Love Comes When You Expect It: A Beautiful Love Story

Love Comes When You Expect It: A Beautiful Love Story

There are times when nothing happens, when you have the impression of being totally immobile, in a daily grind. This increasingly routine comfort zone ends up disillusioning us, wearing us out, and boredom is on its way. Sometimes even resignation, the frustration of repeating the same gestures every day, of reproducing the same pattern.

Of course, life is made up of landmarks, rituals and habits guided by a reassuring and reassuring daily life. But it can quickly become stuffy. Managing the metro-work-sleep, the house, sometimes the children, nothing is left to chance, you have to take care of everything.

When you’re single, you put your emotional loneliness aside because you don’t have time to think about it, because you say it will come when the time comes.

Mainly, because we don’t have time to worry about it or because we tried and it didn’t work. So we put it off until later, we are skeptical, fearful, pessimistic at times and we say to ourselves that if it has to happen, it will happen.

I dreamed of a chance meeting, unexpected, natural, without premeditation, without calculation. From a gift of life, from a man to love. Because people say it enough to me: Love comes when you least expect it.

Flee this too present virtual world, made up of superficial encounters . Prefer real life even if you don’t necessarily have the time, the inclination or the possibility to embark on a quest, in search of love.

Too many disappointments in love , too many wounds, a painful past requires caution and we leave our hearts dormant. And then without expecting it, without inviting it, watching it or looking for it, a person comes into our life to turn everything upside down.

Testimonial: When love comes when you don’t expect it

“Nothing predestined me to meet you. I did not seek the contact, the meeting. You appeared in my life overnight, never to come out. You have arisen in my existence like a pleasant ray of sunshine that warms and soothes.

With a communicative joie de vivre , a desire to share, to discuss, to bring positive things around you, to laugh and above all to let things happen naturally.

I think that’s what I appreciated the most about you, this naturalness that created familiarity from the start, which gave me confidence and thanks to which I was me without filter or blah. Without any barrier or taboo between you and me. Yes it is with your naturalness that you seduced me.

Our meeting took place one evening during a barbecue with mutual friends. I didn’t even have to go, I remember telling myself that it wasn’t necessarily a good idea, that I didn’t know many people. I was afraid of being bored, of being uncomfortable. And I took refuge again and again behind my worries, my work, my obligations, all these things which monopolize me and at the same time serve as a pretext to isolate myself more and more.

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A friend convinced me and I came. I had a very good evening, one of the most pleasant of my life for a long time with simple, funny, whole people.

You saw me, you came to talk to me. I didn’t know it yet but you were a gift of life.

Next to me, you were there, a man, not a kid, not a weekend seducer, not a die-hard flirt. Just you with your flaws masked by your jokes, your sensitivity and your openness, your joie de vivre.

 And your curiosity towards me, your desire to know more, your eyes that never left me, this familiarity created in a few words. I had known you for barely a few hours that I already felt good, at ease, at home with you, in my place.

 I hadn’t come here to seduce or let myself be charmed, just to have a good evening with a few friends and to revive my social life a little.

You were the unexpected encounter that feels good.

Yet I had been told hundreds of times: Love comes when you least expect it. And really, for my part, I had stopped looking!

Little by little, day by day, we kept in touch and saw each other again with other friends, first for a drink or dinner. And each time, the bond grew between us, grew, but without rushing things.

 Our conversations with broken sticks, our giggles and this familiarity which more and more present. I admit that I would be lying if I said that the question of ambiguity had not already been there since the first night.

Between two single, straight people who seem to like each other, the question inevitably arises. It wasn’t the best time of my life to meet someone, but you never choose when you have a meeting that can turn everything upside down.

 I tend to think too much, think too much, dissect the slightest situations too much, so for once I have decided to let go, to let myself go and to trust.

Not completely because I am incapable of it, my past prevents me but at least to allow me to dig, to have good moments with a benevolent person who a priori did not wish me any harm.

I was right, I have never regretted. From this unexpected meeting was born a nice bond that has never wavered.

Simple privileged friendship, fleeting desire or future love?

I asked myself the question several times to know if I wanted to take the leap. You left an open door for me.

It had been a long time since I had put my love life aside, so much so that I had surely lost the codes, the instructions for use. So I gave it to you a little bit and I let you reveal yourself, to know if I was right to think that you and me, it could be something other than a pretty friendship.

I discovered in you a man full of common sense with values ​​that corresponded to me. The shared moments only confirmed this first impression.

We have known each other for almost a year now, our relationship has evolved without any premeditation or calculation. And I know that’s why I felt confident. Because things have been natural. We slowly tamed each other, accepted each other with our strengths and weaknesses, our flaws and doubts, our past.

And we move forward together, in love and happy to have “finally” found each other.

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