Stay all his life with his first love: The wonderful story of Virginie and Maxime

Stay all his life with his first love: The wonderful story of Virginie and Maxime

Virginie met Maxime in the nursery school yard. It seems far today, it was another time as they say. Almost another time since so much has changed in relationships. Fortunately, love is timeless.

She met her only love in kindergarten.

They were just children playing together at recess. Skipping rope, bungee, hopscotch, with a ball, perched on the slide or running after the wolf or the sheep in turn. She in the middle section, he with the “grown-ups”, they shared their games, their sores, their friends.

All these games punctuated their life as schoolchildren in the 1980s. From kindergarten to elementary school. Then the games changed in adolescence. But we did not yet know the reflex of cell phones, the Internet and social networks. We finished school then college to find our friends the next day without necessarily having any news in the meantime. We called each other via the parents’ landline, we sent each other postcards in the summer, we bought cards for the phone booths.

 From children’s games to the excitement of teenagers.

Virginie and Maxime therefore met when she was barely 4 years old and he was 5. Kids who play lovers, that could have been a nice story to tell later, a nice childhood memory . A children’s utopia, quickly replaced by a great sorrow to end up falling into oblivion. A passing in the heart of each one.

But it did not turn out that way.

In Virginia’s heart, there was never anyone but him. That Maxime.

The years went by and their schooling with, they followed until college. The age of puberty, where everything changes. Children’s games give way to the ingratitude of adolescence. To the first emotions of love but also to the first heartaches .

They saw each other less but did not lose sight of each other. They kept their special bond, helped somewhere by their group of mutual friends that had been formed since their earliest childhood.

The evidence of already knowing the man of his life, of wanting only one love.

Virginie has always loved Maxime. As bizarre as it might sound to say this, childhood memories fading over time, deep inside she always knew there would be just him. That he would be the man of her life, the father of her children and her future husband.

But if she had said it when she was 15, it would surely have been said that she was crazy, or at least naive. Playing lovers when they were 5 or 10 years old, it made people smile, it was cute and touching.

But to continue to feel that and to affirm it as a teenager was to expose your feelings, to take the risk of losing it. She was then too modest, too shy. She did not dare and her love for him grew in secret.

Maxime was aware that their relationship had always been ambiguous. But there was a form of respect for Virginie that had bordered on brotherhood from their earliest years. Brother and sister, friends, or more? What was coming of age making him understand?

Had life already put the woman of his life in its path?

He was in the grip of doubts, he hesitated as she saw him with the eyes of love since always. Maxime, meanwhile, needed a little time for his gaze on her to change, for him to realize that he could see her differently. That he had the right, that he didn’t have to feel guilty.

The summer of his 18 years, they were together as every year or almost for the ball of July 14 and its traditional fireworks.

And it was that night that everything changed. At last.

Virginie was going to be 17 years old and she had only known 2 irrelevant flirtations, because her heart was elsewhere. Maybe she was too naive or too dreamy, still she saw only one man who could be made for her.

It was not an obsession or a whim, it was as if from a very young age she had recognized Maxime as her soul mate , that she had known that it would be him and no one else.

Two linked lives, one love, soul mates?

For more than 10 years that she shared her life, that she was her friend and her confidante, she had never crossed the border of friendship , too fearful and too shy.

He, for his part, respected her too much to play with her, he needed to take the time to think about it all. He was lost and in front of his friends he especially did not want to show what he really felt for some time.

So he had had a few girlfriends since he was 14 and last year, he had crossed the threshold of intimacy. It was a disappointment, a failure. But at the same time, it is obvious. It was there that he understood that there was a problem.

Why did he feel guilty or ashamed of Virginia when he normally owed her nothing?

He didn’t think of her the same way anymore and this attempt at history with this other girl had only confirmed that. Her heart beat faster when Virginie was there. In her absence, he would get lost in his musings, “what if?” He missed her. She and not another.

Was it possible that his oldest friend, the one he had known from kindergarten, was in fact the woman of his life? Had life granted him this incredible chance to put in his path from an early age the woman who would be the one and only?

That evening, love settled between them never to leave again.

It may seem a little cutesy, like her romance novels that you read while sighing alone in bed. But it is nevertheless the truth, their story.

They kissed for the first time 20 years ago. And since not a day has passed, where he regretted having dared. Where she doubts.  

They settled down together after two years, after coming of age in Virginia, and celebrated their marriage on the cusp of her 25th birthday. They have since had two children. They have known each other for almost 35 years.

 Have they chosen the path of prudence, security, a comfort zone? They never asked themselves the question. For them, it was obvious, the love was there from the start. There was no need to look elsewhere or to multiply experiences.

They built their happiness together, in all simplicity but in the long term. Made of little things and beautiful things, of that happiness that creates the most beautiful memories.

Their love story is anchored over time, on values ​​of friendship then love, affection then desire and always tenderness and respect. All this has allowed their relationship to blossom, to renew itself and to build itself year after year.

 There are encounters in life that are not coincidences but simply obvious. Their love story is one of those.

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