Passionate love story: I met my soul mate

Passionate love story: I met my soul mate

“I remember as if it was yesterday the day he walked through the door of my office, his backpack, his cap screwed on his head, his smirk and his accent from elsewhere: this is the portrait. of the man to whom my heart belongs …

In life, nothing happens without a reason and it took almost 3 years for our destinies to finally tie together.

That famous November 28, when I opened my door to him as much as my heart, I knew he was going to turn my life upside down.

He knew that restoring my confidence in love would not be easy. But when I told him that I would have to put my heart to pieces again, he replied “don’t worry, I have very good scotch”.

It’s amazing and intoxicating this feeling of having found THE person. The one with whom our weaknesses become our greatest strengths, who accepts our faults. Who always pushes us towards the stars, which by a single glance manages to give us hope again.

We were both clumsy at times, we had trouble finding the words. We had doubts, hundreds of questions, we were uncertain but certain of one thing: we already loved each other passionately.

When he asked me why I loved him, I replied “because I see myself in your eyes”. I see who I really am and who few people know. This reflection is me. Finding it, I found myself.

I realized the power of my feelings some time after we met. When he went through one of the most difficult trials of his life, his pain became mine.

At that moment I understood: we love in good times as in bad times.

In the depths of oneself at every moment, at every test. We don’t choose what makes us sad or happy, we share, we feel what the other is feeling. We do not divide the pain but we do our best to make it less difficult to bear.

Because, deep down, this is true love. Make him laugh at least once every day. See that smile on the corner of his lips, whatever it took to make it happen. We love for better and for worse.

He has become half of my soul, my evidence. I will fight for him, against all odds, I will continue to be that little shoulder that will support him.

I made him a promise to make him laugh at least once every day. Because her smile is my best weapon. It is no longer him, it is no longer me, it is US.

They say that “All the happiness in the world is in the unexpected”, well my unexpected is him. “

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