She saved her spouse from alcoholism: A moving testimony

She saved her spouse from alcoholism: A moving testimony

He texted her on Sunday at the end of the day to find out if she had had a good weekend. And to tell her that the evening in her company had been pleasant and if she agreed, he would invite her for a drink during the week alone this time.

Flore accepted. He really liked him with his beautiful smile and big black eyes. She wanted to dig. An appointment was made quickly for Tuesday evening, at a skytrain station, so she didn’t turn around the neighborhood looking for the bar.

It was summer in Paris and as always at this time of year in the capital, despite the hordes of tourists, time seemed to stand still. Maybe because it was really hot in July, maybe because the evenings were long and pleasant.

In short, everything was there so that she had a good evening and fell in love with her beautiful eyes, she knew it.

With the exception of an oar, they arrived at the same time on the quay. Seeing her again, Seb can’t help but think that she is really pretty with her long blond hair and her big light eyes. He hooked up with her the other night to the point of being spoofed by his friends. He had already had a few drinks when he approached her, but he was clear enough to know that he liked her.

Again it’s fluid between them, funny, full of teasing and jokes. He doesn’t take himself seriously despite his responsible job. She is not boring despite her intellectual side. Carried away by the atmosphere, the heat and the drinks, they kiss each other back in the metro a few hours later. They didn’t see the evening go by.

And they won’t see the next ones pass.

From that day on, they never leave each other and often meet for a drink and dinner after work. She doesn’t pay attention to it. OK he drinks 3 glasses where she is content with a cocktail or a glass of wine but hey, she thinks it’s a bit of vacation.

Their first night together is magical. At home, they are comfortable together and do not ask questions. Their story begins naturally. They see each other often, sleep at his place because it is more convenient for work and go out a lot.

But very quickly, the warning signals flash in front of flora.

She notices the always many bottles of alcohol at his house, his habit of going for a drink after work every night, those evenings with friends where he drinks too much. She doesn’t want to overwhelm him with questions, but she feels that something is wrong.

He loves being with her. The more he sees her, the more he wants to see her again. She came into his life so easily that he even gave her a duplicate of her keys.

Only he feels that he will not be able to hide the problem from her any longer. Occasionally, his partying side could pass. But where she sleeps at his house every weekend and even on weekdays he can no longer hide and pretend.

Sébastien has a problem with alcohol, he knows it even if he minimizes it.

He doesn’t know why, it’s been like this for years. A father who drank a lot, bad company, a desire to escape from a too sad daily life, he fell into it. And even if he has managed to build his professional life, to change things, today he feels that it is catching up with him.

Very quickly it is one too many times. At a party with Flore’s friends, Seb cannot manage and loses control. He is drunk. After the anger and the shame, Flore knows that she can no longer pretend that there is no problem. And she doesn’t have 50 solutions. She loves him. So if he’s okay and strong enough for that, she’ll help him.

They spoke the entire Sunday after he regained his senses. She put the deal in hand. And at the same time made him the most beautiful declaration of love .

They’ve only been together for a few months but she loves him, that’s how it is and there is no way she will let him destroy himself like this.

So if he loves her too and wants to heal she will help him. Otherwise she will leave.

Seb just remembers that she is in love with him. And that she wants to be with him. He too is crazy about her. But for the rest, he is afraid of not knowing what to do.

“Before you, I knew something was wrong with alcohol but I didn’t think it was that bad you know. I have been in this way of life for years. You know, I don’t know any others. But I want to try. Even though I’m afraid I won’t make it and disappoint you. And lose you. “

The following months, Seb agreed to see a doctor, to do some tests, to talk to a psychologist specializing in addictions. Flore guided him, listened to him, supported him when the lack was felt and he was about to crack. In the evening always in the evening.

Thanks to her, he understood why he had taken refuge in alcohol.

What he was running from. And what was available to him now. His mind is free. The body had to follow through, detoxify itself from all these years. Fortunately he had never fallen into severe alcoholism from drinking all day.

It was the night that worried him, the loneliness, the emptiness. But it was all over. Not without pain, not without the desire to dive back, not without crises, but he had succeeded.

 Flore had not fled. Not only had she stayed, had helped him without judging him, but she loved him. He was done with self-destruction and that feeling of being pulled into the void. And he was no longer alone. Thanks to Flore he was in good health, sober, in love and happy. 

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