Love story 10 years apart: Testimonies from those who have understood that love has no age

Love story 10 years apart: Testimonies from those who have understood that love has no age

A., 35, in a relationship and living together with S., 10 years apart

“We met on a dating site . At first glance he was not my type at all and I was apprehensive about the age difference . But over the course of the discussion we decided to meet immediately and it was immediately crushed. Our relationship flowed naturally. 

 It’s hard to say how long we’ve been together. We lived a “friendly love” story for 3 years. Afraid of asking for stability? I do not know. 

But we had the click not long ago and now we live together under the same roof with 100% happiness.

 The age difference is sometimes felt, he is more calm than me when it comes to feelings, I’m in the mood. But I bring him the ardor of my youth and he brings me his wisdom. Our age difference did not bother anyone around me, neither kids nor my friends on the contrary. But I have to admit that sometimes it is a bit difficult because I have friends who are some younger than me so for him conversations can be boring.

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 This is my first relationship with a man really older than me, I’ve always had men my age and my ex-husband was just 3 years older. 

This relationship really stabilized me on my future and my desires. We both know what we want and what we no longer want. We have children from our first union, we no longer want them, we want to take advantage of our history and live it fully to 10,000%.

I believe in him I finally found the man of my life . It is my best love story. “

As you can see, there are no rules in love and being with someone older does not necessarily happen when you are inexperienced, at barely 20, it can happen much later. At 30 or 40, we can also fall in love with a man who is ten years older than us. It’s curious, past a certain age it seems that the age difference is less shocking. As if before 25 years and after 60 years, this was necessarily unhealthy and self-interested behavior, but between the two opinion considered that it is more acceptable.

It is not because we made our life for the first time with someone in our age group that it becomes a fixed criterion. Love does not obey strict rules . So yes you can love and live part of your life with someone your age and then meet a man ten years older and find in him the man of your new life.

Restart a real story, without putting age at the center of the relationship, and simply experience what we have to live.

Ophélie, 26, in a relationship for two years with a man 17 years older than her

“17 years separated us: you were 37 years old, I had just celebrated my 20th birthday. I had never known this difference. Falling in love with a man who was closer to my parents’ age than mine … and then it hit me …

 I didn’t choose you for your age. Even if at the beginning your maturity had this reassuring side. Your madness was just as attractive and we had found our balance. You knew how to bring me back on top of my head when the ardor of my youth took over. But that’s also what you appreciated the most, this child woman that you loved so much. We sometimes asked ourselves which of us was 20 years old… I loved who you were, your past, your experience, your scars. I just wanted to make you happy.

The judgments, the criticisms,… we had learned to face this. We had made it our strength and took with humor what people could say about us. The looks did not reach us and moreover never reached us, since we were proud to be in the arms of each other. The main thing was US.

My family accepted you much faster than I thought they would, after all, only they care about my happiness, no matter how old they are.

For your part, I have unfortunately never been accepted, that’s how it is …

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Some would say that I certainly needed to make up for the lack of a father. Well absolutely not, I didn’t need that. Others may say that I chose you for your money: missed, you were unfortunately not rich (humor).

So yes, for me love has no age. We don’t choose who we fall in love with . I believe in this, I am convinced that the age difference is not an obstacle to a love story.

It is of course obvious that we have to know how to adapt to differences: we can be at different stages of our lives, not have the same centers of interest … but the important thing is to have the same desires, to continue to evolve together, as in all relationships ultimately, if we want it to work. Finding your own balance is essential. In fact, we didn’t even need to bring up all of this since things were natural and just happened between us.

Even though our story has stopped, age did not play a role in our breakup. Would I have loved you the same way if you had been younger? Maybe, maybe not. “

Sometimes the age difference is more important and it disturbs, even it shocks. Why ? Because it is about a young woman who discovers love with an older man directly, from her first romantic experiences. And this is judgmental, often we speak of influence or manipulation, it is difficult to see the possibility of true love. We must get rid of that, in any case stop judging others. If age is a criterion in the fact of living a loving relationship for some, great good for them, but this view of things is not universal.

Loving someone 10 or 20 years older or younger does not necessarily make you a childish woman looking for the image of the father or greedy for money, nor of a man an old pervert in search of sensations. strong and eternal youth.

Each love story is different, everyone finds their balance according to their own criteria, their own values. And as with any love affair, the important thing is how the two of you feel, and not how others look. There will always be someone to judge hastily, to have an opinion on everything, even on something that he does not know, that he has not experienced. Love obeys no law except those of sincerity and reciprocity, respect and benevolence.

So if the man you love is 40 and you 25, 50 and you 30, just 45 and you 35 or 60 and you not yet 50, it doesn’t matter if that love is shared, if your story is healthy, if you have found happiness alongside it.

The feelings cannot be explained, they are lived, love has no age for those who feel it sincerely and live it fully.

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