Letter-writing love: A loving letter-writing exchange that brings tears to the surface

Letter-writing love: A loving letter-writing exchange that brings tears to the surface

We say that there is nothing stronger than love, and yet … We sometimes have the gift of complicating our lives, of suffering, of getting lost in unbearable situations when things could be so simple , so beautiful. We think that if we love each other then the story will inevitably be there, that it will be beautiful because the feelings are shared. But some impose on themselves forbidden loves … Love is not the strongest, love does not exceed everything when fear takes all the place, when we remain frozen in a daily life that wears us out and no longer gives us back happy but that one feels indebted, obligated and that one sacrifices the passion in the name of the reason. She and him, it was obvious, it was written and it will remain so.But even the most sincere love is not always meant to blossom. It has been there for years but will not come to life if it is not in these epistolary exchanges, synonymous with regret. Epistolary love, the amorous epistolary exchange, in spite of its beauty, slowly destroys you, imprisons you, takes you away from reality. It’s when you realize that the loved one will forever remain a chimera, a fantasized love, that it’s time to put your pen down. All these words will remain precious memories forever engraved, witnesses of this love never experienced despite its intensity. But love is not a feeling that is half-lived, so sometimes you have to know how to bow out …

Amorous letter exchange


 I would love to be able to go back 20 years. You know. I am someone who lives in nostalgia for the past. My ex, your friend by the way, asked me the following question one day: if you weren’t with me… and I answered by your first name. Naturally, instinctively because it was obvious to me. It was you from day one and still is. Only you weren’t free then, so I gave up very quickly, too quickly and tried to be happy with another one while staying there very close to you, as close as possible.
And since… you have remained as I too had idealized you. If I could go back all these years, then I would act differently, yes I think I would dare …
Talk to you from our first glance. Pick up on you like crazy. Support you throughout your schooling.

Make you understand that your future is me ”


 Since I finally saw you again, I feel like I only live through you, waiting for your words, for a sign from you, for your voice. I only live for us. I only live in expectation of this We. This wait is painful, but at least thanks to you I know that I can be in love again. That I can find in one man all that I hope for. And that a man can love and respect me. Like you do. For that alone our relationship is precious and deserves to exist.
I decided to wait, to wait for you. Well, not really decided, I can’t do anything else, I can’t fight my feelings. My head and my heart are ganged up against me.
I give you no ultimatum, you can tell me today that waiting for you is useless or tell me that you need to think some more time, you can refuse to see me again while waiting, or agree to create a depth to our relationship. Do what you want.

Me, I give us a chance, it is obvious for me to do it. “


 I want to see you again. I miss you. I imagined myself with you in your daily life but I slowed down. Because I can’t question everything like this and you know it.
I am in the greatest confusion. This story of projection with you makes me dream.

We are in an incredible shitty story and everyone is going to leave their mark on it, but despite everything the story is beautiful. “


 Take the time, but don’t run into the wall. Stop being afraid, feeling trapped. You’ve already done everything you need to do. Don’t go beyond your limits.
Sometimes you have to know how to give up a useless fight or one that is not ours. I will do the same if you don’t go in the coming months, if you pull away from me, if Us is not your priority.
But think about all that you can open as doors to your future, your dreams and your desires, with me. Yes, with a complicated first phase, you don’t change your life overnight. But I’ll be there by your side. And all this is nothing compared to the man you will be next.

I think we can build an incredible life and that you will be very happy. “


“You turned my life upside down. I’m sorry that I made you suffer with my uncertainties, that I left hope when I can’t turn everything upside down. But I didn’t lie to you. I want it but I can’t. I lack courage, to face all this, to face it. If I had this courage, I would be with you. I will never be gone after hugging you. But it is so. I know you have a hard time understanding it. I know I disappoint you.
I only wish your happiness. And at the same time I’m jealous of the idea that one day you’ll be happy with someone other than me. But I am not allowed to feel that way. You are everything I ever wanted in a woman. You are so whole, so passionate. And unlike me, you are not afraid. To dare, to get started, to start all over again. I am undoubtedly cowardly, fearful. I’m no better than all these men. But I never lied to you. I know I’m the last of the last, I’m not proud of myself but I’ve never played with you, I’ve never been in the arithmetic. Believe me. It saddens me that you think I’m a bastard but it’s definitely true.

I still have a lot of feelings, this love for you and that will never change, why anyway?

It has been like this for almost 20 years… ”


“For the first time in a long time, I had succeeded in seeing in a man, my everything. Friend, confidant, lover, lover, companion, partner, stepfather, and I hoped very much, husband and father. Yes, you are my everything. In my heart, my head, my body. You are the man with whom I wanted to share my life, build a future. Project me. To like. To be happy.

Thanks to you I was able to be myself with my secrets, my wounds, my fears but also my desires, my joys and my hopes. You’re going to leave a nameless void. My days are already going to lose their flavor, their intensity.
Surely you made the best decision, because this situation was becoming too painful to handle. You had to choose and you did. The most painful thing is telling me that you don’t give up for lack of love but for a whole bunch of reasons which seem right to you but which make me want to scream. Give up the love of your life? Sorry but no, I don’t understand and I will never understand it …
But even if this is the end I want her to be respectful, I refuse to leave you with a negative feeling. I want you to be happy even though I selfishly wish it was with me.
I really wish you happiness.

It hurts yes, but I will never hate you. To forget you is and will be impossible, I will keep you in my heart.

You will always be, deep inside me, the man of my life. A regret. You were my evidence and I’m torn not to have known how to be yours. “


 You make me dream but I don’t deserve you. I cry like a jerk because I have the impression of losing you completely, a second time this afternoon and of not being able to do anything to hold you back since I can not offer you anything. Nothing but those words, the only virtual part of me, and my feelings, even though I know you don’t believe me. Believe me, never doubt my sincerity.

I want you all my life. You will forever be in the category of my eternal regrets. “

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