Mutual and powerful love at first sight: A magnificent love story

Mutual and powerful love at first sight: A magnificent love story

“Like many, I said I didn’t believe in love at first sight. For me, it was a sort of urban legend, something invented for romance novels and rose water comedies. I associated this with desire, not love. It was only physical, carnal, light and fleeting. You couldn’t build a love story on a first glance, an impulse, an almost animal instinct.

I was wrong. Since I met you, I have had a long lasting love at first sight . It’s been 5 years.

I am not ashamed to say that without our screens, I would have missed our love. I believed all the less in the possibility of love at first sight since we first got to know each other virtually on a dating site. Sadly banal? Completely superficial? I was not far from thinking so too.

But with you, I passed the course of the real. I had this curiosity to meet you. Probably because you never made any forcing, that we exchanged real emails and that I had the impression to know your soul even before having seen your face in real life.

If your profile wasn’t fake , I knew from your few photos that you were to my liking. But I also knew the potential gap between virtual and real and therefore the possible disappointment. So I wasn’t expecting anything. At most to meet a pleasant man, as in writing.

But certainly not in such a tidal wave. There is no other word. Finally Yes.

You came into my life like a tsunami.

Since our first real glance, nothing has ever been the same. I had never felt this way. I was scared to death. Totally lost. Caught in my own trap. In a glance, in a smile, you had just overturned all my certainties.

This feeling was all the more incredible as it went beyond simple desire. And that it was mutual. From the moment we met, I never imagined my existence without you again. I felt this call, this emotional obviousness that told me “It’s him”.

It’s scary and at the same time it’s exhilarating. Destabilizing. It is a total upheaval of the senses, of his emotions and of his landmarks.

How to manage this flood of sensations and strong emotions that overwhelmed me? How do you know what you were feeling? What would happen after we met? Could such evidence remain obsolete? Useless? Vain?

We talked while walking, discussed while drinking coffee, whispered while watching a movie at the cinema, exchanged while eating. Then we laughed as we walked around, smiled when we looked at each other, blushed when we took hands. We were supposed to meet for a drink, we spent almost a day together. It was impossible to leave each other.

When you put your lips on mine, on that bridge after dark, I knew it wasn’t just a kiss. That a question of desire.

And therefore that love at first sight exists and can lead beyond a simple fleeting desire. 

You entered my life with a disarming naturalness, an obvious ease, as if your place was already ready. It was the same for me. As if each of us were waiting for the other without knowing it. 

To be honest, I don’t know when I fell in love with you. It’s like I always have been, from day one. 

You were a profile on a dating site. You made me know love at first sight.

Today you make me live love on a daily basis. That’s all I need to know. That you love me as much as I love you. “

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