L & N’s beautiful, romantic and true love story

L & N’s beautiful, romantic and true love story

The first time I met you, I never thought that I would one day find myself in your arms. I had been invited to dinner with friends and I was then with a man, in a relationship that I believed to be stable and lasting and in which I believed to be fulfilled. That evening I was surprised to like your enthusiasm when you talked about the business you had just created and the projects you were planning to develop. However, I had never been attracted by the spirit of ambition or the businessmen, on the contrary. We all had a good time and I only heard about you the times my friend told me the little stories of her life.

I never thought that one day you would play the most important role in my life. 

Two years passed and I had just separated when this friend offered to come and spend a weekend with them to take my mind off things, dance and party. I accepted with pleasure and on the coming Saturday, I received a message from you on a social network offering me a challenge, fashionable at that time.

If I remember correctly, it was about jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed or inviting you to dinner. You made me a little video where you took up this challenge… It made me smile but I knew that it was my friend who had encouraged you to “tag” me to make me laugh and forget for one instant my recent breakup.

The evening went well, we laughed together about this famous challenge that I did not take up and the fact that I was going to have to invite you to dinner in return! I took advantage of my friends and the sweetness of this summer evening without any other thoughts invading my mind.

Summer has passed and we have continued to send each other messages, initially a few times a week to tell each other about our weekends and our respective vacations, then more and more regularly.

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I was on vacation far from France and I turned on my phone every morning with trepidation, hoping for a little message from you. There was no real seduction yet but more attention that touched me … A simple “how are you?” what did you do during your day ”on your part made me feel good. 

September, return to reality, to everyday life but always messages exchanged … Several times, we say to ourselves that we have to see each other, in all friendship, still no seduction or blatant flirting.

But my heart beats a little faster every day when I hear from you.

You have to go for it but I have a knot in my stomach, afraid of being disappointed, afraid of breaking this virtual attraction and these thoughts that warm the heart when I’m alone.

You also live far away and I don’t want us to end up in the apartment where I still live and in which the memories of my old story lurk. We have not yet spoken of our exchanges to our mutual friends because I want to preserve this beginning of intimacy, and especially I do not know at all where this meeting will lead us.

I want to believe that I don’t expect anything from it but I feel like I’m already close to you, it’s a strange feeling.

My friends encourage me to go see you, while protecting me and we imagine rescue plans in case our meeting does not go as well as I would like. I still laugh at it thinking about it!

That’s it, the appointment is fixed, a Saturday evening at the end of September. I take the road and drive while making a thousand films … You are waiting for me in front of your house. I see you are stressed, just as much as I am.

However, I feel good at home, with you.

We start to talk, to laugh and we don’t stop, for hours. Everything is natural. Despite everything, a form of tension sets in. We are hesitant, especially me. You try to kiss me for the first time and I dodge… I’m afraid, I feel that this kiss can mean a lot, already…

There have been others since my breakup but it was only flirtations, which maybe allowed me to move forward but without any attachment or anything else …

We kiss finally, in the early morning … I leave the next evening, stars in my head and stomach. But other thoughts flood me: are you going to get attached, will we meet again or was it just a fleeting moment?

Quickly a message, I dare not send the first one, but I tell myself that if it’s a different story I must do what my heart tells me, without hesitation, without too much thought. You answer me immediately, I think I’m exploding with joy! We plan to meet again next weekend …

I am on a cloud the following days, it’s so much the opposite of what I was going through before: you hear from me, you are interested in what I do, in what I like. I discovered the caring, passionate man full of surprises that you are.

The distance means that we only see each other on weekends and I believe that these moments of lack will amplify our feelings, more quickly than they could have been. Soon the first weekend by the sea, that you organize for me as a surprise. This will only be the beginning of our escapades both because this need to discover places, landscapes, cultures, brings us closer.  

We will have waited almost two years before living together every day. Settling in your house, far from my friends and family has not always been easy.

But you did everything to make me feel good and I know that my happiness is your priority. Yours has also become mine. I want you to be the happiest.

We both know how lucky we are to have met and to live this story, we say it very often.

As I write the lines of our story, I realize how happy I am to talk about it in the present tense and not to end it. Because our love has been part of me and my life for four years now and I see no end to it.

The horizon is our only limit, and it is together that we take the path. Together.


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