Love story between single parents: we live the second great love of our life

Love story between single parents: we live the second great love of our life

Tired of meetings in the evening who were not working and jaded appointments via the traditional dating sites that are not successful, I let myself be convinced by a friend to register on a singles group on a social network. Unlike regular dating sites, this group of happy singles seemed to preach a certain kindness and willingness for serious dating.

Scared by the failure of my previous meetings and locked in my celibacy, for a while I remained skeptical all the same. So I kept a certain distance at the start, not convinced by this umpteenth way 2.0 to meet someone.

If I was well aware that the means of dating had evolved and that I had little time and therefore opportunities to meet a man, given my busy schedule as a solo mom , for me it was unthinkable to meet the man from my life virtually. I found that it lacked spontaneity , charm , truth .

A 2.0 encounter

But I quickly discovered that this group was different because it made it possible to really meet without having to go through the virtual messages box or without having to go directly to a one-to-one meeting. Indeed, this group also had the virtue of recreating social ties. A lot of singles were like me, a single parent , and that was taken into account.

Thus, convivial meetings were organized regularly, friendships were created, a new circle of friends grew over the evenings around a drink, a dinner or even a karaoke or a dance floor. But also fun outings during the day on weekends with single parents. This way of approaching things, with kindness and sincerity, was reassuring.

And beyond friendship, reconciliations took place, so much affinities, this little thing that cannot be explained and makes two people want to get to know each other, to dig and therefore to meet again.

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A meeting under the sign of the obvious

Was it my lucky star that was over my head that night or was the time right for me? Still, it only took me one evening to fall on the man who was to become the man of my second life. A solo dad , like me I was a single mom.

It is difficult to describe, to explain because we all know it, when something happens in the field of love , words are few things. During this evening, there were shy glances then more supported, exchanged smiles , a few banalities before finally daring to really talk to each other, daring to dig. But very gently given the context, the noise, the world around.

So we found each other that night. He sent me a message after this evening and we saw each other again quickly, neither liking the virtual intermediary. The ice had been broken between us from the start, no need to put a screen between us too long after that.

Love story between single parents: another chance to love

One-on-one then another, from meeting to meeting , common points appeared, sensations were confirmed, emotions were born. The pleasure of seeing each other again was still present after several weeks. We took advantage of not having our respective children to treat ourselves to our first romantic weekend. It was, we both knew, a kind of test . Two nights together, awakenings, a daily summary in 48 hours.

Would we support each other, would the magic continue to operate? The answer is yes, it added something else to our relationship, which was missing to fully embark on the adventure, feelings.

A few months passed before we decided to introduce our children , a few more months before we went on vacation together. We were lucky or rather we have incredible children who only want our happiness and understood that we were in love and sincere with each other. Finally I believe it.

This step of the presentations seemed unrealistic to me and yet it went smoothly and I was not afraid to open the door of my home, to my son and I, to a man. Faced with him, my anxieties as a solo mom quickly flew away.

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Towards a blended family life

I still find it hard to believe that we have just crossed a new milestone a short time ago, that of the blended family living under the same roof according to our respective childcare rhythms. We waited about a year and a half to embark on this new adventure. And today I am a happy mother, mother-in-law and wife.

After several years of celibacy, my role as a solo mom took over and I thought it would be impossible to meet someone. It seemed improbable to me, I couldn’t project myself into a new meeting, a new couple, a new family life. If the desire was nevertheless present, I had the impression of no longer knowing how to do it, of being blocked, that my life as a single parent left me neither the possibility nor even the right.

I was actually just feeding my anxieties and I would have had to tell myself that yes, it was possible, that I just had to step out of my comfort zone to really meet someone. And my lucky star it’s true, did the rest, putting an exceptional man and father on my path.

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