot let go.

To achieve this, you have to accept to be more spontaneous and above all to discover who you really are . Ask yourself what role you have, what you want to do and if the person you are, the image you have of yourself and that you give to others is the real self.

7 / Open up to personal development practices as a solution to let go

Practicing creative visualization , meditation exercises to let go is excellent. Several exercises help to let go including those of the method of Dr. Roger Vittoz, Swiss doctor. He developed simple ways for brain harmony, balancing receptivity and emissivity by training the conscious act.

It is a form of mindfulness that improves memory, attention and brings serenity. It is easy to use, even for children, with little practical exercises. It is similar to the forms of mindfulness meditation.

The breath and breathing exercises are essential for a healthy body, to allow time just by itself when we find ourselves between self and self. Do nothing, just listen to yourself, accept silence, welcome your emotions, let them flow freely through breathing.

8 / Manage interactions with others well

When we talk about being surprised, it is also and above all in relation to others, to his social, family, love life. To the interactions we have with others. To let go, you have to know how to give as much as to receive, it is through this that we really exist. Without interaction with others, without reciprocity, letting go is difficult.

Either we give too much and we welcome nothing in return, or we expect too much from others because we are demanding and therefore in both cases we cannot let go. You should not hesitate to show your feelings to those close to you, they should not be locked away in yourself.

9 / Create a new daily life with letting go

We want to do too many things at the same time in the same day, which is what creates this feeling of being overwhelmed all the time, too busy . We hide behind the children, the house, the work and we do not let go. Everything is urgent, we disperse, we are tired and we lose the essential link with ourselves.

So whenever possible, you have to reconnect with yourself through exercises and above all allow yourself moments of simple pleasures. Like listening to music, eating something you like, dancing, getting drunk on a perfume.

You have to know how to listen to your body, it is it who speaks, who guides us. Take the time for a sensation, an emotion, a feeling, an intuition, a feeling.

10 / To succeed in letting go is to rediscover the notion of pleasure

Accept to have moments off, moments of leisure, pleasure, relaxation and relaxation to be able to let go. This is the real letting go.

And for that, the key is to welcome your emotions, to really experience them so as not to keep them inside. Let yourself be alive, take a step back, no longer worry about everything, anticipate everything or want to master everything.

You have to learn to put distance between your concerns and yourself and put situations into perspective as much as possible. Take the problems one by one and live in the present because it is useless to anticipate, to wait, to worry without stopping.

You shouldn’t feed your inner fears, that’s why you have to learn to accept your emotions. So as not to be overwhelmed.

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