Singular love story 2.0: when the virtual takes its time

Singular love story 2.0: when the virtual takes its time

“Six years ago now, I had to move to the other end of France, to the South, for my studies. In order to prepare for my new life, I decided to take a look at a social network of people living there.

I don’t know why, but it’s your account that I stumbled upon and I don’t know why either, but I added you and we started chatting. A random ? I don’t think so, nothing happens for no reason. Or let’s say that chance does things well.

You were the first person I knew here, it reassured me about the future. You have been my gateway to my future life. Thanks to you, I discovered wonderful people who today are some of my best friends. You did not hesitate to integrate me into the daily life of your life and I will always be grateful to you for having been the one who made me feel good in my new life.

However, after having spent some good friendly moments together, time did its work and for no real reason at the time, no arguing, none of that, we gradually moved away. Little by little, we simply stopped seeing each other, occupied with our respective lives.

During that time, we each went our own way and had our disappointments in love. I think that’s what we had to go through before finding ourselves in a way, this apprenticeship in love with youth.

I don’t know what prompted you to speak to me again more than six years later to ask me for news. Maybe you had crossed me? Maybe you’ve heard of me lately? It is true that we have had common knowledge for all these years and in the countryside the news travels very quickly as they say.

Whatever the reason, but it was the beginning of a revival. Our relationship took another turn, different from our first meeting, I felt it immediately.

We discussed a lot, whether by messages or when we met, as if we were making up for lost time. Things happened very quickly but it was so natural. It was you who took the first step to kiss me. It was pleasant at the time, but I was already apprehensive about what would happen next.

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Were you like everyone else? Were you going to play with me? And then me, what did I really want?

But, to tell the truth, I didn’t ask myself any questions for long, because things imposed themselves on me naturally, I wanted to build something with you, and on your side you reassured me that things were reciprocal. It was simple, natural, without pretense, without unhealthy play.

Today, it has only been perhaps a few months that we are together but it seems to me to be an eternity, as we know each other well, as it seems natural to me. You make me happy every day and I dare to hope that we will both go far.

We share so much, we have so much in common even if I must admit that we are also very different, and I believe that is what makes our strength. We complement each other, when one of us has gaps in a field, whether in our way of being, or in terms of knowledge, the other takes over.

As you often say, I have patience and wisdom that you don’t have, and I make you grow. But all this is valid in the opposite direction. You bring me so much and I love the future that awaits us, the projects we want to achieve, the future apartment which will arrive in a few weeks, the success of my competition.

Who knows ? I don’t know if you believe in fate or if I believe in it myself, but I find our love story made up of happy coincidences, those famous coincidences which are not really.

Never, one spring evening years ago now, would I have imagined stumbling upon the blog of a boy living 900 kilometers from my home who could become the man of my life.

Thanks to our history, I tell myself that indeed, after all, anything is possible. That love can be born at the turn of a virtual encounter, a friendship, an evidence that takes its time.

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