10 signs to recognize your spiritual soul mate

10 signs to recognize your spiritual soul mate

Meet your spiritual soul mate

Soul mates meet because souls incarnate as a group, thus coming together from life to life. There are therefore vibratory affinities that are created and that we recognize because these souls have lived very strong common experiences. 

The soul-mates are people who resonate at the same level or with the same frequency .

Since everything in life is made up of energy , we often feel drawn to it: a magnetic sensation of instant connection.

So these spiritual soul mates can certainly be a spouse but also a member of the family, a friend, a colleague. This type of soul mate therefore manifests itself in different types of relationships and is not exclusively “reserved” for the sentimental domain.

A soul mate is not necessarily in love

The term soul mate is in most cases associated with the realm of love, but love is not just about physical or marital love. In fact, from life to life we ​​have met the same souls under different representations , and with some of them we have woven a bond of intense love, which is not necessarily “sentimental”. In the context of soul mates, we also often speak of unconditional love because of its intense and absolute side.

When we incarnate, we can feel like an emotional lack, a void. This feeling comes from those souls who follow us in each of our reincarnations . There is a more or less conscious call to be filled with this love.

Naturally we will associate this lack with the emotional and romantic emptiness. Hence the fact of attributing the word soul mate to the life partner. But a childhood friend, another family member, or a coworker can also be a soul mate of yours. There is no chance in meetings!

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What is a spiritual soul mate?

Spiritual soul mates are souls who come into our life to enable us to accomplish our life mission. This is not the type of soul with which you will begin a romantic relationship (although it may still be possible), but it will accompany you through learning and the awakening of your consciousness to reach your inner “I” as much as possible. high possible. It is like a spiritual guide appearing at a crucial time in your life to help you find your way.

The 3 spiritual signs of meeting your spiritual soul mate

# 1 your spiritual soul mate changes you

From an energetic and spiritual point of view, your soul emits energy with visible effects on your physical appearance. Connection with a spiritual soul mate leads to unifying the energies of the two souls.

When the vibrations of your soul and that of your spiritual soulmate combine, a unique energy is produced that is beneficial to you in every way. This energy changes you entirely, positively.

# 2 She reveals your life mission to you

Everyone has a personal and intrinsic life goal for which they incarnate at a particular time. This goal is not materialistic, but has its deep roots in the soul. It is one of the spiritual signs of meeting your soul mate, as a guide to know your goal and allow you to achieve your life mission. And on this path to achieve it, your spiritual soul mate accompanies and guides you.

# 3 She brings you serenity and leaves when her mission is completed

 A spiritual soul mate comes into our life for a particular purpose, and when her mission is complete, she leaves. This is why she is rarely associated with love affairs. This life lesson is not always easy to learn and accept, as it can reveal difficult things about life. Some learning can therefore be painful, but it reflects our inner ailments. However, the relationship with your spiritual soul mate is serene and beneficial from start to finish. And you will only remember the positive things she brought you.

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What are the 7 concrete signs that a person is your spiritual soul mate?

# 4 moments of déjà vu

You have flashbacks, or deja vu moments, where you feel like you’ve been together before, that you’ve already shared something. A real familiarity is created.

# 5 Similar thoughts

You understand each other easily, as if you share the same way of thinking, seeing things and apprehending them. Your exchanges are fluid and constructive.

# 6 A similar journey

You both had similar issues during your childhood or on your current journey, creating lifestyles that bring you together. Or you share the same questions about life.

# 7 an invisible link

You feel in tune even when you are not physically together, as if you intuitively know what the other is thinking or feeling. Or something makes you think of the other in an obvious way.

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3 other concrete signs to recognize your spiritual soul mate

# 8 A common or solidarity project

In contact with him, you become aware of your life mission and this person accompanies you to achieve it. Either she guides you, or you team up together for a common project.

# 9 revelations about your life

Your relationship is so emotional and uplifting that it can bring up things you didn’t know. Things come to light then and you see things more clearly.

# 10 A source of change

You can observe big changes in your life when you meet this person for the first time. It is as if the Universe is sending you signs that you are finally on the right track.


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