Love impossible because of religion? Theirs was stronger

Love impossible because of religion? Theirs was stronger

They can take everything away from us. They may well try 

To pit us against each other. Against the grain for us to wallow

They can tell us. That we were wrong that we were wrong

They will be able to point fingers. Point out love guilty of what

Come on we love each other, come on we love each other

Come on we love each other, we don’t care 

Of their words, of decorum 

Come on we love each other, we don’t care. Of their ideas, of what they think 

Come on, we love each other, and that’s it. We’ll be careful in another life 

Come on, we love each other, we’re crazy. One more day, one more night

A beautiful love story that proves that love is stronger than religious and cultural differences:

Her name is Gwen, he’s Karim. He is as dark as she is blonde. Karim has skin as dark as Gwen’s and fears the sun. He is the son of immigrants of Algerian origin and born in France. She is the daughter of a family of Breton origin and born in France. She is an atheist even though she was brought up in a certain Judeo-Christian tradition. He is a Muslim raised in the Algerian tradition.

Are these details important? They shouldn’t be. Or just to underline the richness of their differences which did not prevent love. Unfortunately these details were important to them. Because they almost cost them their love story. A love story that we wanted to forbid them.

Why ? Because where many see it as an opportunity, a cultural richness, the obviousness of love quite simply, others saw it as complications, an offense against tradition.

It must be said that their history did not obey any rule of so-called decorum.

They live with their time and their codes. And although they respect their family traditions, they are open-minded. Open to others.

At the time, virtual meetings were less present than today but it was the beginnings. Their first exchanges were on MSN. The beginnings of instant messaging.

They did not understand the power of the bond that was being created between them. The more they talked to each other, the more they had this strange feeling that they already knew each other. In another world, another life? 

It went on for weeks, months … Until their exchanges ceased. Reminded of his obligations, Karim preferred not to move from virtual to real. Gwen resented him. She knew his family history but didn’t understand that he gave up so quickly. Was he a coward? Was he afraid? It was too late, she would never know …

A year later, as she left a shop, she saw this man a few meters away.

Her silhouette, her profile… She remains frozen like a statue. Could it be him? She reasons herself, she has only seen him in a photo, she only knows his voice on the phone. It has been a year since silence settled between them. She dreams, it’s a mirage.

While he is on the phone, he feels a look on him. He feels a chill. If he turns around, he knows his life will change. But he no longer wants to be a coward. So he does an about-face. She’s there. It is her, real, as he so often imagined her. Such as he has dreamed of for over a year.

She, whom he abandoned. Because he believed he had no choice. But now that she is facing him, emotion overwhelms him. She must hate him for what he did. And yet she stares at him and seems to be waiting for him. She doesn’t run away. He knows he owes her an explanation, but he’s scared. To hurt him. And he is lost. Because now that he has felt this, he can no longer pretend and convince himself that love is not that important.

It’s the first time he’s seen her and yet his whole being calls out to him.

“Sorry …” That’s what he told her straight away. She smiled sadly.

“You are so beautiful…” She had tears in her eyes.

“Are you giving me a chance to explain everything to you after all this time?” “ She agreed.

So he told her everything. His sudden disappearance due to a family decision. His father who told him that he was going to marry him with the daughter of one of his friends from Algeria. This woman who came so quickly, too quickly. He didn’t have time to figure out what was going on. The weight of tradition. The urge to scream but the fear of confronting his father. To alienate his family.

So he disappeared.

To no longer be tempted. To convince oneself that this virtual was only a mirage. That love couldn’t be found like this. But now he knows that love cannot be forced. That this woman that one imposes on him, he does not love her. That his evidence, he already had it.

That he’s been in love and unhappy for a year.

And that he does not know if he will be able to face all that. But he knows he doesn’t want to lose her a second time. She could have forgotten him, hated him, got scared but none of that. The evidence was mixed.

“I am here” she said simply. “If that’s really what you want, then we’ll take it all together.” I won’t let go of your hand anymore, but you’ll have to be sure of yourself. I don’t want to be the cause of a heartbreak with your family. Think hard. Between our love and your traditions. Take the time. “

He knows this is his chance to be happy, even if he doesn’t want to hurt his mother and disappoint his father.

Only even if he deeply respects his traditions, he does not think that love is commanded. He doesn’t believe an arranged marriage will make him happy. His wife, he found her. She’s the one he wants and no other. The woman he is to marry a few months later, he doesn’t love her and he knows neither she.

So he’s going to tell her. Together, they are better at making things clear to their families. His mother becomes his confidante. She has never seen her son so fulfilled despite the situation so she knows her heart has spoken. Together they manage to be heard by his father. Not without pain. Not without patience …

He may reassure her, but the situation has been blocked for weeks.

Gwen is afraid. What if he couldn’t escape this marriage? She knows that he loves her, that he is sincere, but she understands what is at stake for him. She doesn’t want to be the reason for her unhappiness. The wedding is due to take place in less than two months. What will happen if he loses his footing?

She can’t be by his side there to give him all the strength of her love. So she waits …

Tonight is her dance gala. He should have been there. Freed from this situation, free to love him in the eyes of all. But this is not yet the case. She is sad, she is afraid, she is cold. All the time. Their love is stronger and stronger, but absence takes over. He had promised he would be there. She wanted so much to dance for him, just for him tonight.

The room is dark, the curtain opens.

She dances with her heart, with her rage. She dances for them, for their impossible love . To break free. This is the intermission. She goes backstage before joining the audience for a few minutes. In the dressing room, his phone beeps.

It’s him. He sent her a photo. With a message. The entrance ticket with a ”  you are resplendent when you dance, even when you cry.” Please don’t cry anymore my love, I’m here. “ She does not believe it then runs into the room. Where is he ? He is there in front of her.

“Sorry,” he told her again.

“I thought you weren’t coming anymore”

“I promised you that I would be there. “

” And for the rest ? “

“For the rest everything is arranged, I’ll explain it to you, but this is your evening. Do not worry about that. My marriage is called off. Well, unless … ” 

“Unless what? “

“Unless it’s only delayed. “

“Delayed? Why ? “

“Delayed if you agree to become my wife soon …”

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