Meet love on Facebook is possible: I loved you right away

Meet love on Facebook is possible: I loved you right away

My love,

The first time I saw you it was in a simple profile picture and I don’t know what happened. I felt an inexplicable thing, I admired you as if you were the most beautiful woman on this earth. This feeling of belonging to each other, of being destined to meet and experience the most beautiful love story that one could hope for.

You were so beautiful, that in my eyes you were inaccessible and unfortunately, I did not dare to approach you. I spoke of you to our mutual friends like a princess, the 8th wonder of the world, but you did not know it. Until the day my brother came to see you, and you came out of toxic and destructive relationships like me .

You didn’t want to commit anymore , you weren’t ready to meet someone again and that’s also why I admired you. Besides, also one of the aspects that allowed me to form my opinion on you.

A year has passed.

I often went to see your profile because you were always in my thoughts, I was sure that one day we will live our most beautiful love story. Then came that day, one of the happiest days I have ever lived; I receive a message from you and there … I regained hope in love, in destiny.

We talked every day for months without seeing each other …

We took our time and today I’m the happiest man to have you. To be able to contemplate your beautiful blue eyes, your smiles which capsize my heart, which stops time for me …

You are so exceptional, so kind, so caring, that nothing in the world could take my eyes off you.

My heart is yours until my last breath.

You say that you are lucky to have me, that we lost a year, but the truth is that it is me who is lucky to have you and I tell myself that the year was lost is nothing to me because I will love you for eternity and every second I appreciate them like months by your side.

I love you so much my love, that I hope from the bottom of my heart that I make you as happy as you make me happy. Even if I no longer believed it – like all those who have been betrayed or injured, just like you – today, thanks to you, I can say that life is beautiful, that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. world and that some lucky ones like us have their half waiting for them somewhere. You thought that such a strong and powerful love only existed in the movies …

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